Signs as things my friends have said (part 3)
  • Aries: shes a fuckign bitch i hate her so much dont speak her name in this chat
  • Taurus: b flat. when u squash a bee
  • Gemini: hedo ,, its a me fucktard
  • Cancer: tell him that his dick cant be 1/5 of his entire body
  • Leo: Her knowledge of America is sub-par and cannot be compared to mine
  • Virgo: dude her boob is like jello
  • Libra: u may have dick nut bug but we have killer killing animals
  • Scorpio: i drank a whole can of monsters energy drink and i can feel my blood
  • Sagittarius: suffering in spanish has the word friend in it how convenient
  • Capricorn: mr moon doesnt like yOU
  • Aquarius: what is interesting about those donuts is that that Nutella you inject into the donuts is like one shade off from the colour of heroin, which you also inject into the veins