“So Terminus is Chaak and Cabrakan have fusioned now?
I mean Terminus looks like a fusion Cabrakan and Chaak of Smite, also that’s would be a theory from After Smite-War or that Chaak died but Cabrakan resurrected him in form of a undead warrior”

- Submitted by @adras-ix9

Listen I know nothing about Smite but I saw the opportunity to make an SU reference so I took it

Made by Mod Sha Lin 🏹


I wanted to give @fangmich‘s character sheet thing a try and I actually finished it TvT, so here’s my watcher Glædwin

Edér feels:

  • couldn’t move on to the point that he remained in his home town even after everyone he cared about died or left;
  • wanted to keep his dog, but let his parents take him away, because he was afraid the dog won’t be safe with him;
  • went to war when he was 16, because his brother, who was his moral compass, believed it was the right thing to do;
  • 15 years later found out that his brother ended up fighting on the opposite site, which means, he, Edér, made the wrong choice, and spent 15 years dealing with the consequences;
  • wanted to be a priest of Eothas, then ended up helping to blow him up, then found out that it was probably a mistake;
  • basically was ready to die since he went to war, and seems like still has some kind of fatalistic disregard for his own life;
  • despite all that he’s literally a sunshine, always looking out for his friends;
  • “Let me take care of this!”
  • “Hey, do you think we could get another dog?”
  • watches over the Watcher; when the Watcher is about to break down, gets so agitated, that can’t even joke anymore;
  • after parting ways with the Watcher, he finds even more people to look after;
  • you know, Eothas better talk to Edér, and he better answer all his questions, and he better be polite, or I’ll punch his adra toes!
Encounter (The First of Many)

An “Imperial Problem Child” story
(takes place not long after Bespin, further describing the incident mentioned in one of @shimmer712 ’s additions)

All things considered, they probably could have avoided going to Adras if they had really tried. The fuel tanks for most of the squadron were worryingly low, and they had a few techs filling in for injured pilots who were less experienced in the field, but if they’d made a conscious effort of it they might’ve been able to make one more jump. As it stood now, of course, it was a little too late to worry about might-have-beens.

Wedge cast a swift glance around the fuel depot and feigned scratching his nose so that he could whisper to Luke, “We’re catching a lot of eyes, boss.”

Luke winced. “I know. They’re suspicious of us.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Wedge hissed sarcastically, “It’s just an entire squadron of X-wings landing in their backyard, nothing weird about that!”

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PASHMINA creator Nidhi Chanani on Graphic Novels

The following is a guest post from graphic novelist Nidhi Chanani, creator of Pashmina.

As a young reader, I wasn’t exposed to comics beyond the funnies, which is because my immigrant parents only knew Garfield and newspaper comics. I blame my parents for my limited comics knowledge when I was young! But in high school, my boyfriend lent me Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve and Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World. He always impressed me with his untraditional influences. I tried to impress him in return and began borrowing graphic novels from the library. I stumbled upon Goodbye Chunky Rice around the time he dumped me. Then, I had Craig Thompson’s beautiful pages to fill the void. I read that book over and over, in between bouts of bad poetry and blasting Tori Amos.

At the University of California at Santa Cruz, I studied literature and stayed away from boys and comics. I took a course on Holocaust literature, and although it wasn’t on the reading list (zero comics were included in my course readings), it led me to Maus by Art Spiegelman. I studied the pages and absorbed the overwhelming hardships of survivors more acutely than when I read prose books.

At UCSC and after, I kept writing and drawing. After graduation, I tried working at non-profits and none fit. I was introduced to a few professional artists. I thought Whoa! Art can be a job! So I took a deep breath and signed up for additional student loans for art school. I found American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. More than any other graphic novel prior, American Born Chinese made me believe I could make my own comic book. Good comics do that—make you believe in yourself. Gene did not shy away from discussing difficult topics of internalized racism, being a child of immigrants, and the universal awkwardness of being a teen. I saw again how a difficult topic could be tempered through comics to allow for honest discussion.

In art school I began thumbnailing my first book. Two hundred pages of terrible comics! But I showed promise and commitment! I pitched my terrible book to a few agents who ignored its terribleness and saw the promise of hard work (I think). I ended up signing with Judy Hansen, who is also Gene’s agent, which bolstered my confidence. I didn’t know then that it would take another five years to finish Pashmina. Maybe if I had known I would’ve quit sooner. I learned while writing and re-writing Pashmina for years that comics are a labor of love by people who are bananas. So thanks, comics, for allowing me to join this band of bananas!

Here’s a sneak peek at the first pages of Pashmina:

Now, I voraciously read graphic novels. They contain all my favorite things! Stories! Art! Cute author bios!

Recent comics I loved:

Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez

Each expression and page is a visual treat. Sandy, the main character, is an artist who has to deal with her insecurities, ego, and pressure head on. Creepy, cute, and a must-have.

Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

A completely relatable new-girl-at-school story. The art is subtle and sweet. I also really appreciate the diversity of the characters that doesn’t deviate from the central story, but is just a part of the world. As it should be!

Mis(h)adra by Iasmin Omar Ata (out this Fall)

An honest and visually stunning graphic novel about epilepsy and the struggle to accept help when you need it. This is comics at its best—doing what only comics can, conveying the visuals of an otherwise difficult-to-describe experience.

Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani

Priyanka Das has so many unanswered questions: Why did her mother abandon her home in India years ago? What was it like there? And most importantly, who is her father, and why did her mom leave him behind? But Pri’s mom avoids these questions—the topic of India is permanently closed.

