aaaaaaaaall the camwhore pics I took today in my new wig from Spree Picky! I wasn’t sure if the other post uploaded so here’s attempt #2! Absolutely loving this wig, its super soft and adorable to wear around town! The only thing is that it looks like it has weird crimps in the bangs or something in some of the picture but it actually doesn’t! It’s a fabulous wig and I feel fabulous in it :)

adrenalineangel said: I started out by making an alternate character that I would “improve” as. I would get into character each morning and go out. It was just a more social version of myself but that’s what helped me :)

Thank you!! I will try this!!

Thanks buddy. :c
I definitely would have texted you too, but I didn’t know when Brie was coming home. She said she would be home by 5, but it’s after 7 now and I still can’t get a hold of her so I didn’t want to leave the house in case she came home unexpectedly. :c
Next time for sure! I should be free for an hour or two in the evening this week. c:

New Years Resolutions

Im posting this here so everyone can see so that if I fail at these the world knows im a butt! I usually dont actually make resolutions because I always fail them but I do really want to try to improve this year so here we go!

1. Start working out. I currently have no work out routine and I really need to start! Even if its the wimpiest ass routine.

2. Take more selfies. By this I mean post them on tumblr and such. I take some selfies on my instagram but I’d like to take some more xD

3. Keep my room tidy longer than its messy. My room has been messy since the summer. I’d like to clean it and for it to stay that way for a long time.

4. Purge. Purge so much of my stuff. I have way too much. I need to be less of a horder. Its terrible.

5. Get a raise at work? This is kind of hard to accomplish unless someone hands it to you but I’m doing reception and general admin jobs now so FINGERS CROSSED!!

6. Hang out with friends more. I hardly ever see anyone anymore xD needs to change!

Okay so some of those are easy and some are less so, so we’ll see how this year goes!

Ever After and Dare doodles. I based these two characters after the Mariana’s Trench album Ever After. The story pretty much follows these dolls that were created years ago by this man who discovered these keys that can bring things to life. His last doll was a naive porcelain doll accidentally named “Ever After”. Years later Ever After is in an antique shop when she sees a man one day (Mr Josh Ramsay) and instantly falls for him, thinking that he is her prince. After much thought she decides to leave her shelf in the antique shop to try and find her prince. Dare is another doll made by her creator who lost his legs so he was put onto a spring in a jack in the box. He later accompanies Ever After.