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Amity Park’s kids having the most disturbingly dulled sense of danger tho

like someone climbs onto the school roof to get a football and the teacher’s freak out and they’re like, bruh chill I’ve climbed shit taller than this to get out of range from a ghost fight, someone burns their hand on a bunsen burner in science class and the teacher is freaking out and rushing them to the sink to run it under water and the student’s just like, tbh it’s not that bad I got skimmed by an ectoblast once that was way worse

kids standing there filming ghost fights and laughing when they almost get hit by a fucKING CAR, little kids never fearing the monster under their bed or in their closet because all the monsters are more likely to be found on the streets

the number of reckless teenagers becoming adrenalin junkies skyrockets, daily life has become so full of casual danger that they start to miss it when the ghosts take a day off, teenagers unknowingly getting addicted to the thrill the ghost fights bring to their lives

a store gets held up at gunpoint and the young jaded employee is just like, I literally ran a gigantic ghost wolf out of here with a broom last week I really don’t give a shit, horror movie and video game jump scares don’t do shit for these kids, girls walk around town in the middle of the night hardly fearing their safety because if they can successfully run away from a huge ghost tiger they can run away from some back alley creep

kids barely glance either way when crossing the roads because they’re so used to noticing things from the corner of their eyes, games of ‘truth or dare’ become games of 'dare or gtfo’

just kids who’ve grown up in this town knowing all the nurses at Amity hospital by name because if they’re not in there from a ghost fight it’s because they tried to ride their skateboard off a roof into a pool because 'a ghost dropped me from three storeys high into a lake once and it was awesome’

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Is it possible for a character to get so addicted to the adrenaline rush of fighting that it negatively impacts their everyday life?

Adrenaline junkies are a real thing. Though the actual term is a bit of a misnomer, as far as I know, there’s no actual chemical or psychological addiction to adrenaline itself. Adrenaline junkies are a variety of sensation seekers.

Quick caveat, it’s been a long time since I took a psych class, so I’m a little rusty, and piecing things back together from memory and the internet, mostly the internet.

Sensation seekers are individuals who are unusually drawn towards constant, intense, sensory stimulation. This can lead to a pathological attraction towards dangerous and (subjectively) exciting experiences. Which in turn leads to the individual engaging in risky behavior. That may be gambling, extreme sports, violence, or any number of other behaviors.

It’s probably worth adding, sensation seeking is an entirely normal component of human psychology. We’re all driven to experience new things to one degree or another, and the sensation seeking impulse appears to be affected by hereditary factors. Put more simply, your brain is wired to poke you in the ass occasionally, and get you to try something new. What differentiates most people from a sensation seeker is how pronounced that impulse is.

In severe cases, sensation seeking behaviors absolutely affect daily life. The impulse to push boundaries or engage in “unsafe” behavior is more pronounced, meaning they’re more likely to blow through stop signs or speed while driving. It can (and probably will) affect the kind of media they consume. More aggressive content will, usually, win out over other alternatives. Be that TV, music, movies, whatever.

This is reinforced by a euphoric high that the individual experiences when engaging in risky behaviors. It’s not exactly like drug addiction, because it’s their own brain chemistry on a rampage, but the resulting behavior is similar.

The problem with engaging in risky behavior for extended periods of time is, eventually, your luck will run out. Rather obviously, the consequences will depend on what stupid thing the sensation seeker was doing this time. As it turns out, illegal street racers tend to have different outcomes from bungee jumpers. Though, being turned into human tomato paste is a legitimate option for both.

The problem with frequent hand to hand combat is the significant strain it puts on the body. I know we’ve gone over this, but fighting is painful. Even if you win, you’ll still walk away with injuries. Injuries which need to heal before you go back in for more. For someone with a pathological sensation seeking drive, they’re not going to wait, and (given time, and enough violence) the consequences will accumulate.

This is ignoring the legal issues involved. Someone who is pathologically drawn to fighting will run afoul of the law, quickly. This may simply be from the fights themselves, or the individual may escalate to increase the high experienced.

Before someone suggests a character who restricts themselves to professional or semi-professional bouts, remember a major element of this is the desire to engage in risky behavior. This includes not taking enough time between bouts to recover, because the impulse is to get back in.