For Pri, her mother’s homeland can only exist in her imagination. That is, until she find a mysterious pashmina tucked away in a forgotten suitcase. When she wraps herself in it, she is transported to a place more vivid and colorful than any guidebook or Bollywood film. But is this the real India? And what is that shadow lurking in the background? To learn the truth, Pri must travel farther than she’s ever dared and find the family she never knew.

In this heartwarming graphic novel debut, Nidhi Chanani weaves a tale about the hardship and self-discovery that is born from juggling two cultures and two worlds.

astridapples  asked:

Sid x MC Black Butler AU

Ha of course you would Astrid <3

MC squinted her eyes, still trying to adjust to the bright light after being blind folded for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly coming into focus the figure before her holding out his hand was no other than her butler Sid. His white gloved hand extended to pull her to her feet. “M’lady?” his words husky and low. Slipping her hand into his being pulled up into her right position again, her eyes locked on the horror around her. “Did you do this?” MC gasped in disbelief the bodies of countless men laying dead at their feet. Sid nodded in reply his head turning to look over his shoulder his blue orbs now glowing a crimson red, “Did I not tell you? I am simply one hell of a butler.” 

OMG SO CORNY, FORGIVE ME! -falls over crying-

Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Epilogue

One year and three months later.

“Two burgers please,” you say once it’s your turn to order, “One cookies-and-cream milkshake,” You can’t wait to stuff that burger down your throat, you’re so hungry. 

“Nothing to drink with the other burger?” the cashier asks. 

You shake your head, “Not when you’re eating both,” 

No comment. 

You still work as a taxi driver, not entirely hating your job. Being on the road felt better than sitting behind a desk. Although it still resulted in the same butt-numbing sensation. 

You’re almost done with one burger when your phone chimes. Someone needs to be picked up a few blocks away from you. You accept the offer before other drivers can steal the catch. You thought of ignoring it, but decide against it. You’re almost done with your meal anyways. Stuffing the last piece into your mouth, you grab your other burger and shake as you push out the door. 

Living normally since your life took a turn over a year ago wasn’t easy. You dealt with guilt and depression to the point where you had to go to psychologist. Of course, once you confessed your inner pain to someone, you immediately wiped their memories clean of it. 

Eventually the pain began to numb. Thoughts of Jesse no longer crushed you. Thoughts of the people you killed no longer crippled you. Thoughts of B/N passed over you, like soft waves that lap onto a lakeshore. Other times, thoughts of him felt like the ocean waves; heavy, suffocating, and roaring. 

All in all, you felt okay. You often thought back to the past. Wanting to hang out with Jesse like before. Wanting to feel B/N’s arms around you, to feel his kisses again. You even missed using your powers as wildly as you did that night. You understood why Adra revelled in the power he obtained. It was addictive. 

Even though you took Adra’s power, his abilities were too inhumane to practice on anyone. Shockwaves, you banned yourself from using it. But he was also able to read minds if the topic was presented to him, but without pain or coercion, it didn’t always work. 

As for the other powers you used, it seemed to only work if the person was in close proximity. Even B/N’s power began to subside after a while. You could no longer control people. Being normal really was…boring. 

However, there would be moments you’d pick up someone in your car and they’d surprise you. You’d hear their thoughts, with them unable to hear yours. Your eyesight once got significantly better one night, only to find out the student you carried had night vision. Someone even had the power to see dead people, resulting in you almost crashing and them begging you to take their power. 

You meet lots of interesting people on the road. 

Now, as you drink your milkshake, arriving at the destination, you wonder who you’ll meet this time. 

You arrive at a cooperate building, the kind that makes you bend your head back to look to the top. You lean over your steering wheel to get a better look at the name through your window.

“N…U…A Corporations,” you sound out. Your mind doesn’t process it right away, but once it does you almost choke on a Oreo chunk. The back door of your car opens, the passenger sliding into the back seat. 

You have no time to think or react.

You slowly turn around, staring at B/N. He’s in a black suit with an open collared silver silk shirt. 

Your heart is slamming against your chest at the sudden sight of him. 

“Hi,” he smiles breathlessly. 

B/N didn’t feel like driving, as usual. So when his employees suggested he use a taxi app, he almost forgot those existed. He was so used to flagging them down. He put his information in, selected his destination which was a restaurant to have dinner with a few executives. 

Did he really have to go? 

He waits for a driver to accept to take him. He felt quite stupid looking at this app. He’s about to cancel when someone already accepts. The picture of the driver renders him motionless.  

He hadn’t seen her face in so long. He didn’t even have a picture of her. And here she was, smiling in the small photo. He taps the image, trying to get a better look at her but it doesn’t work. 

His hands are shaking, his heart beating way too fast. Even his armpits are sweating. It’s been over a year and he still feels this way. He hasn’t seen her since, and now he’s about to be in her presence?

Fate really has a sense of humor. And he’s about to throw up. 

He runs to the bathroom, checking himself in the mirror. His hair is parted at the side to give a professional look. A look he didn’t even like. 

“I look like an idiot,” 

He wets his hands, running his fingers through his hair. Should he go for a pushed-back look, or kinda-in-the-face look? He checks the phone, signaling that she’s almost here. Doesn’t matter. 

He rushes back to his office, pulling his secretary aside, “Smell me. How do I smell?” 

