adrenaline gts 12

Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

I just went to Big Peach Running Company, which is my local running store, and found out what shoe is best for me! They had me try on the 13s and they fit like a glove.

Honestly though, I had NO IDEA that finding the best running shoe for me would be such a chore! Turns out, I’m pretty flat footed, which I already knew. When I run, my right foot is in the “normal” range, but my left one has a slight overpronation, so I needed something with more support.

All in all, I really liked them in the store, the bits I got to run around them in.

I went with the 12s to order instead of the 13s cause, well, the 13s are a bit out of price point for me. But I did some research and there wasn’t that much difference between the two editions, so I think I’ll be peachy keen.

Now to sit around and wait until they can be ordered and arrive xD

What do you guys think?