adrestia project


Some sketching and planning for a scene that was eventually cut. Originally there was intended to be another scene before the current one with Ophelia getting up to stuff in town, but I decided it was pretty superfluous, and most of the information gained from it could be delivered later on to better effect, and so I threw it out. Ophelia should be making her reappearance in the comic before the end of chapter one though.

So, yes, I said I’d have some news about Adrestia for you folks in my last post and here it is. Adrestia is not going to be coming back from hiatus (just yet) because I am in the process of planning a reboot.

Basically I’ve been kind of frustrated and unhappy with the direction the comic has been going in for a while. I won’t get into details but essentially it’s been a case of either I reboot the comic, or I stop doing it entirely, because I really don’t want to continue the comic in its current form. I’d rather not stop doing it entirely, because there is a story here I want to tell and I am still enthusiastic about the project, so reboot it is.

The reboot isn’t going to start straight away, since I need some time to plan and develop it properly, but I’m tentatively aiming for a late September, early to mid October release date. I can’t really be more precise than that at the moment.

In the meantime I will most likely be updating pretty regularly with development work for the reboot. I’m also going to be working on a short prequel comic called Hunt, which delves a little into the backstory of one of the main characters.

That’s everything for now, I think. Thanks for reading my little comic, I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you stick around for the reboot as well. You are all very much appreciated. <3