He didn’t mean to command her, but she sniffs him without hesitation, “You smell nice, sir. Very expensive,” 

He snaps his fingers, “Good,” 

He rushes for the elevator. She’s here and waiting for him. Will she notice the company name? Will she drive away before or once she sees him? He gets inside the car quickly and she turns, shocked to see him. Her mouth is parted and he can see the Oreo cookie residue on her teeth.

“Hi,” Idiot, you sound expectant. 

Her eyes are darting everywhere; she must be so confused. 

“Um. Hi,” she rests her drink down, wiping her mouth. He expects more to be said, but she faces forward, tapping in the destination he’s to go to. He sighs silently, calming his nerves. 

Did he expect huge excitement? He wasn’t sure. He was simply happy to see her. She’s driving in silence, refusing to look in the mirror where she’d meet his eyes. He remembers the first time she drove him in her car. He was such an entitled asshole then. He smiles at the memory. 

“How’ve you been?” he asks, “You look well,” 

“Oh,” her eyes meet his momentarily in the mirror, “I’ve been good. You?” 

He nods, “I’ve been good, too,”

“NUA Corporations? You really did it?” 

He nods, not surprised she remembered, “I did everything the way Jesse wanted,” 

“That’s nice,” More awkward silence. He can tell she’s uncomfortable, “How’s your parents?” 

“They’re good. Traveling more,” 

She nods. Her shoulders are tense, hands tight on the steering wheel. The conversation is so strained he feels constricted for her. 

It doesn’t take long to get to the restaurant. He doesn’t have to hand her cash like the last time, the app does it for him. He steps out the car, but peeks his head in to speak to her. 

“Would you mind picking me back up?” he asks. 

“Um… I’m not sure I’ll be available, but I’ll see,” 


“You could just use the app again,” 

He chuckles, “I hate this thing. I’ll just flag a taxi,” 

She seems to be thinking and he’s hoping she won’t say no. 

Seeing her so suddenly made him realize how badly he missed her. Could they go out for drinks? A restaurant? Anything? He wants to know how her life has been, he wants to tell her how he’s been. He just wants to talk to her, and the look on her face shows that she doesn’t want to.

Her extended silence lowers his hopefulness. He’s about to say not to worry about it, but she responds with, “Sure. I’ll pick you up,” 

He bites his lip to keep from grinning like a fool, “Thank you,” 

She hands him her business card, “Call me on this when you’re ready,” 

He takes it, admiring the simple artistry, “You have a business card,” he looks at her and he feels proud, “It suits you,” 

The faintest of smiles is her response, her gaze finally holding his. He closes the door, almost wanting to skip out on this dinner but he resists. She’s going to pick him up. He’ll make this dinner quick. 

Should I have told him? you wonder. 

You’re nibbling on your second burger. It’s not as hot as you wanted it, but it’s not cold either. 

You heard what he wanted to say. You heard his thoughts. And it took everything in you not to react to what he was thinking. 

He missed you that much? 

But did you miss him? Or did you bury all that happened that year, including how you felt about him?

Or is it because you were still hurt by him? Did you even like him anymore? 

You roll your eyes, putting your burger down. What a dumb question. 

You sigh, leaning your head back. Too much to think about. 

Seeing B/N caused all your emotions to resurface. You didn’t even realize you suppressed them. But sometimes it felt good to just ignore your inner thoughts and pretend as if nothing bothered you. A delusional life, but it kept you going.

Within an hour and a half, B/N calls you and you head back to him. This time he opens the front door, “May I?” 

He’s so forward. You nod, feeling antsy with him so close to you. Why are you acting this way? 

“Where do I go?” 

“Back to the building,” he says, surprisingly. You thought he would’ve asked you to go out somewhere like he thought. 

Stopping in front of the building, he turns to you. 

“Would you like to see inside?” 

You must admit you’re curious as to how B/N brought Jesse’s dream to life. You nod, turning off your car. 

It’s late now, most of the employees are gone and the security remains, acknowledging B/N as he steps into the polished lobby. 

Everywhere looks and smells expensive. 

“This place looks like it cost millions of dollars,” you say as you observe everything. 

B/N presses the elevator button, “Just a couple,” he smiles at you. 

So many levels. You chew on your nail as a way to avoid looking at him. He takes you to the top floor where his office resides. 

“This room is the planning room,” he flicks on the light. 

You look at the walls. It’s literally a map to success, “Jesse was very thorough. But I had to make some adjustments due to the change in economy and with people not always being predictable,” 

So much detail. It resembled a map detectives use to catch a criminal. Three destinations with smaller road to leading to it. 

“What’s your goal?” you ask him. 

“Well, putting abandoned buildings and lots to use. Instead of creating more retail places we don’t need, we’ve incorporated them into homes for the less fortunate,” 

“And who’s idea was that?” 

He looks at you, “Mine,”

You actually didn’t expect that from him.  

“And you’ve done all of this without the use of your ability?” 

He smirks, turning to the mini fridge, “A little persuasion never hurt anyone,” 

He hands you a canned drink, “I drive. I can’t drink,” 

He turns the can so that you can see the label, “It’s soda,” 

You take the can from his hand and he walks you to his office, “It’s roomy. Must be bright during the day,” you say looking at the large windows.

He nods and you step to the window, overlooking the city at night. 

“It’s an amazing view,” you sigh. 

“The best,” 

You turn to him, seeing him leaning against the window with one ankle crossed over the other. You know he’s been watching you. 

“Why’d you bring me up here?” you ask him.

