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Name: Brie Gallo

Birthday: July 5th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship status: Im Engaged To @ailuropxile

Zodiac sign: Da Rooster ( last name very much wow )

Siblings: One Half Sister

Favourite colour: Lavender

Pets: An 18 year old orange tabby named Misty

Favourite bands/artists: Fall Out Boy, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, ( Lots of random bands ) ( Dubstep ) ( Classical ) Stray Cats, etc.

Sleep: hahaha only if I have rain sounds on and have my bae cuddled up to mah butt lol 

Type of phone: Iphone 6 *shrugs*

Love or lust: Bita both I guess but im happy with my current situation?… I dont really know the question. 

Lemonade or Ice Tea: fuck… uhhh Both

Cats or dogs: Both but fuck gimme a huskyyyyy <33333 or two or three<3333

Few best friends or lots of casual friends: Im into low maintenance friends that I can just see whenever and be happy with. I like my current situation haha

Coke or Pepsi: with rum or ice cream then yes

Day or night: day honestly but not super bright

Text or call: TEXT or Video Chat

Makeup or natural: Bita Both. Make up can make me feel happy but its also tedious and expensive XP… so ill save it for when i need it

Ever met a celebrity: Tons, Lady Gaga, Ray Park, supernatural cast, colin mochrie, voice acting ppl, boba fett Jeremy Buloch, other ppl yeah… , 

Spoons or forks: ……. =.=…. forks…

Truth or dare: truth ( what for ? )

Pronounce caramel like “car-a-mel” or “car-mel”: car-a-Mel

Smile or eyes: both they both make me happy

Light or dark hair: both as long as you rock  “ Dew It!… “ ( Chancellor Palpatine )

Shorter or taller: id prefer to be slightly shorter but eh whateves

Intelligence or appearance: intelligence, appearance isnt mine to judge. but as long as people are confident with themselves thats pretty impressive. 

Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick ( lipstick is alot of work and gets messed up too easily )

What colour shirt are you wearing: black and white tank top

Musical instrument you play: Piano

City or country: City, but also country is ok, anywhere where this isnt transphobic prick bags

Last song you listened to: Donut The Musical

Last book you read: Red Vs Blue Fan Book

Favourite old song: Livin On A Prayer 

Favourite TV Show: Steven Universe, Clone Wars, We Bare Bears, Rebels, The Office, etc I dunno

Favourite animal: Have to say Siberian Husky

Interests/hobbies: Art and Design, Collecting, 501st, costume making, furry, Star Wars, history, Cars ( car restoration, mechanics ) , Nerdy Stuff, OC making, being drunk, not stressed out, helping trans people.

Cool pillow or warm pillow: COOOOL

Favourite scary movie: Alien / Aliens , Silent Hill, “ American Horror Story “ <- not movie =P

Any piercings/tattoos: I have a bridge piercing, philtrum piercing, 2 gauge plugs in my lobes, ( plan on getting some cartilage helix piercings , third eye eventually )  many cool star wars tattoos soon to come .

Best Star Wars Movie: I do really like the new one but I love the classic one better ( an new hope , for personal like long time fan reasons )

Pants Or Dresses: pants can be awesome and be comfy, but when I get all nice and good looking and wear a dress I feel really nice ( like blushy twirly nice ) 

Describe Your Bae In Detail: He is so fucking attractive, like his eyes just really draw me into them. Hes also got this really cute nose that is like so nice it has this little ridge that is ahh its just so cute. anyways hes my cute brownie fluff ball. hes got this really “forrest prince” feeling to him and hes just so good at cuddling and when he smiles or laughs he just lights up and it makes my heart melt. I couldn’t be in more love. I dont really know what else to say but hes the prettiest, cutest, and most loving person ive ever met. <3

I tag @ailuropxile @eldritchcupcake @melvismd @zedcorp @anxiousterragon @broadgaylight @whiite-n0ise @adrenalineangel

Drew another picture of Blair cause she’s awesome :3 It kinda dawned on me that she’s the only one that carries around a giant blunt object for a weapon (the others normally run or use a gun or something like that), yet she’s the inventor/scientist so stereotypically she wouldn’t… though at the time I had an obsession with giant wrenches for weapons sooooo  I guess that explains a lot :P