adrenalize in this moment

The Show

Castiel x RockSinger!Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: swearing, inappropriate/sexual thoughts, dirty talk, smut.

Author’s Note: This is dedicated to the ever so amazing @queenkaywinchester and to her absolute love of In This Moment. <3 Pics is collage are not mine. The song featured is “Adrenalize” by In This Moment. Bold italicized words are lyrics.

Castiel’s eyes widened at the impressive crowd. There were at least several thousand, possibly more, all pushing each other forward towards the stage. The first band had played for about forty-five minutes, awakening the crowd for the second band, your band.

You were stoked to be the second opener for a majorly popular rock band, one you had idolized for years as you pursued your passion for music. Sure, it was just a side gig, going on mini tours, taking a few weeks off hunting. But, when a world-popular band had asked you to open for them two states over, you couldn’t refuse, even though you were currently working a case.

A quick break never hurt anyone, right? Plus, the regular opener for the band’s tour had taken the night off to go on a local talk show.

So, this was your big break.

Dean nudged Cas, who seemed somewhat unimpressed with the first band. Castiel hadn’t been a huge fan of modern music, especially rock, despite Dean and your encouragement. But, when you asked the boys to come to your show, they couldn’t say no. Even Cas wanted to be there to support you.

The lights lowered, causing the crowd to erupt with excitement. Shouts and whistled filled the air as the stage lights flickered, drowning the outdoor arena in a red glow.

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Happy’s Playlist

Happy’s Playlist of mine.

I don’t really know why I did this lol. But every time I hear one of these songs it takes me to Happy Lowman.

These are my go to songs when writing for Happy.

There’s probably more that I have forgotten.

Brantley Gilbert- Hell on an Angel
Brantley Gilbert- Take it Outside
Brantley Gilbert- Kick it in the Sticks
Brantey Gilbert- Hell on Wheels
Brantley Gilbert- My kinda Crazy
Florida Georgia Line- Tell me how you like it
FGL- Dayum, Baby
FGL- Take it out on me
FGL- Headphones
FGL- Hands on you
FGL- Backwoods Beauty Queen
FGL- Holy
FGL- Confession
HIM- Heartkiller
Hollywood Undead- Undead
HU- Gangsta Sexy
HU- Comin in Hot
HU- Been to Hell
HU- We Are
In This Moment- The Gun Show
ITM- The Promise
ITM- Whore
ITM- Adrenalize
ITM- Blood
ITM- Sex Metal Barbie
ITM- Sick like me
ITM- Beast Within
ITM- Sexual Hallucination
ICP- Mr. Happy
Motionless in White- Wasp
MIW- Eternally Yours
MIW- Contemptress
MIW- Hate F**k
MIW- Syntheitic Love
MIW- Sinematic
Twiztid- We Don’t Die
Twiztid- Gothic Chick

Twiztid- Return of the Pervert

Twiztid- Spiderwebs
Asking Alexandria- Not the American Average
August Alsina- Kissin on my Tattoos
A7X- Girl I know
A7X- Scream