“A few reasons,” he stands up straight, walking towards you, “I haven’t seen you in a long time. I wanted to show you this place. And,” he stands before you, “I never got to thank you for all that you did,” 

“That’s behind us now,” 

“True. But thank you. You did a lot for me during that time, more than I can imagine. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for you,”

You turn from the view of city, a sight you’ve been using to avoid looking at him. Once your eyes settle on him, your stomach starts to flutter. 

You open your soda, hoping the bubbles will help distract you from the butterflies in your belly but instead it erupts, spilling onto you and his carpet. 

You find a garbage, holding the can over it as you apologize profusely. Why did you swing it in your hand as you walked? 

He dabs napkins onto the stain, handing you some to clean yourself as well. 

“I’m so sorry,” 

“It’s just carpet, Y/N,” he seems to think nothing of this, “It can get cleaned,” 

He’s speaking so gently. How is this the same person? 

You watch him as he cleans the mess and disposes of the napkins, “You’ve changed,” you observe.

“Change is required for growth, if one is willing,” 

You’re surprised at his response, “Who are you?” 

At this, he throws his head back in laughter and the sight of him laughing is so pleasing to see that all you can do is stare at him. Jesse’s death really broke him but he seems to have mended as best.

He stops laughing, watching you who happens to still be staring at him. 

It’s dark in his office, the night light casting in enough brightness to allow you to see what you need to see. And what you do see is the way his dark hair falls against the side of his face. How his silver shirt glistens when he moves. And how his eyes are like black stars, twinkling as he looks at you. 

“I am so sorry for what I did to you,” he says, which wasn’t what you were expecting to hear, “I know that my words hurt you, my lack of compassion and selfishness to your needs did damage. But I need you to know how sorry and grateful I am to you,” 

To your surprise, your eyes are burning. You bite your bottom lip, trying to get a hold of yourself. Is this what you needed to hear all along? An apology from the person who hurt you the most and who happened to be the one you cared about the most? 

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me,” he steps close to you.  

Your chest is tight and you’re trying so hard to keep yourself together. You take a step back, putting your hand out to keep him from coming closer. He doesn’t take another step. 

“I thought I was over this,” you whisper. All those months of therapy and for what? 

“Y/N,” Why did he have to say your name like that?

You cover your face with your hands as you cry silently. You realized you needed to hear him say this. 

“You really-” you take a breath, your voice breaking as you look at him, “You really hurt me then,”

By the look on his face, you know he feels exactly what you need him to feel. He looks pained and steps forward but you put your hand out again to keep him away and he doesn’t cross your barrier. 

“I’m sorry…” is all he can say. 

Slowly, he reaches for your levitated hand, holding onto your fingertips. You don’t pull away from him and he takes this opportunity to bring your hand to his face. He holds your hand against his cheek.

Forgive me,” his breath is warm against your skin, “Please, forgive me,” you hear him say but he isn’t speaking. His kisses each knuckle with an apology and your tears cease as you watch him. 

“I forgive you. I forgave you already,” you admit. He looks up surprised, “I meant to tell you I took Adra’s power, but it never came up. I’ve been hearing your thoughts directed at me this whole time,”

You’re not sure what his response will be, but he raises his eyebrows with a pleased expression, “This makes things way easier,” he blinks, “Wait, how much did you hear?” 


He gently pulls you towards him by your hand and you don’t fight him. You welcome his touch, and it feels so wonderful to have him hold you again.

Your face is against his shoulder as he embraces you, his cheek against your temple. He sighs, swaying side to side with you in his arms.

He tilts your face up, smoothing your hair, “Do you have any idea how much I missed you?” His confession has your tummy swirling. He said it with such ease and honesty, that you didn’t doubt that he missed you at all.

“How much?” you ask him. 


“How much did you miss me?” 

“Search my thoughts,” 

“Doesn’t work like that,” 

He thinks for a moment, looking at your face. His mind is quiet, not ready to let you in just yet. 

I missed you so much that I took a taxi everywhere I could just incase one of them would be you.” he’s playing with your hair as he speaks, touching your face in admiration, “I’ve been to the beach you’ve taken me to over thirty times, hoping you’d be there. But now I go simply because you liked going.” 

As he exposes his thoughts, he presses your palm against his cheek and he looks content; entrusting himself to you.

“I lived with regret and accepted that I would never get you back because of what I did.” 

The more he speaks, the tender his face becomes as he looks at you, “I missed having you by my side, even though it was short and I took it for granted. And I miss you even now that you’re standing right in front of me,” 

You’re looking at him as if it’s the first time you’re ever seeing them. You’ve both grown in each other’s absence. Even the way that he looks at you is different from before. 

You don’t ignore the emotions welling up within you; you welcome them. You accept that your feelings for him never left, as well as your attraction.

He smooths your cheek, wiping away the undried tears left on your face. His other hand is still on your lower back, keeping you in place against him and you feel what you didn’t think you’d be feeling so soon. 

“Already?” you raise your eyebrows, wondering if you should acknowledge that you’re just as excited to be with him. 

“He wants what he wants,” he says shyly, detaching his hips from yours for your comfort. 

But you pull him back to you, surprising him, “She wants what she wants too,” 

A full five seconds of you both staring at each other and wondering if this is really about to happen. 

Fuck,” he thinks. 

You kiss him, and just like that night on the couch, nothing more needs to be said or done for him to respond. He slides his jacket off for better movement, his arms immediately locking around you. 

His touch is familiar, his lips bringing memories of you both together back to life. You didn’t realize how much you missed him until you saw him, and you didn’t know how much you longed for him until he touched you. 

