adrenal system

Essential Oil Benefits: Basil

Health Benefits: Relieves nausea, digestive tonic, treats cramps, indigestion, and cramps, relieves colds, influenza, and associated fevers, treats asthma, bronchitis, and sinus infections, improves blood circulation, relieves depression, disinfects wounds and cuts, heals bladder infections, treats  nervous tension, mental fatigue, melancholy, and migraines when used for aromatherapy, increases metabolism, soothes arthritis pain, wounds, injuries, burns, bruises, scars, sports injuries, surgical recovery, and sprains, reduces inflammation, stimulates adrenal cortex and nervous system, boosts immune system, treats motion sickness, stimulates the appetite.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Vitamin A, C, K, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, antispasmodic, antibacterial, analgesic, ophthalmic, antipyretic, hepatoprotective, antioxidant.

Beauty Benefits: Fixes dull looking hair and skin, calms irritated skin, treats oily hair.

Magickal Uses: Warding, astral projection, safe travelling spells, friendship spells, attraction, love spells, money spells, and protection.

Interesting Facts: European lore claims that it belongs to Satan and you must curse the ground as you plant it in order for it to grow properly. This is where the French idiom, “semer le basilic” “to sow the basil” came from, it refers to ranting.

Basil was used in English folk magic, like so many other things, to ward off harmful spells as well as to keep away pests.

Also, several sources say that if a gift of basil is given to a member of the opposite sex, he or she will fall deeply in love with the giver and be forever faithful. In Romania, this act is representative of an official engagement.

I Give Up - part 1 (A Baekhyun Series)

Genre: fluff

Characters: Baekhyun X You/reader

Description: so Baekhyun comes into your parents dry cleaning shop. You were just trying to live. But Baekhyun is Baekhyun.

A/N: Pfffftttt, like I need another series. Christ. Alright guys, I love baek and he needs to get lucky so here a series for him. It’s gonna be smut later. This is just fluff for now.

I Give Up - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 , part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9 , part 10 , part 11 , part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22





You repeated the words over and over, memorizing the sound of them on your mouth. You had a big test coming up for your Neurophysiology class and you were having some trouble keeping the parts of the pituitary straight.

“Adenohypophysis! Neurohypophysis! Hypophysis!!” You said with confidence, a little too loudly and you heard a sound. Someone behind you cleared their throat. You jumped and turned around quickly and saw a man standing at your counter wearing a face mask.

“Oh! You scared me!” You held a hand to your chest and exhaled.

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Adam| Child’s Play |Cole

Title; Child’s Play


Pairing; Adam Cole/Unnamed OFC, Marty Scurll/Unnamed OFC

Summary; She’s moving too fast, all he wanted was to hold her.

Warnings; NSFW. ANGST. Smut. No strings attached relationships. 

A/N; Two fics in a week!! I like playing with cliches and tropes and turning them on their heads. This is very, very different from what I normally write, so please let me know who you’re feeling. Drabble only, no intentions to continue past this. Leave some love or some constructive criticism. 

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Practicing Uddiyana Bandha 🌀
Did you know Uddiyana Bandha is the ultimate remedy for abdominal and stomach ailments, from constipation to indigestion. It stimulates your digestive juices, thus increasing your metabolism, and tones your overworked abdominal organs. It also balances the adrenal system, relieving stress, lethargy and tension. And best of all, it is the sure fire way to get flat washboard abs without ever doing any crunches.

#uddiyanabandha #core #detoxing #midsection #pranayama #bandha #yogi #yoga #yogalover #yogateacher

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anonymous asked:

Even though it's just acting Sasha and Shay are STILL kissing in general which is a very initiate action. 1. Kissing releases the love hormone – Oxytocin. 2. It releases dopamine which is a happy chemical. 3. Your adrenal system gets all excited. 4. Pheromones fly about between you. 5. Our pupils widen. So kissing releases chemical reactions and our hormones are flying about having a little party. So even when they say it's "acting" they are still affected by it.

I like that shit. I used to low key wish sasha was single when she turned 18 so that she and Shay could have a chance

anonymous asked:

I know you did a skincare video a while back but has that routine/products changed? You seem like you have really great skin and I know most of that is probably due to your genetics and def your vegan diet but any other tips?

I am going to make an updated video! I’ve actually simplified my routine and between making that video and a couple months ago my skin went crazyyyyy and I couldn’t figure it out until recently but it wasn’t what I was putting on my face. I linked it to my adrenal glands and lymph system. I also cut out processed/refined sugar and caffeine. Eating Whole Foods and lots of water help me keep my skin hydrated and nourished. Also a cup of hot lemon water (½ lemon per cup) with cayenne and a tiny pinch of Himalayan salt.