A7X- A Little Piece Of Heaven
Avril Lavigne- Smile
Bayside- Devotion and Desire
Bei Maejor feat Waka Flocka Fame- Lights Down Low
Boy Epic- Dirty Mind
Britney Spears- Criminal
Buckcherry- Crazy Bitch
Burn Halo- Dirty Little Girl
Casey Veggies- Tied Up
Coal Chamber- Loco
Creed- With arms wide open
Baby Bash ft Baeza & G- Cerified Freak
The Chainsmokers- Closer
The Chainsmokers- Don’t Let Me Down
The Creepshow- The Devils Son
Demi Lovato- Body Say
The Doors- People are Strange
Dope- Dirty World
Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg- The Next Episode
Sheeran- Shape of you
Ellie Goulding- Love me like you do ( Punk goes pop)
Fifth Harmony- All in my head
Fifth Harmony- Work from Home
Fifth Harmony- Worth it
Falling in Reverse- Bad Girls Club
Falling in Reverse-Good Girls Bad Guys
Falling in Reverse- The Drug in Me is You
Five Hundredth Year- Talking Body (Tove Lo Cover)
Framing Hanley- Lollipop
French Montana- Bad Bitch
Divide the day- Fuck the pain away
The Game- All Eyes
The Game- Ryda
The Game- On One
Good with Grenades- Bruises and Bitemarks
Escape The Fate- Gorgeous Nightmare
Halestorm- Mz. Hyde
Halsey- Control
Halsey- Gasoline
Halsey- Strange Love
Hinder- 2 sides of me
Hinder- Freak show
Hinder- Ladies come first
Hinder- One night stand
Hinder- Up all night
My Chemical Romance- I’m Not Okay (I Pomise)
My Chemical Romance- Helena
MGK- I Get It In                                                                                                       

MGK-Bad Things
J.Cole- Power Trip
Jason Aldean- Burnin it down
Jeffree Star- I’m in love (with a killer)
5FDP- Jekyll and Hyde
Kelly Rowland- Kissed down low
Kelly Rowland- Motivation
Krept & Konan- Freak of the week
Lana Del Rey- You can be the boss
Lil Wayne- Love me
Luke Bryan- Do I
The Maine- Everything i ask for
Melanie Martinaz- Carousel
Melanie Martinaz- Mad Hatter
Melanie Martinaz-  Soap
My Darkest Days- Move You Body
My Darkest Days- Casual Sex
My Darkest Days- Sick and Twisted affair
Neon Hitch- Fuck U Betta
Neo Hitch- No Hands (cover)
New Years Day- Angels Eyes
Nickelback- Burn it to the ground
Nickelback- S.E.X
Nickelback-  Something in your month
Divide the Day- One Night Stand
Otherwise- Die for you
Papa Roach- Wish You Never Met Me
Papa Roach- Scars
A Perfect Circle- Counting Bodies like sheep
Rihanna- Rude Boy
Rihanna-You Da One
Rihanna- Skin
Rittz ft Yelawolf- Sleep at Night
Selena Gomez- Good for You (Halocene punk cover)
Selena Gomez- Hands to myself (Halocene punk cover)
Selena Gomez- Same old love (Halocene punk cover)
Shwayze- Get U Home
Simon Curtis- Flesh
Simon Curtis- Super Psycho love
Skillet- Comatose
Skillet- Whispers in the dark
Snoop Dogg- Wet
Static X- Cold
System of a Down- Lonely Day
T.Mills- She got A
T.Mills- LA it down
T.Mills- Purr Like a Cat
T.Mills- Beat it Up
Taylor Swift- Style (Halocene punk cover)
Taylor Swift- Wildest Dream (punk cover)
Tech N9ne- Groupie
Tech N9ne- Pornographic
Three Days Grace- Over and Over
3DG- Never To Late
Trapt- Love, Hate Relationship
Trey Songs- Neighors know my name
The Weekend- The Hills (punk cover)
Yelawolf- Pop the Trunk
You me at six- Bite my Tongue
Zella Day- Hypnotic

Lady Gaga- Love Game

Blink-182- I Miss You

The Offspring- Want You Bad

Saving Abel-Addicted

Nick Jonas-Bom Bidi Bom

3OH!3- Dirty Mind

3OH!3- Touching on my

Feel free to add. I always need more music to listen to and songs to help me write for Happy.


