adramelech delphinium elatum mandrake

He is wearing clothes! XD This is not really unsafe for work since it’s late at night but at the same time it might look a little suggestive. I never post inappropriate content on my main blog on the most part but I can make a few exceptions.

This is Adramelech Delphinium Elatum Mandrake a.k.a. “Adem” posing like this. Nope, I used no reference surprisingly.

This is the second picture I drew after pretty much staying up until 5:30AM. The first one is Al’s backside of the armor but I didn’t upload it yet. I need to fix something on it first.

Dante Mandrake, Adramelech Delphinium Elatum Mandrake, and Alabastor of Alabaster.

Dante is confused at why his older brother, Adem, is going out with that dictator Alabastor. It’s just like Adem to take advantage of people’s weaknesses to get what he wants. (Al is so narcissistic that he actually falls prey to those who complement him).

It does look a little awkward that it appears that Dante is only halfway there, but hey, whatever. I’m expanding a little bit. My characters never do anything so I guess this is a start. The unfortunate thing is that I felt NOTHING when I drew. Maybe I need to draw a little bit more. :/

This is another drawing that started out as a doodle in the same sketch book, which was made from printer paper I believe. I hate how I keep screwing up the anatomy and the proportions whenever I draw on a small surface. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll throw on some color later.

Also, this is another attempt at drawing Adem’s tight, leather chaps. I dunno, I might change his costume again in the future. Oh, those are black rose petals and fragments.

I guess this is the height difference here between Dante Mandrake and Adem Mandrake. I may color this later. This is for my 1800th post.

“He is cheating! He wears 9” heels!“ –Dante Mandrake

"Actually, little brother, I am not wearing them at the moment.” –Adramelech D.E. Mandrake

Just another doodle that I kinda overworked. This time it’s Adramelech D. E. Mandrake a.k.a. “Adem”. I did this without erasing, well I had to get rid of the annoying guidelines on his face but yeah. I’ve still got a ways to go until I’m happy with what I produce unfortunately. i might color it, I dunno.

For my 2500th post.

*Not actual height difference!

This is just some rivalry drawing of Dante and Adem Mandrake that started out as a doodle in my COM class. I colored it in SAI.

Maybe I should doodle more often in that class. It keeps my mind going and I learn better that way.XD

Character Interviews: Adramelech D.E. Mandrake Edition
  1. What is your full name?  Adramelech Delphinium Elatum Mandrake, but everybody calls me “Adem”.
  2. Where and when were you born?  You really don’t wanna know that story, I mean, where else do demons come from?
  3. Who are/were your parents? (Know their names, occupations, personalities, etc.)  Well, it’s hard to say. I don’t really have parents because I’m a demon. I guess the guy who created my brother and me is kinda like a father I guess and is very bossy…
  4. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?  Why, yes. I have a little brother named Dante. He thinks he can be me but he’s too human. He’s so annoying and always accuses me of cheating whenever there is some kind of competition. I don’t cheat! I’m just much taller and better looking.(Just don’t tell HIM that.)
  5. Where do you live now, and with whom? Describe the place and the person/people. I can live anywhere because I am an incubus and that’s how I can…well, you know. I DO however live in the Underworld with brother There are other demonic inhabitants and on occasion, those “half-breeds” may intrude (and you know exactly who I’m talking about, brother).
  6. What is your occupation?  Like I said, I’m an incubus.
  7. Write a full physical description of yourself. You might want to consider factors such as: height, weight, race, hair and eye color, style of dress, and any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing marks.  Hm, okay. You asked for it, sweetcheeks. I am a wonderful 6'7" without heels. I am a 250lb powerhouse, so don’t fuck with me. I…am an incubus, which is a category of demon. Oh, my hair is beautiful! I love how mysterious it is. My hair naturally goes from straight, silver hair to a quite wavy, blue to violet gradient. My eyes are normally all white. I love to dress all edgy and shizz so I wear black leather vests and chaps. I also where these adorable salmon thigh high stockings underneath. Gotta love my diamond shaped hooped earrings and my coffin bead locket. Must I also say that I wear a thong? My tail adds a nice touch. Heh, well, I also wear spiked armor in various places and I have 9" wedge heels, all of which I made myself. I have these markings, one on my forehead that sorta looks like horns and I have one marking on each cheek… on my face. They’re quite obvious.  I also wear mascara. Don’t forget about my, ohh, somewhat monstrous hands and arms and long, slightly curved horns.
  8. To which social class do you belong?  Hm, not sure. I think I’m up there if I were to be evaluated on my ability to be an incubus. I am a reliable provider.
  9. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?  Mhm, I’d rather not talk about that. I wouldn’t want you guys to turn on me one day and exploit my weaknesses.
  10. Are you right- or left-handed?  I wanna say that I’m ambidextrous but I like using my left hand because once upon a time, it was considered to be EVIL. 
  11. What does your voice sound like?  Sexy. No, really. But it varies. It’s deep but not too deep. I have to say, it’s pretty smooth but it can be rough at times, especially when I’m pissed. It’s hard to explain.
  12. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently?  Haven’t thought about that. Sorry.
  13. What do you have in your pockets?  Pockets? Oh, a pocket watch. Hmph.
  14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics? There’s nothing I dislike more than the fact that I…uhh…have a stupid, annoying…nice, kind, wonderful little brother. Heh heh, oh, and I like to fight and take advantage of people. I’m also a little sarcastic.
Character Verifications: My Incubi