The adrenal system reacts to stress by releasing hormones that make us alert and reactive. The problem is the adrenal system can’t tell what’s a regular case of nerves and what’s real impending disaster.

The body doesn’t know the difference between nerves and excitement, panic and doubt, the beginning and the end. The body just tells you to get the hell out. Sometimes you ignore it. That’s the reasonable thing to do but sometimes you listen. You’re supposed to trust your gut, right? When your body says run…run.
—  My favourite greys anatomy quote

kadefz  asked:

Hi there. How are you? I'm 30 and I really feel old lately. It's kinda surreal that you'll end up 40 and bulging next time. I just wanna hit ya w/this one: how can one spend time being creative even if he has no skills yet? What can he draw or paint?

hi! at the moment of writing this, I’m exhausted/overwhelmed but also rejuvenated/excited. had a really potent reconnection with an old friend and we talked about trauma, art making, and what it feels like to be a non-male artist in 2016.  

I can understand why you’re feeling that way - the culture we live in places so much emphasis on personal success in correlation w/ one’s age (as though life is this linear track?? I think that has deep roots in capitalist templates of “success” and correlating the expenditure of your labor w/ your degree of worth and all these other fucked up ideological constructs) - it all adds up to a lot of degrading & ageist pressure that gets internalized. I see it happening to a lot of people, my loved ones, I often feel this rotting pit panic of feeling useless as an artist w/i the context of globalized hyper-capitalism, etc- and it’s really shitty. 

but then at the same time, those things are so real in their tangible influence and presence- plus life is a pretty intense and physically exhausting experience –so it’s also very valid to feel tired and drained. which is why creativity can often feel like this impossible and/or non-essential ‘if i had the time/talent’ type activity. and that’s where I think this culture we live in also strips everyone of the very real need for creativity in one’s balanced life. creativity is presented as this hobby-like use of time that you only have access to if you have the skill-sets / “talent”. I would argue that creativity is as valid a form of self-care as say, physically exercising and talking. 

I have this theory that creative expression and output is a way of your body digesting & processing reality. your adrenal system fights for your immune system, your kidneys + bladder release waste as urine, your digestive system processes nutrients and expels waste. well, your mind needs to do the same. you need to let out the feelings/ideas/numbness/everything so that it doesn’t clog up your mind, become repressed, and then show up in inner/outwardly destructive ways. start small and literally ERASE the notion from your mind that you need to know how to draw or how to paint in order to be creative. write down the first word that comes to your head upon waking. draw something with your eyes closed. listen to music on your next walk and imagine you are the music video. micro formats of creativity open up new ideas and stretch your mind in new ways, then it takes a life of its own/grows its own pair of wings/expresses your individual essence. no one has ever experienced life as you and that is an absolute truth. it’s destructive to believe you have nothing to contribute or to express or to add. 

TIP: look up Kerri Smith’s work on creativity, also read some Lynda Barry 

this is cheesy as hell but creativity lives in every person w/ a heart + mind + soul. the dominant culture has done a very effective job of convincing everyone otherwise and this has, effectively, atrophied the creative confidence in so many people. start undoing the damage! you’re capable. 

Herb of the Week-Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla)

Common names

Easter Flower
Hartshorn Plant
Pasque Flower
Prairie Smoke
Wild Crocus

Pulsatilla (botanical name Anemone pulsatilla) is a perennially growing herb that grows up to a height of about 18 inches and is swathed with silky bristles or hairs. This plant bears leaves that are delicately divided and produces a single light violet flower having yellow stamens. These stamens develop into downy seed heads when the flowers have withered.

The pasqueflower (also spelt as pasque flower) is a forerunner of spring and has been named so since it blooms during the Easter all through most of its range. In a number of regions in the West as well as Midwest, this plant is also called the prairie smoke. The reason behind giving this name to the plant is that long after the flower blossomed and the fruit head has matured, the elongated hair-like threads which are attached to the fruits become silken as well as feathery. When the wind gusts blow these feather-like tails, ensuing outcome gives a false impression of smoke traversing the prairie. This plant is also known as the wild crocus, which indicates the role of the plant as being a harbinger of spring. The Latin name of the species patens refers to the dispersing manner of the plant’s petals akin to sepals. Since the pasqueflower more often than not produces two flowering stems, the Dakota Sioux Indians have given the plant a name which when literally translated into English implies ‘twinflower’.