Remember, this is a fundamental personality trait. While the behavioral loop, and some elements of this are superficially similar to an addiction, this isn’t one. Someone does not go from normal to being a combat adrenaline junkie. They may go from extreme sports to drunken brawls, but the underlying elements that lead to this kind of behavior are already there. That doesn’t mean people in their life were aware of the risk, however. Self-delusion can be a powerful drug.

While it can be a little difficult to fully unpack, I’d recommend taking a look at Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s not an easy read, and is a book that’s remarkably easy to misread. Palahniuk has a very vulgar approach to violence, which suits the subject matter, but might not be something you feel like parsing.


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The Poe Dameron comic is great because it gives you insight into his character. More than The Force Awakens ever did.

-Poe is, eh, aware he is attractive and can charm people. He’ll use that to get what he wants. He is willing to manipulate.  His own team members remark on this.

-He understands that droids are essentially ensouled people. And it’s nonsense that they have to act subservient to humans all the time. Even on the Rebel/Resistance side.

 -He’s a paranoid wreck who is never sure whom he can trust. 

-He’s also an adrenaline junkie with a cause. 

-He’s nice, mostly.  But he is rather fanatical about The Resistance. (Oscar Isaac hinted at this in interviews. You grow up in something, it’s all you ever believe in, eventually.) To an almost disturbing degree.

Happy Birthday my Queen @olivieblake ! HUGS AND KISSES

“You want adventure,” he supplied. “Adrenaline junkie,” he added, flashing her a rare smile. “I know what that’s like.”

“My adventures don’t usually end with bullet wounds,” she pointed out.

“Neither do mine,” he said. “And yet, here we both are.”

from Ride or Die by @olivieblake


some doodles of caius!! he’s kind of loud, lowkey an adrenaline junkie, and most likely to be found in a fite at a party bc of something hilariously stupid….he’s also gr8 at running away from his problems

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what are the different specialty stereotypes (for example, the jock orthopedist etc)?

  • Family Medicine - touchy feely save-the-world types who focus on the big picture instead of minutiae.
  • Ortho - dumb jocks / carpenters
  • Internal Medicine - super nerds, very inquisitive, thrive on minor details
  • Radiology - pale hunchbacks hyped up on coffee so they can stay awake in dark rooms in front of screens all day. Always either super quirky or boring as watching paint dry.
  • Neuro - the nerdiest of all the super nerds
  • Anesthesiology - the guys who smoked a lot of weed in undergrad…and probably still do. Super chill folks. 
  • ER - adrenaline junkies who function better OFF their ADHD meds. They all drive X-Terras or Jeeps or bike to work.
  • Psych - A little on the crazy side themselves. 
  • Pathology - Foodies and food obsessed (srsly lots of things in pathology books are named after food). All wear glasses due to prolonged exposure to microscopes
  • Derm - Perfect skin, manicured nails, always offers Botox or steroids
  • Pediatrics - Colorful socks, bowties, no white coats, and superhero costumes on Halloween. Girl/Guy next door types. Most likely to be seen at ComicCon in cosplay.
  • Urology - Usually fun loving guys who are everybody’s buddies. And they have so. Many. Weiner Jokes.
  • PM&R and Sports Medicine - very nice ex-jocks who got a shoulder injury and couldn’t do ortho but who still have active lifestyles. Had difficulty deciding between PT, ortho, and neuro for the rehab components.
  • OB/GYN - Amazons. Fiercely protective of their patients, and not afraid to chew you out in a heartbeat. But they won’t mess up their makeup while they do it. You’ve seen Mean Girls, right?
  • General surgery - Workaholics. A chance to cut is a chance to heal. 

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love to get my blood pumping by cliff jumping. I’m a qualified skydiver, so I enjoy jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and I also have a racing license and used to race Formula 3. Anything involving speed and thrills, I’m in. I like taking rides on my Harley Davidson through the valleys: You can’t beat riding along the California coastline, Mother Nature is an artist and it’s a beautiful sight at sunset.

So after seeing that gifset of Katie McGrath doing her own stunts in Jurassic World a while ago, I totally have this headcanon that Lena is an adrenaline junkie, because it helps her deal with her self-destructive behavior in a healthy way.

But what if one of the extreme sports she likes is motocross?

What if one day she jokingly invites Kara to ride with her in a friendly competition and Kara surprisingly kicks Lena’s ass because she knows how to ride so freaking well? 

And then after that, whenever they have the time, they’ll compete against each other to see who’s really the best.