 The two of you had been in a bad mood all day, constantly barking at each other over the smallest things. It had started out with Harry getting angry at you for taking so long getting dressed for your lunch date and it slowly escalated the more the two of you spoke to each other. Things had been a little rough lately, the two of you spending less and less time together had started to separate you. It wasn’t the first time the two of you were forced to spend less time together, it was far from it. Usually, the two of you would be able to pick up where you left off whenever you spoke and things were just plain and simple. This time around was different, though. It seemed you only irritated Harry and vice versa. No matter how many attempts the two of you had made to try and pick things up, your relationship just wasn’t the same. Different rumors coming from people you loved and trusted didn’t help, either. The two of you had just finished a very tense, awkward lunch and were about to pay for the meal.
“Aw, no,” you gasped, digging through the designer purse Harry had bought for you on your three year anniversary, “I forgot my wallet.”
“Shut up,” Harry rolled his eyes as he reached for his glass of chilled water, “you know I’ll pay.”
“I know but I just wanted this to be my treat,” you sighed as you slowly began placing your belongings back into your purse.
“It’s fine,” Harry cleared his throat as he straightened in his seat.
“I’m sorry,” you grumbled out with a roll of your eyes, “I didn’t mean to forget my wallet.”
“No, of course not,” Harry remarked, somewhat under his breath, his tone conveying his sarcasm. Something about his little reply rubbed you the wrong way.
“Excuse me?” Your eyes jolted up to look at Harry’s bored features with suspicion.
“Nothing,” Harry offered a tight smile before the two of you sat in a heavy silence, waiting for the waiter to assist you in paying your bill. Soon enough, the two of you were standing by the entrance, waiting for Harry’s car to be brought around in silence. You plainly stood around, taking in your surroundings as Harry tapped away on his cellular device beside you. Just seeing his oblivious features staring down at his phone made you angry. The two of you were supposed to be making conversation, trying to salvage a relationship you honestly thought wasn’t going to make it.
“What are you doing tomorrow?” You spoke up, figuring you could make the effort to spark up conversation.
“Probably watch the game with some of the lads,” Harry shrugged, his attention fully focused on his phone screen.
“Oh? Who’s… Who’s playing?” You smiled, thinking it rude for Harry to not pick up on your hints.
“Uh,” Harry trailed off as he looked up from his phone and glared up at the ceiling, “the Packers and the Patriots.”
“Oh, cool,” you chirped, trying to gain Harry’s attention with your feigned interest in football, “go Packers, right?”
“Mhm,” a smile flashed on Harry’s expression as he nodded once and went back to his phone. You would have understood if it was just this portion of your date but the two of you had been on your phones all day, a proper conversation never starting between the two of you. This only angered you more as you remained silent and looked away from Harry. A few moments later, you were informed that Harry’s car had been pulled around, making the two of you stand to leave.
“Can you tip the,” Harry paused right as he looked at you, “never mind… Someone conveniently forgot their wallet.”
“Harry is there something you’d like to say, already?” You sweetly responded, noticing the hostility he was showing but pretending not to notice.
“No,” Harry rolled his eyes as he tucked his phone into the warmth of his coat pocket.
“No, I think you do. You’ve been acting like a real jerk since this morning. Now, what is your problem?” You furrowed your eyebrows at your long time boyfriend, thinking his behavior odd and rude.
“It’s nothing. Nothing,” Harry repeated with a frustrated shake of his head before trying to leave the building.
“No, we’re going to talk about this right now,” you pulled on Harry’s arm.
“Don’t pull on me,” Harry yelled, jerking his arm away from you angrily.
“See? What was that?” You questioned, your voice raising.
“You know I don’t like it when you jostle me,” Harry barked, his features starting to show how angry he was.
Why are you so angry? I’ve been nothing but positive the entire day,” you started before getting interrupted by Harry.
“Shut up,” Harry narrowed his eyes and shook his head as he turned from you, “just shut up.”
“Excuse you?” You furrowed your eyebrows, crossing your arms in the process.
“Stop acting like a,” Harry began before you cut him off.
“Don’t you dare say it,” you growled, knowing where he was going with his sentence.
“C'mon already,” Harry grumbled as he started for the door.
“No,” you argued as you felt the urge to punch Harry repeatedly.
“Y/N, so help me,” Harry warned, squeezing his eyes shut.
“Or what? You’ll beat me? Gosh, you’re so pathetic, Harry,” you wrinkled your nose as you tried pushing past Harry.
“What was that?” Harry gripped your upper arm and roughly pulled you back.
“Get your grimy hands off me,” you demanded as your eyes went from where Harry grabbed you to make eye contact with him.
“Stop acting childish,” Harry shook your body with one jerk of his hand.
“Stop being a brute,” you spat before the two of you erupted in insults.
“You’re insane, is something wrong with you?” Came Harry’s pleasantest insult aside from his other harsh ones.
“No, but there’s plenty wrong with you,” you fought back, “I should have listened to my father when he said you were a no good idiot who would treat me like garbage once he started getting around again. But, no, I’m that idiot girl that doesn’t like to listen to reason.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows down at you, his features somehow growing more raged.
“I know, Harry! Everybody knows! You aren’t one to stick to one person for too long; Y/F saw you with that dog of a woman,” you rolled your eyes as you tugged out of Harry’s grasp and pushed through the restaurant doors.
“Y/N,” Harry was interrupted by the swarm of adrenalized young ladies that crowded him the moment he stepped out. You kept walking until you were at a generous distance from Harry and the girls that demanded photos from him, trying to ignore the looks he was shooting you.
 At one point, you looked up to find his eyes had become watery and he had taken to staring at you with mixed emotions. You only shook your head before looking away and trying to decide how to deal with the situation. After some rash decision making, you started sorting through your purse. You only stuffed the things you knew Harry hadn’t bought for you into your coat pockets, realizing much of what was in your purse had somehow came from Harry. Gum, perfume, the little key he had given you to his home, and even some makeup had come from his own wallet and you instantly felt terrible for letting him buy you so many of your everyday items. You could only force your tears away as you searched for one of Harry’s body guards before your sights set on one that stood next to Harry’s car, waiting to open the door for Harry. You paced over, running your finger under your nose as you refrained from violently crying in front of so many cameras. Once you reached the guard’s side, you handed your purse to him just as he began to open the door for you.
“Miss?” The guard raised an eyebrow as you turned from the car, leaving him with your purse filled with the things Harry had bought you.
“Please give it to Harry,” you glanced at the purse the guard tried handing back to you before you looked over at a distracted Harry, “once he’s done.”
“Alright,” he slowly nodded, throwing the purse into the car before you tightly smiled and thanked him before turning and heading for somewhere to wait for a ride.