You’re still kissing each other when you feel his desk bump your legs. Instinctively, he leans you back but there’s too much stuff there to remove with the sweep of his hand. 

He’s impatient.

Next thing you know you’re against the window, trying to carefully unbutton his silk shirt because it’s silk! But he doesn’t care about that. He pops the remaining buttons, peeling his shirt off. 

“You think anyone’s gonna look up this high?” you ask him, noting that people could see you both through the window if they wanted to. 

“I don’t care,” his voice is husky against your ear, his fingers skimming the skin on your stomach as he lifts your shirt over your head. 

You hold his chin, “Slow down. I’m not going anywhere,” 

He actually pauses and you forget you have his power. But once it wears off, he continues.

Do you know how long I waited for you?” He gives you a look so alluring and sinful that you know tonight won’t end the way you thought.  

His mouth is on your neck, his teeth giving just the right amount of pressure to make your knees cave, but he keeps you up by pinning your hands against the glass. 

“Why would I slow down?” 

Did he think his night would turn out this way when he woke up this morning? Not in a million years. Did he hope it would once she kissed him? Absolutely. 

He motions towards the couch and she hesitates for a moment before walking ahead of him. She’s topless, still in her jeans and bra and the sight of her walking has him restraining himself. 

She stands at the couch, hugging her arms around herself. 

“Cold?” he asks. 



“Is this a one time thing for us?” 

“Did you not listen to a word I said tonight?” 

She sighs, “Still,” 

“Is it not obvious?” 

“What is?” 

“That there’s no one else for me?” 

She takes a moment to reply, “You haven’t met many people then,” 

“Is there anyone else who would literally step in the line of fire for me?” 

She shakes her head and he smiles, pulling her towards him as he kisses her forehead. He wants to tell her so much more but he can’t. Not yet. 

I love you, Y/N,” he thinks to himself alone, knowing now isn’t the right time to tell her, “I loved you then when you took those flames for me. I loved you even when I watched you walk away from me, and even more now,

No, he can’t tell her this right now. 

But he can do something for her that could be the physical equivalent. 

He tilts her chin up, kissing her softly on her lips.

“Will you let me repay you?” he asks. 

“Repay me for what?” her eyes are closed, content by his touch. 

“For everything you’ve done,” 


He pokes her chest, pushing her against the couch. Getting on his knees, he unbuckles her belt, unfastening the button in one go. 

“Like this,” 

His movements are swift yet unhurried as he tugs your jeans off of your body. 

Fondly, he caresses your face, as if calming you. But excites you once more once his fingers descend down your lips, your breast and stopping at your waist. 

“Will you let me?” he asks once more. 

All you can do is nod. 

He leans forward, kissing you as he thinks a familiar question, “Do you have any idea of the power you possess over me?” You’re pretty sure it’s the other way around right now.

His lips travel down your neck, and slowly over your breasts. As he grasps your waist, his tongue leaves wet trails over your stomach.

Do you know how long I craved you?” 

With his middle finger, he traces the creased, damp lining through your underwear, touching your most sensitive area.

Your breath catches in your throat, your legs instinctively widening a bit. 

He looks pleased.  

He hooks his fingers around your underwear, and you lift your body up in response as he slides them down your legs. 

Excitement is coursing through your body and it makes no sense to hide it. 

He lifts your legs onto his bare shoulders, kissing your inner thighs with his eyes closed.

You clench your fists the closer his mouth gets but before he gets there, he looks up at you.

“Tell me, did you forget?” he asks.

“Forget what?” you respond breathlessly.

He opens your legs wider, his face lowering and your mind submitting.

With his eyes locked on yours, he drags his tongue heavily and slowly between your lips as he thinks to you, 

“I’m your slave to desire.” 

Someone requested more moments cute between them, did I deliver? 

Thanks to @sayonaramidnight I was finally able to decide how she should look like :3

Her name’s Tegwen, and she’s an elven Eir Glanfath druid. The tattoos under her eyes are ‘lightning’ and ‘storm’ written in Engwithan letters (following the info from Pillars wiki, I used Cornish words) - I headcanon that some Glanfathans guarding the ancient ruins would use some random ancient Engwithan words as ceremonial tattoos supposed to give them strength to do their duty, having no clue what the words really mean, but somehow mostly choosing words that suited them.

The sun around her left eye is the symbol of Eothas. Earrings are made of white adra, and each symbolises a lost friend or family member.

After the Saint’s War, she’s been exiled for letting an outsider hide in the ruins. He was a priest of Eothas who had saved her a few months earlier. They started travelling together, and have been inseparable ever since.


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Here’s the Lost Girl panel from ClexaCon 2017, featuring Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, and Emily Adras.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. After the mess with Luke defending a member of Rogue Squadron from a mob lead by the tech's own relatives, Vader has a with the Imperial relatives of Rogue Squadron. The familial death threats drop 300%.

oh man, yeah, I can just imagine how that went

It was surprisingly easy to track them all down. Luke had had most of his squadron with him during the unfortunate incident on Adras, and surveillance had managed to match faces to names and names to families. The end result was a gathering of some thirty-five people in the expensive “summer villa” of one of the relatives, somewhere on Chandrila.

Some of them were confused, some intrigued, but a great many of them exuded sheer terror. Presumably, these were the ones who were aware that they had family members in the Rebellion but had not reported them or fought against them. Likely, they assumed they’d been found out and were going to be arrested or executed for treason. And even a year ago, that might very well have been the case.