Okay then. There is one thing that continues to mess me up. I have only three incubus characters, Dante Mandrake, Adramelech Delphinium Elatum Mandrake, and the half of Noir Lovelock. Why is it that I continue to make these damned assumptions that I am restricted to these incubi as being defenseless characters that are potentially only out for sex?

Just to solve this problem and to make them more intimidating, and interesting, i have decided to to this. I have done some research on the different interpretations of the incubus (and the succubus) and one thing that stood out to me was the fact that they, too, can be considered vampires because they have ways of absorbing life energy from a host for their well-being. Therefore, my characters can still be just as powerful, strong, intimidating, interesting and whatnot but they can sap life energy more efficiently through sexual encounters since that’s the type of demonic species they are. I can make them fight or have violent encounters with other demons if I want to. It makes more sense and using this knowledge, I can make whatever stories I create about them much more desirable since they won’t be stupid, mindless, strong-bodied, sex-addicted, idiotic demons.

There, that makes everything much better. Now, I have to actually find the time to utilize this information and turn it into something worthwhile.

Frustrations on OC design: Noir


So ANYWAY. The main things I am royally PISSED at in regards to my OC, Noir Lovelock, and his design is that:

  1. I am never fuckin’ satisfied with hos wardrobe!
  2. I cannot understand how this faggot is feeling in comparison to my other OCs

Like, do I have to spend ANOTHER THREE YEARS designing and re-designing his ass? He was such a great character when I first created him. But something didn’t feel right as I gradually tried to develop him. He was too boyish and looked like the typical uke in a yaoi series. In case you didn’t notice, I wanted BOTH Dante AND Noir to be EQUALS. That means that Noir is supposed to be the seme type, not the uke type in this case. Yes, that still stands even though I have only gotten around to having Dante fucking Noir and not Noir fucking Dante.

So yeah, back on this fucker’s design.

I wanted to have a Victorian Era theme so I could have a place to start getting my inspirations from in order to make my characters look pretty, (not because it was inspired by Black Butler later on either).

It’s fucking difficult doing research to design original characters, especially if you want them to look and act a certain way. The wardrobe must fit at least SOMETHING about their personality even if the character is meant to deceive the viewers in some way.

Now I’m thinking about where the fuck else I’m gonna look in order to find manly yet beautiful outfits that fall along the lines of Victorian era clothing. I tried more than one country in Europe. I even looked up Gothic stuff but it just didn’t fit him. Well, I didn’t feel that it fit him (and I mean this as I feel Dante’s and Adem’s outfits right now).

I already have that one OC named Claude who is the Duke of Roselle and the half-cousin of Zaiyn Zephyrion, a prince from Neo Twilight. (These are some lands in other kinds of stories)

See, Claude IS wearing a dress. It’s just somewhat masculine. Claude is also a unisex name. Plus, this fag is skinnier than a mug and is very effeminate. It’s no wonder why people, especially outsiders, mistake him for a woman rather than a man. He is a DUKE not a DUCHESS.

But that is where the problems start. I want Noir to be a combination of these things. He is not especially masculine and he is not especially feminine. I want his ass to look fuckin’ pretty: beautiful even. I just don’t know where I fucked up along the way in his design. I created Claude last year in 2014 and I created Noir in 2012. WHy the FUCK is this so difficult for me right now?

Short “Storyboard” Part 1 (more like thumbnails with dialogue + revisions below):


Alabastor of Alabaster

Adramelech Delphinium Elatum Mandrake

Row 1:

ADEM: Alabastor!

AL: What are you doing here?

Row 2:

ADEM: I don’t like how you rule your people.

AL: You came all this way just to tell me that?

AL: Ah, I should send for my guards. But I won’t do that because…I like you.

Row 3:

AL: Looks like I’ll have to handle it MYSELF!

ADEM: Shit…

AL: That’ll teach you.

ADEM: Take this you sunnuva bitch!


(end of part 1)