adri's comic con swag

Dipper Pines hat, signed by Alex Hirsch, Jason Ritter, and Kristen Schaal! They gave out these hats to (nearly) everybody who showed up for the Gravity Falls panel on Saturday morning (which was awesome). During the post-panel signing, Alex actually remembered me from when I had bumped into him outside of the Regular Show panel the previous day (and probably made a total idiot of myself aha oops). He was like “HI AGAIN” and complemented my Aquabats costume, then I gave him this. Sadly, I didn’t get to talk to Jason or Kristen for too long ‘cause they were running behind schedule. I also didn’t get pictures with any of them because both my camera and my phone were dead all day Saturday. Still, it was really cool!

The pins are freebies I got from the Yo Gabba Gabba booth, ahaha ;v;



I got everyone to sign my (badly-stitched) Power Belt, apart from Chainsaw, who had already disappeared by the time I had gotten to meet everyone else. weh

I bought a signed MCBC wallet after the show because I needed a new wallet anyway and also because. well. MCBC. hello i’m adri and i’m super predictable

ALSO I ran into my bud James and also Alex like completely by accident while we were crossing opposite ways on the intersection in front of the Marriot. We didn’t get a chance to chat or hang out at all, but James gave me his old Aquabats hoodie. :V (Thanks again, dude!)