“Most of you understand the reason you are here,” Vader began, pausing to glance pointedly at Karew, who dropped his gaze hurriedly. If Luke had not interceded on the brash man’s behalf, he most certainly would not have been among the crowd today. “For those who do not, you are here because your families are harboring or have harbored in the past members of the Rebel Alliance.”

Immediately there was an uproar: fervent – and dishonest – denials from those trying to protect loved ones, shouts of confusion by those who perhaps were not quite as aware of their loved ones’ doings as they thought, and protestations of innocence from those who knew and had been zealously attempting to extinguish their traitorous kin. Vader held up a hand for silence and a hush fell over them.

Acting as though no one had spoken, he continued. “The relatives in question are members of an elite group of Rebel pilots known as the Rogue Squadron. They serve under one Commander Luke Skywalker.” His voice turned from emotionless and flat to something cold and dangerous, and he added, “If any report reaches me, suggesting that the commander or any of his pilots have been in any way endangered by your actions – whether active hostility or unguarded words – I will ensure your continued silence personally.”

One of them – the murderous uncle of the pilot Rida Orczy, intelligence suggested – looked flabbergasted. “But…but my lord, that is treason!” he protested, “How can you protect that little fierfek?”

All at once he gasped for air, clutching at his throat as Vader took a step forward and hissed, “That little fierfek is my son, and your future emperor.”

There was a sickening crack, and the uncle dropped to the floor. No one missed the way his sister sagged against her husband in mingled shock and relief. At least this meant their daughter was safe for another day. Darth Vader turned to the gathered relatives of Rogue Squadron.

“Does anyone else wish to lodge a complaint?”

Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt. 14

The scream is peaking higher into your chest but you don’t get the chance to release it. Someone begins to clap, piercing the silence with a clear laugh. It takes all of your being to peal your eyes from B/N’s still heart to the approaching person emerging from the shadows. 

A man in a metallic suit with deep-set eyes takes his time as he walks to B/N’s still body. You’re shaking. Is it from fear or shock? 

“Wow,” he exclaims, “that was dramatic. You really know how to capture the crowd,” 

The tears on your face makes your skin itch. 

He walks to B/N who actually isn’t B/N, because he pulls the man’s hair back and you see the slack jaw and eyeless face. It’s another unfortunate man who is dead and doesn’t have his tongue or eyes. 

The man in the metallic suit moves the man’s jaw playfully, “I’m not your mind controller,” he laughs, before biting his lip, “If you really loved him you would’ve known it wasn’t him. But then again, you’re here, so I guess that counts for something,” 

You’re horrified. The people behind him also begin to shift, their colors and beating hearts moving out of sync. 

You hear snickering from the shadows. That’s when the lights flicker on and you see people sitting in chairs and on desks, some eating popcorn as if they’re watching a movie. 

“Relax, he’s over there. Still has his eyes to control you, and his tongue to…do other things,” he looks you up and down, pausing between your legs, “For now, anyhow,”

He steps towards you, offering his hand to help you to your feet. You don’t accept his help, spotting B/N in a chair on the other side of the room, fighting against his restraints. The blindfolds across his eyes is pulled off, and as he blinks his eyes, he pauses at the sight of you, eyes growing bigger. He screams against the tape over his mouth, receiving a punch from someone beside him. 

“What do you want?” you ask the man with the red hair. 

“Straight to the point, you are. I like that,” he smiles, “Well, for one. My name is Adra and I want entertainment,” he replies. He spreads his arm, paving a way for you to B/N, “Now go to him,” 

“No,” You know that following his orders is what you should not do. 

“Oh?” he raises an eyebrow before his default smile is on his face again. He steps to you, reaching for you. But you smack his hand away, his eyebrows raising in surprise, “Oh, you’re lovely,” His smile vanishes to a hard line and a glare, “Go. To. Him.” 

Before you can say ‘no’ again, someone is holding fire in front of B/N’s face.

“Fine!” you give in. 

You walk to B/N slowly, watching the people around you. Students and other regular looking people, these are drug dealers? You’re watching everyone else cautiously, that you almost miss that B/N is trying to get your attention. 

He’s shaking his head very hard and rocking in his chair, screams muffled. He’s telling you to stop. You stop walking and the man with the flame looks at you. 

His entire arm is engulfed in flames as he reaches for B/N’s face who draws back. You walk again. Where is his fire coming from? 

But the closer you walk, the more you realize that this isn’t a trick. Fire is coming from his body. His fire sleeve lessens to a small flame in the palm of his hand. These aren’t drug dealers at all. 

You now have a bigger idea of who you’re dealing with. A girl with x-ray vision and now a guy that can make fire appear on his body. 

When you make your next step, a neon purple, translucent wall appears before you. 

You slowly reach your hand out to touch it when Adra sucks air through his teeth, “I wouldn’t,” Is this really what you think it is?

“Do you want me to go to him or not?” you ask. 

“Oh, I do. But let’s make it fun,” 

Suddenly you’re surrounded by four purple walls that begin to close in. Claustrophobia wasn’t on your mind, but what would happen if those walls touch you. 

As the walls get closer, your only option is to put your hands out in a fail attempt to protect yourself. Can anything withstand a forcefield? That’s when you feel a slight burn, seeing your hands pushed through. 

You kick at the wall and your leg goes through. You’re not as stuck as you thought. You pull your arms back in, slamming your body into it instead and you actually break through. 

“What just happened?” Adra yells. 

“I-” the one who controls the forcefield says as he looks at his shaking hands. He’s a kid in high school, “I don’t know!”

