let’s talk about the Light, why not

i should note that my thinking on the Light, while rooted in my own observation, is just that – my observation, my own fanon.  not something i expect anyone else to adopt or agree with.  but it definitely informs how i write adrasteius (a priest-mage-guy) and every other Light-following character i’ve got rattling around in here.

first of all, i think it is important to note that in the earliest days of warcraft lore, the Light was quite tied with a generic brand of medieval catholicism; there’s even suggestions of like, monotheism and god and all that stuff.  however, it’s even more important to note that all of this was discarded VERY FAST and has not been part of current lore for like over ten years.

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we came; we rp’d!!

generally what we’ll do is walk a circuit of Silvermoon, talking to each other / haranguing passers-by (well Adra harangues; that’s his nature).  tonight we met a very cute rogue (aerenneth i think his name was)!!  he was eating rotted foods.  adra gave him soup

then he had some awkward times with cat … then they walked around arguing & got into it with some other people.  because adra is now and will forever be a moralizing jackass

after that he was tired and went to lie down, as one does when one is an old cranky man.

I HOPE TO BE ON AGAIN LATER IN THE WEEK y'all on tumblr should RP with us!!  adra doesn’t bite.  not physically.  he’s a pacifist

elaatmik  asked:

:( and :) for adra



Well, based on the game mechanics / storylines / etc, I’m of the opinion that magic – arcane magic in particular – is not good for you, not mentally, physically, or spiritually.  Adrasteius is old, much older than he appears, and extremely physically frail.  He uses his magic to keep himself going, but eventually this practice will exact an inescapable toll on his body and mind.

In other words: he is likely to die screaming, with a mouth full of blood, long before his wife and children.


Although easily irritated, Adra is extraordinarily forgiving.  He has intrinsic concern & compassion for other people, and this isn’t diminished by his often jackass judgments of who they are / what they do / etc.  You could perpetrate the worst crimes and Adra would still try to help you, to look after you, and to make sure you were eating properly.  He wouldn’t necessarily be kind about it, but he would never turn his back on someone who needed him.  He may not be anyone’s first choice for a partner in crime, but he’s the guy who will patch you up and give you a hot meal once after you’ve gotten your ass kicked in an ill-considered pursuit (and probably call you a stupid asshole while doing so, but one can’t have everything).