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While I was procrastinating on doing my ACTUAL homework, I figured I’d throw together a little appreciation post for these ladies who deserve more breath of public mention. I sincerely hope I’ve piqued somebody’s interest about at least one of these underrated women.

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Um here they are :))

Cosima Niehaus (orphan black)

Alex Vause (oitb)

Adrian Ivashkov (vampire academy)

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)

Ridley Duchannes (beautiful creatures-the caster chronicles)

Carmilla Karnstein (Carmilla)

Amy Raudenfeld (faking it)

Gwen Stacy (the amazing Spider-Man)

Hannah Baker (13 reasons why)

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Ladies and Gentlemen….Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, & David Marks of the Beach Boys Salute NASCAR…in FULL (featuring a big assist from everyone’s favorite Beach Boys sideman Adrian Baker)


1. I Get Around
2. Little Deuce Coupe
3. Little Old Lady From Pasedena
4. 409
5. Shut Down
6. Little G.T.O.
7. Ballad Of Ol’ Betsy (sung by Mike Love!)
8. Little Honda
9. Fun, Fun, Fun
10. Don’t Worry Baby (featuring the vocal “talents” of Adrian Baker)
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And now for the last of my Adrian Baker spam (some may say waterboarding), here is the falsettoed one singing a comically strained version of “Don’t Worry Baby” in 2003 with the Boys of Beach. He is truly the anti-Darian.