Next thing you see is a small girl running straight at you but you can’t think of anything else to do except to block her and instead of using your body as a shield, you create one of your own. 

The purple wall appears, spreading before you seconds before the girl gets to you. She can’t slow down and ends up running straight into the wall. The shield vanishes as your thrown back by her strength. When you get to your feet, you see her laying on the floor. Her eyes are open with her head bleeding.

A heavy silence settles over everyone. Even B/N has stopped struggling. You feel dizzy, nausea traveling up your throat. But is that girl dead? 

“What have you done?” Adra turns to the boy. 

“That wasn’t me!” the boy yells as he backs away as Adra walks towards him, “That wasn’t my wall!” No one comes to his defense once Adra nears him, “Make me tell you, I really didn’t do this,” the boy is crying, he can’t be more than fifteen years old. But Adra doesn’t question him. 

Instead, he holds the boys head, his body convulsing with no sound. This only lasts five seconds before Adra releases him. The boy falls to the ground and doesn’t move again. 

You should’ve taken this moment of distraction to do something but Adra is stomping his way towards you. You need to protect yourself, because whatever he did to the boy is what he’ll most likely to do you. But when you will yourself to create another forcefield, it doesn’t appear. 

Adra is getting closer and all you want to do is be far away from him. You close your eyes, forcing yourself not to throw up while bracing for whatever will come. 

That’s when your body is yanked so suddenly, that it sucks the air right out of your lungs. You lurch forward, rolling across a table and onto the floor. 

You’re not by the wall where Adra was about to grab you, instead you’re behind the crowd and feet away from B/N, on the other side the room. 

He’s frozen for only a few seconds before he yells at you, “Y/N, get up!” 

But you can’t. Instead, you finally throw up. 

The first thoughts to occur to B/N was that he shouldn’t have come here. Because if he didn’t come here, Y/N and possibly Jesse wouldn’t have come either and she wouldn’t be emptying her guts on the floor in front of him.

He saw everything that she did from the time he saw her. She created a force field. She even teleported across the room to him. She wasn’t only immune to his power, she was immune to everyones and because of that she could use all of their powers. B/N tries to focus on the fact that they could die at any moment and not on how cool this revelation is. 

My girlfriend is the strongest of them all here. He’s completely awestruck.

Y/N wipes her mouth, looking around her. She’s still disoriented and he needs to get out of his bonds. 

Adra and everyone else have their eyes on her. He has to act fast. Someone is standing guard next to him. 

“Hey,” B/N whispers to him. All he needs is for him to look in his eyes. The man glances at him, “Don’t move,” he orders, and his gaze doesn’t falter, “Slowly and quickly, untie me.” 

Your world is literally spinning with glowing figures around you, as if you came off a rotating ride with your equilibrium still terribly off. 

It takes a few more seconds to stable yourself and by then the fire man that threatened to burn B/N’s face off grabs you, holding you against the table you fell on with your hands behind your back. 

Your vision is in focus, you don’t feel that nauseous anymore. Adra is standing close by, looking at you with interest but also annoyance. 

“You killed one of my own,” Adra says to you. 

“Maybe so,” you don’t want to think about what you just did, even though you didn’t intend for it to happen, “But you also killed one of yours,” 

A half smile appears on his lips, “Maybe so. But I’m curious about you now. It’s not impossible for someone to have multiple powers, even ones that someone else has while existing at the same time. How many powers do you have?” 

You don’t answer for two reasons: you seriously don’t know the answer and you don’t feel like it.

“Inferno,” Adra calls to the man holding you down, “Make her talk,” 

Inferno turns you over, pressing your back painfully into the desk. His hand hovers over your face, you can feel the heat coming from his body. He’s giving off so much energy that you’re actually frightened. Fire literally courses through his body. 

Adra asks his question again and you still don’t answer. You look for B/N but you don’t see him in his chair. Where did he go? 

You’re breathing fast now, seeing light emitting from the palm of his hand until a ball of fire appears. Right then, he’s snatched away from you and you’re touching your cheek to see if he’s burned you. 

B/N didn’t leave after all, it was him who kicked him, “Are you okay?” B/N asks you. Why ask that now? You spot Inferno rolling to his feet, stretching both hands in front of him. Everyone scatters and you were about to as well, but B/N is facing you, his back towards the incoming flames. He doesn’t know what’s happening. 

You can think of nothing else to do except to push him to the ground.

Suddenly a tunnel of fire rush at you. Burning to death, not a way you wished to go. You take a breath and close your eyes, the flames are around you now. You can even hear B/N yelling pass the roaring flames.

But as seconds tick by, you don’t feel the impact of the fire, instead you field heavy warmth, like on a humid summer day. 

You open your eyes, colors of red, orange, blue and white rushing pass you. You aren’t burning.  

It’s starting to click now. B/N’s power didn’t work on you but you were able to control him. The X-ray woman, she couldn’t see you but you were able to see her. The force field, and now the fire? 

The fire stops and B/N’s eyes are wide as he looks at you. Your clothes are on, your hair and eyebrows are still on your body. Inferno is hunched over, exhausted by the energy he just put out. But you’re standing there unaffected. 

You open your palm, knowing what you’re capable of doing. You will a fireball to appear and appear it does and everyone knows what’s coming. You aim at Adra. Some dive out of the way as you stretch your hands forward, sending fire all around you. People are screaming and you’re not sure who it’s hitting.

As you’re burning your surroundings, the flames begin to weaken, like the water being turned off in a hose. You see that where Inferno stands, Adra has his hands on his head, his body shaking. He’s killing Inferno, your source of power.  

