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sup i’m adra and if you can’t tell i really like all time low. my pronouns are she/her but i don’t really care if you use any other. i’m bi. and also really young so if you’re uncomfortable with someone under 14 following you let me know

good evening everybody!! mis(h)adra #10 is out!! you can read it for free here, and if you love, you can buy it here! thank you all for waiting patiently! i wanted to mention here that the first half of this chapter is based off of real things that i saw/heard in a vision while having an aura before a seizure. (it was scary!) i hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for your support ~*~* (and as always, please feel free to message me anytime with questions or thoughts about epilepsy!)

it’s the 15th! mis(h)adra #11 is hereeee ( ^ and here’s an alt-color version of the cover!! i never really get to draw these characters outside of the comic’s palette so i got a lil hype.) you can read it for free, and if you really like it, please buy it! 

edit: on twitter, i talked a little more about the thoughts behind this chapter, so i thought i’d elaborate on this too: it’s hard for me to tell bc i wrote it, but this chapter (and the ones surrounding it) is pretty depresso because this is the point where a lot of the frustration comes out… obvi the whole comic has been about the struggle of having epilepsy but this chapter+ is about “i’m too tired i can’t care anymore.” in more ways than one! that was a place i struggled with for a long time =____= i really only snapped out of it until right before i started mis(h)adra and i’m glad that i’m no longer there.

after this, there are only a few chapters of the story left T____T getting a little bittersweet! it’s been a wild ride, and without this comic, i wouldn’t have been able to work through my epilepsy as well as i have or be able to talk to so many amazing people about it. thinking about that makes me really happy ^\\^ thanks to everybody for reading this far in!! as always, my askbox, twitter (@DELTAHEAD_), and email (iasminomarata@gmail) are always open for questions about epilepsy. happy reading! (even though it’s pretty depresso at this point)