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The Signs as Mermaids

Aries: Alyma: Alyma has short black hair, a red scaled tail, black seashells bra, vibrant green eyes and a short but thin frame. She sticks to the seaweed fields in the east preying on small fish and sea creatures that come her way. Alyma is a mischievous, sly and sneaky mermaid who will manipulate others to get her way. She enjoys singing songs to lure sailors into the ocean, exploring the depths of the ocean and playing pranks on her fellow merman and mermaids.

Taurus: Tefnut: Tefnut has flowing blue hair, a turquoise scaled tail, aqua seashells bra, chocolate brown eyes and a tall and slender frame. She sticks to the underwater caves in the west, eating green plants and preparing potions from flowers. Tefnut is a stubborn, kind and forgiving mermaid who is determined to assist others, despite their wrong-doings. She enjoys dancing, socialising and relaxing in her favourite caves.

Gemini: Genevieve: Genevieve (Eva) has shoulder length blonde hair, a pink scaled tail, lavender seashells bra, sky blue eyes and a short and chubbier frame. She sticks to the depths of the ocean, hiding from prying eyes, conjuring jet streams. Genevieve is a argumentative, hospitable and dedicated mermaid who is always willing to lend refuge to others. She enjoys gardening, helping out and debating hot topics.

Cancer: Cordelia: Cordelia has ankle length red hair, a purple scaled tail, blood red seashells bra, black eyes and a hourglass shaped frame. She sticks to the mermaid and merman kingdom Atlantas, performing plays and enjoy the thrills of life. Cordelia is a flamboyant, extroverted and coordinated mermaid who dedicates her to life to performing on-stage and off. She enjoys singing, playing instruments and dancing in Atlantas shows.

Leo: Leena: Leena has short dark brown hair, a yellow scaled tail, orange seashells bra, dark brown eyes and a tall slender frame. She sticks to the beaches of coastal islands in the Phillipines, watching in wait for unsuspecting sailors. Leena is a tough, witty and tolerant mermaid who relies on her jokes to make friends and move up the pecking order. She enjoys finding hidden structures, exploring shipwrecks and human flesh.

Virgo: Vanora: Vanora has long light brown hair, a green scaled tail, white seashells bra, vibrant green eyes and a short thin frame. She sticks to the shipwrecks in the deepest areas of the ocean, exploring ships and finding hidden trinkents. Vanora is a truthful, sincere and quick-tempered mermaid and is always blunt and truthful about her opinions. She enjoys adventuring, treasure hunting and meeting new ocean animals.

Libra: Lily: Lily has braided orange hair, a black scaled tail, grey seashells bra, pale blue eyes and a tall chubbier frame. She sticks to the coral reefs in the north-east, watching over the plant and animal life in that area. Lily is a kind, thoughtful and dim-witted mermaid, who strives to be friends with everyone and be the most popular of them all. She enjoys braiding hair, cleaning and flirting.

Scorpio: Seira: Seira has an abundance of ombre blue and green hair, white shimmery scaled tail, white seashells bra, pale grey eyes and a tall slender frame. She sticks to the clear shallow waters, swimming peacefully as a leisure activity. Seira is a sassy, independent and charming mermaid, who befriends everyone she comes across and will instantly unfriend anyone who annoys her. She enjoys public speaking, flips and socialising.

Sagittarius: Struana: Struana has long black hair, a red yellow and orange scaled tail, white seashells bra, captivating purple eyes and a tall slender frame. She sticks to the rocky terrain in the south, carving intricate art in the boulders. Struana is a reckless, outspoken and affectionate mermaid, who will do dangerous things for a feeling of thrill. She enjoys carving, taking risks and exploring.

Capricorn: Ceto: Ceto has dull purple and pink, a grey scaled tail, pink seashells bra, pale hazel eyes and a short chubbier frame. She sticks to no area and wanders all around the ocean, keeping watch over the ocean, protecting it from harm. Ceto is a joyful, determined and ethical mermaid who always thinks with her heart and not her head. She enjoys debating, helping others and studying the law.

Aquarius: Adria: Adria has glowing silver hair, a gold scaled tail, gold seashells bra, dark brown eyes and tall slender frame. She sticks to hollows underneath the sand, preferring to hang out alone. Adria is a solitary, quiet and introverted mermaid, who always prefers to socialise with the sea creatures instead of her fellow mermaids and merman. Adria enjoys writing, collecting starfish and sleeping.

Pisces: Pelagia: Pelagia has short gold hair, a blue scaled tail, aqua seashells bra, small blue eyes, and a short thin frame. She sticks to beaches, as she is one of the rarest mermaids who can survive on land for long periods of time. Pelagia is an efficient, extroverted and rude mermaid, who will complete everything in a jiffy. Pelagia enjoys singing, acting and lying in the sun.

Found You (NSFW)

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/Adria Trevelyan

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 6807

Ao3 Link

Summary: It’s been six months since he met her, six months since he lost her. He hasn’t stopped looking even though there’s no sign of her. He won’t stop looking even if he loses what little he has to find her. Because he knows he will find her again.

Note: So! I like werewolves, A LOT, and darling feylen has a succuwolf!au that I am so all about. I asked her if I could write something from it and this was one of the ideas that she had for the story line. I hope it’s worth the wait and holy god I got carried away D:

           Pushing his hands through his hair, Cullen sighed deeply. He couldn’t smell her anymore. Her scent had clung to his skin for weeks, months, after that night in the club, but it was finally fading. If he tried hard enough, he might be able to catch a faint whiff but other than that it was gone. Just like she had been.

           He turned away from the mirror, fighting the urge to strike out at it. Alistair hadn’t said much about the way his temper kept slipping the leash but he knew that the vampire had noticed. At least he hadn’t suggested going to another club. Cullen owed him his life but he wasn’t sure he would have been civil if that had been his suggestion. The first time hadn’t turned out so well, he highly doubted a second time would be any better.

           Roughly jerking his clothes on, he stalked across the room of yet another rented home. How many had he lived in over the years of his life? Alistair barely stayed in one place for long for so many reasons and it hadn’t bothered him because he’d liked seeing new places…but now that he’d found her that night he was tired of it. He hadn’t wanted to leave six months ago and was still raw over the fact that they had. Alistair had only given him a day and he’d foolishly thought that that would be enough to find her. But wherever she had taken herself to, he couldn’t follow.

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Good Morning (Succuwolf!au)

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/Adria Trevelyan

Rating: T

Words: 605

Note: This is a little gift for @feylen since it’s her birthday! I wanted to write more but this little thing will have to do and since I’m utterly in love with her werewolf au I put it in that one! Hope you like, sweetie, and that you’ve had a great day!

           There were fingers in his hair. They were slowly moving through his hair, sweeps that were more like pets if he were completely honest about it. But he was fine with that. More than fine and he never wanted it to end.

           “Are you awake now?”

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