Signs as things my friends have said (part 3)
  • Aries: shes a fuckign bitch i hate her so much dont speak her name in this chat
  • Taurus: b flat. when u squash a bee
  • Gemini: hedo ,, its a me fucktard
  • Cancer: tell him that his dick cant be 1/5 of his entire body
  • Leo: Her knowledge of America is sub-par and cannot be compared to mine
  • Virgo: dude her boob is like jello
  • Libra: u may have dick nut bug but we have killer killing animals
  • Scorpio: i drank a whole can of monsters energy drink and i can feel my blood
  • Sagittarius: suffering in spanish has the word friend in it how convenient
  • Capricorn: mr moon doesnt like yOU
  • Aquarius: what is interesting about those donuts is that that Nutella you inject into the donuts is like one shade off from the colour of heroin, which you also inject into the veins
Mental Matters

Taking Flixxa’s advice to heart, Mixxa decided to take time off this day to visit her colleague Magister LaCoria and her belovededs to discuss the events of yesterday. Arriving, she found herself waiting a few moments for everyone to be ready. However, entering thankfully wasn’t a problem for the Mistologist and soon enough, she found herself with Alex and Adri.

Once there, Mixxa began talking about the happenings from yesterday. First, she had discussed Dawn’s kidnapping, to which the duo mentioned that Caroline had sent word informing them already. They also regarded that it was a mentoring scenario gone wrong, which gave Mixxa more context to the situation at hand. The mistologist also mentioned that Caroline and Victoria were searching the Reach to try and find Aleyanna, and that the gunsmith was going to keep everyone informed.

It was then that Mixxa began recounting the events at tea. As she recounted how her mind was scrambled, she noticed Alex getting enraged. But it wasn’t at Mixxa, it was at whoever did this to the mistologist. Mixxa also brought up that one of Alex’s partners could try to remedy the situation, and Adri also brought up that her spectral ancestors could assist in the endeavor. Mixxa was pleased to hear that her friends had the means to assist in the matter.

Mixxa then broke some happier news to the duo. She remarked that back at the lab once things had calmed down, after talking for a while, Mixxa eventually did propose to Flixxa. She did remark that it was unofficial and they first wanted to tend to the problems at hand. Both Alex and Adri understood though.

A plan to aid Mixxa finally came about with Adri relying on her ghostly relatives to free her mind. But it would take time to find them. In the meantime, it was agreed upon to allow Mixxa to stay at the guest room so she could be more prepared for the task at hand.

And so, she was guided up to her temporary domicile. The mistologist wanted to ensure she was well rested for the spectral relatives. But before she retired, she took out her communicator and sent a brief message to her love.

“Flixxa, do not fret, I am staying with Alex and company as they have plans to extricate the false memories from me. I hope your plan against that bitch Raven is going well. Never forget that I love you.”

With that, Mixxa climbed up onto the large bed and shut her eyes with a smile.


ray- johnny cruz (lucio)

mat- chris from bravest warriors

sydney- tomara from eddsworld


orion- ken ashcorp

leo- morty from rick and morty but less whiney

cindy- my own voice

aubrey- jessie j

pennie- rainbow dash from mlp:fim but deeper

katze- zalgo from the seer but higher (a lot higher) (also watch out the vid has sniffboob in it)