He bit his lip, ruffling his hair with a hand nervously. The young man licked his bottom lip as his eyes scopped around for anyone willing to stop him and his friend from entering what would end up being the best experience of their young lives. He’d waited months for this concert. Though ticketless, he was determined to get inside. Only an idiot would make the mistake of missing the Rolling Stones and he’d skipped school for this particular event so getting inside was all he craved. Besides, nothing interesting ever happened around here unless someone died. This was the closest to non-self inflicted adrenoline as these boys were going to get. 

Rick casually snuck his way behind a fense that lead to the back of the building where security seemed to lack, telling his good friend John that’d he’d help him get in after he figured things out for himself. Rick made his way to a back door and opened it slowly. He stuck his head inside and, looking both ways, stepped in carefully. Muffled familiar music of the Stones shook the halls. Realizing he was backstage, he grinned. Though, this wasn’t his intention. His intention was to get to where the music was at. He tiptoed around, making his way further into the building. The music was becoming more clear as he continued. Eventually, he found himself at the right wing of the stage. His mouth nearly fell from his jaw as he watched the Rolling Stones move on stage. He was so close. The music now clear as water. However, the mesmorization of being wing close to the band didn’t last long as the face of a girl caught his attention. She was standing in the left wing with other people who might have been tour managers and the likes. He tried looking over Charlie’s drums to get a better glimpse of her, but it was no use. Somehow he ended up getting caught by a guard. Rick, being the genius he was, lied and said he got lost looking for the bathroom; earning him and his buddy, Johnny, seats in the crowd of the concert. 

The concert was amazing. It was everything he expected it to be. From Jaggers distinct tone and moves to the roaring of the crowd. Rick’s ears were still ringing when they’d finally reached the outside. All him and his good friend could talk about was how amazing it was. However, the entire concert, Rick kept turning his attention to the girl in the left wing of the stage. By some time, Johnny decided to get back to school before anyone noticed he was missing while Rick stayed behind. He hated school. The more he focused on music, the more he wanted to be like the people he’d hear on the radio or see rocking in concerts. He stood at only 17 with big dreams, though, he wasn’t sure if he’d really get anywhere with them. Sure, Rick and John were in their own little musical group but he wasn’t sure it would last long. As Rick shoved a cigarette in between his lips, he moved toward the back of the building again just to take a glance at the tour bus. He wanted to remember every detail about this day, so that when he was older, he had something to brag about. Obviously, he wasn’t supposed to be there but it was worth the risk. Not paying attention, he bumped into someone; causing him to take a step back. “Hey, watch it.” He grumbled. His rude and bitter attitude changed when he seen the girl from before standing in front of him. A grin spread across his face. “Sorry about that… I thought you were someone else.” He explained; suddenly sweet.