In the terms of flowers, the windflower is said to be abandoned. According to myths, the envious Greek goddess Flora transformed the nymph Anemone into a windflower at what time she had drawn the attention of her husband Zephyr. In turn, he deserted Anemone, discarding her to be blown by the wind. It is also said that this flower originated from the blood of Adonis, while the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite wailed over his slain body.

It has been documented that some Indians discovered a number of realistic uses of pulsatilla. These native Indians jammed their nose with the sepals of the plant to facilitate in stopping bleeding. In addition, they also mashed the leaves of the plant and applied it topically to ease rheumatic pains.

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Are you going to eat more fruits, vegetables and herbs in 2014?

Grapes ~ Lymphatic system
Parsley ~ Adrenals
Celery ~ Bones
Watermelon ~ Kidneys
Cherries ~ Blood
Oranges ~ Arteries
Dandelion ~ Teeth
Cabbage ~ Colon
Carrots ~ Eyes
Wheat grass ~ Body odors
Spinach ~ Muscles
Blueberries ~ Brain
Watercress ~ Lungs
Apples ~ Capillaries
Ginger ~ Circulation
Lemons ~ Weight loss
Turmeric ~ Anti inflammatory
Cilantro ~ Detox
Coconut ~ Energy
Broccoli ~ Anti cancer
Kale ~ Minerals
Cucumber ~ Skin
Fennel ~ Bad breath
Dill ~ Mucus dissolver
Raspberries ~ Female reproductive glands
Blackberries ~ Male reproductive glands
Beets ~ Liver
Cinnamon ~ Blood sugar
Lettuce ~ Nerves

Can You Dig It? ;D

-Dan McDonald

periwinklepjm  asked:

How can I help myself de-stress? At the moment I have exams coming up and I can't help but get anxious the point where it is really consuming and I find myself messing up even the smallest of instances, even with material I already know and topics I have revised over countless times. I think I am just exhausting myself by worrying so much but I don't know how to make it cease. How can I make it stop and what makes me so anxious all the time, as others around me are not? Thank you x

Firstly, one thing I have noticed from students is that they can be good actors sometimes. They don’t want others to know they are nervous, anxious, or whatever. Especially in competitive scholastic environments. So just because it doesn’t seem like others aren’t anxious, it doesn’t mean they aren’t. 

Secondly, it’s okay to feel a little nervous. However, it becomes a problem when your anxiety interferes with your ability to function. The focus shouldn’t be on getting rid of your feelings but rather finding a harmony such that you can still perform to your best ability. With that will come confidence. 

Lastly, daily meditation is your friend. Don’t just meditate when times are tough and you are anxious. Meditating daily will help you find a peace and clarity that is independent of when times are good or bad. Anxiety and stress impair your ability to access working memory and impede higher orders of thought. By calming down and refocusing, you will give yourself a better state of mind with which to work. 

A few things to explore:

  1. Be true to the material and the subjects, not your desired outcomes. Everyone wants an A and doesn’t want a low grade. Yet fixation on the outcome of your exams will only create tension and fear inside of you. Instead, focus on taking a more in-depth interest in the material. Get to know it.
  2. Self care is a must. How your body feels is a major player in how confident you feel in your studies. Take time in the mornings and evenings to stretch. This can be very important when you are sitting and studying so often. In the evenings, find some relaxing activities you can do. Trade massages with a friend, take an epsom salt bath if you have a bath or even just soak your feet in a warm bucket of epsom salt water. Make sure you are eating enough and right, as stress can cause us to crave sugars due to the effect on our adrenal system. Again, meditation. A guided meditation may also help you to relax. 
  3. Don’t judge yourself based on outcomes but measure yourself on how thoroughly you prepared. A score is just a score. We are in the habit of using scores as a means to measure a person’s capability but it is by no means an actual reflection of that person. It is but a measure in time. I received a B- in organic chemistry my first semester and an A- the second semester. The grade isn’t a judicial sentence on who you are and what your limits can be. It is merely an indicator of your preparedness meeting the unknown of the exam. Relax into the unknown over which you have no control and keep yourself focused on what you can control: preparing. 
  4. This is battle. Don’t get hung up on feeling comfortable. Care for yourself and be prepared but don’t expect the entire process to feel good. Battle is not comfortable and we must be ready to improvise and adapt. Don’t take feelings of discomfort to be signs of your own weakness. Knowing the discomfort is temporary, meet it head on. 

In the end, a grade may be a grade but how you meet your anxiety and inner limits can be a great opportunity to transform yourself for when you go through this again in the future. 

Namaste my friend. Best of luck :)