GW2 Fashion Week Day 2

Adra Nimbleclaw - engineer, former Iron Legion member, newly recruited Pact member and a big fan of Moto’s Super Adventure Box. Eccentric, naive, reckless and a sensitive Charr with a cheery personality to keep up the moral of her comrades. She makes and upgrades weapons to make the most efficient and memorable fights against the enemies.

Weapons: Super Hyperbeam Alpha & Gold Fractal Pistol


  •  Helm: Adventurer’s Mantle
  •  Shoulders: Marauder’s Shoulderguards
  •  Chest: Glorious Brigandine
  •  Gloves: Priory’s Historical Vambraces
  •  Pants: Mist Walker Leggings
  •  Boots: Rubicon Boots
  •  Back: Plush Moto

Dyes: Ash, Gold, Blue Shade, Midnight Ice, Peanut Butter

anonymous asked:

new developments on my joy Adra- I never thought about shopping carts before and lord imagine sitting in one of those going down a steep hill I can already feel the rush

(Pt 2) joys would take those carts for a spin all the time. who wouldn’t? sometimes it’s good to feel young       

I heard that Mad Gear and The Missile Kid stole the Witch’s cart and rode it down a mountain at three am while screaming curses at the sky and setting off fireworks. Could be true, could be a lie, who even knows anymore.



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Goldie you are a goddess in disguise. A deity living among the dust. Thank you. I've got five carbons and a copper ring for you. Just because. Keep up the good business love. -Adra

Oh my, now I’m blushin’. You are the sweetest, my friend. Thank you.
Stay safe, and let me know if you need anything else!
xoxo, Goldie

good evening everybody!! mis(h)adra #10 is out!! you can read it for free here, and if you love, you can buy it here! thank you all for waiting patiently! i wanted to mention here that the first half of this chapter is based off of real things that i saw/heard in a vision while having an aura before a seizure. (it was scary!) i hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for your support ~*~* (and as always, please feel free to message me anytime with questions or thoughts about epilepsy!)

it’s the 15th! mis(h)adra #11 is hereeee ( ^ and here’s an alt-color version of the cover!! i never really get to draw these characters outside of the comic’s palette so i got a lil hype.) you can read it for free, and if you really like it, please buy it! 

edit: on twitter, i talked a little more about the thoughts behind this chapter, so i thought i’d elaborate on this too: it’s hard for me to tell bc i wrote it, but this chapter (and the ones surrounding it) is pretty depresso because this is the point where a lot of the frustration comes out… obvi the whole comic has been about the struggle of having epilepsy but this chapter+ is about “i’m too tired i can’t care anymore.” in more ways than one! that was a place i struggled with for a long time =____= i really only snapped out of it until right before i started mis(h)adra and i’m glad that i’m no longer there.

after this, there are only a few chapters of the story left T____T getting a little bittersweet! it’s been a wild ride, and without this comic, i wouldn’t have been able to work through my epilepsy as well as i have or be able to talk to so many amazing people about it. thinking about that makes me really happy ^\\^ thanks to everybody for reading this far in!! as always, my askbox, twitter (@DELTAHEAD_), and email (iasminomarata@gmail) are always open for questions about epilepsy. happy reading! (even though it’s pretty depresso at this point)