Part II
Part III
{A/N: Not edited, will do soon! I’m going to start on a few requests and I hope you like them! Have a lovely day/night!}

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs. Then tag 20 different people 

I was tagged by my amazing bestie @carryonmylovelies, who knows I love music so I thank her greatly. Alright let’s take a dark trip through my playlist.

1. “Don’t Need You” by Bullet for my Valentine

2.”28 Hours/Wherever We Are” by Come From Away cast

3. “Speak of the Devil” by Sum 41

4. “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison” by My Chemical Romance

5. “Dirty Pretty” by In This Moment

6. “Apocalyptic” by Halestorm

7. “Tiffany Blews” by Fall Out Boy

8. “Screaming Bloody Murder” by Sum 41

9. “Adrenalize” by In This Moment

10. “Dear Theodosia” by Hamilton cast.

So with the exception of musical theatre obsession (I was a drama kid it’s unavoidable), my taste stays pretty consistent: annoyingly angsty emo punk/rock/metal music, lol. This has been great to do. Ended up listening to all of this again :)

I tag: @xyalovegood @harryyouareawizard @saintsunbug @alwaysfangirly @luka-isnt-cool @mimimendez00 @lotus-of-light @simonsnoow @watfordslarry @somewhere-l-o-s-t @panickedcastiel-at-thedisco @catsandladyluck @talldarkanddead @emilyforrestar @carryonnnn @watford-boyfriends @gampirethevampiire @richardcampbellganseytheturd @theresnothingleft