Once his body falls to the floor, Adra steps over him and towards you, “I knew it,” he has a smile on his face but he sounds so angry, “Oh B/N, how could you hide such a gem from me,” 

You’re looking for B/N, hoping he stayed on the floor and didn’t get burned. But he grabs your hand, yanking you as you both run through the smoke towards the door. The fire is nearly out and the smoke is dispersing. 

Everyone else is coughing up a lung which gives you time to leave. B/N yanks the door open, but it’s slammed shut before you both can get out. 

Adra marches straight towards you, face contorted in rage. B/N moves you behind him, but that doesn’t stop him. Adra presses his palm against B/N’s chest, his body shaking. 

You can’t even react because it only last for two seconds before B/N is on the ground, gasping for air. 

“You didn’t burn,” Adra says. He grabs your head, pressing his palms against your temples, right when B/N yells for him not to, “Why didn’t you burn?!” 

You’re sure he’s doing something to you, or trying, but it isn’t working and that is enough for him to release you. 

You grab his head, his body immediately shaking. You step back, not even sure what you did. 

“So that’s what it feels like,” Adra laughs, and he must see how confused you look because he says, “You don’t even know what you are. You’re a Consumer. The rarest of us all,” 

You don’t know what to say. All you want to do is leave. Adra opens his mouth to speak, but then the door flies open. The X-ray girl opens the door, having everyone on alert. She’s holding Jesse by his arm, his mouth is bleeding. His cover was blown. He looks at you and B/N, fear in his eyes. 

“I’m sorry,” he says. 

Adra looks back at you with a satisfying smile, “Is this one yours?” 

Another guy pats Jesse down, finding a gun in his coat pocket.

“The cops are on their way,” you manage to say, hoping this will prevent them from doing anything else stupid.

“Foolish girl,” Adra smiles, a young girl telekinetically handing Adra the gun, she was probably the same one to close the door, “that’s never stopped me before,” 

Adra flicks the safety off the gun and you know what’s coming. Seeing the girl use her power, you will yourself to stop the bullet that Adra just fired at Jesse. It’s takes more concentration than you expected.

Jesse flinches, covering his face with his arms. He’s breathing hard, opening his eyes once he realizes he hasn’t been hit. The bullet pauses inches away from him and you both sigh in relief. 

Adra looks at you with annoyance, but then all of you jump in surprise when another gunshot is heard, coming from the X-ray girl. 

“Did I give you that order?” Adra yells. 

Jesse staggers forward, falling to his knees with his hand on his chest. B/N is screaming, running towards Jesse. Everything’s happening so slowly. 

“He double-crossed-” she starts to explain but the bullet that you prevented from going into Jesse is the same one you find yourself releasing into her skull. Her head snaps back, blood spluttering from the back of her head where the bullet escapes. 

Everyone’s glowing bodies turns back to normal.


Adra (Home) - Gwyneth Glyn

Language: Welsh


“There is a town in North Ontario”,
meddai Neil Young yn ei gan.
“Sweet home Alabama”,
meddai Skynyrd ‘rownd y tan.
“Rwy'n mynd ‘nol i Flaenau Ffestiniog ie…” meddai'r hen Debot Piws.
“Take me home, country road”,
meddai Denver - ond be ‘di'r iws?

‘Does unman yn debyg i Adra’,
medda’ nhw wrtha fi.
Does unman yn debyg i Adra, na.
Ond mae Adra'n debyg iawn i chdi.

Dwni ddim lle dwi'n mynd,
Dwni ddim lle dwi ‘di bod.
Sgyn i’m syniad lle dwi rwan hyn
A Duw a wyr lle dwi fod.
Dwi di cysgu dan ser yn y Sahara,
Ac aros ar fy nhraed drwy'r nos yn Prague.
Dwi ‘di dawnsio ar fynydd hefo ffrindiau newydd,
A deffro ar awyren wag.

'Does unman yn debyg i Adra’,
medda’ nhw wrtha fi.
Does unman yn debyg i Adra, na.
Ond mae Adra'n debyg iawn i chdi.

Fy nghynefin yw fy nefoedd,
A bro fy mebyd yw fy myd.
'Nabod fa'ma cystal a fi fy hun,
Felly pam 'dwi ar goll o hyd?
Sgyn 'im map, a sgyn 'im arwydd.
A sgyn 'im 'rough guide’ ar y daith.
Dwi'n cau fy llygaid ac agor fy enaid
A dilyn lon dy lais.
Dwi'n cau fy llygaid ac agor fy enaid
A dilyn lon dy lais.

'Does unman yn debyg i Adra’,
medda’ nhw wrtha fi.
Does unman yn debyg i Adra, na.
Ond mae Adra'n debyg iawn i chdi.
Mae Adra'n debyg iawn i chdi.


“There is a town in North Ontario”,
said Neil Young in his song.
“Sweet home Alabama”,
said Skynyrd beside the fire.
“I’m going back to Blaenau Ffestiniog…” said the old 'Tebot Piws’
“Take me home, country road”,
Denver said - but what’s the use?

There is no place like Home,
is what they told me.
There is no place like home, no.
But Home is very much like you.

I don’t know where I’m going,
I don’t know where I’ve been.
I’ve no idea where I am right now,
And God knows where I’m supposed to be. I’ve slept under the stars in the Sahara, And stayed up all night in Prague.
I’ve danced on a mountain top with new friends,
And woken up on an empty plane.

There is no place like Home,
is what they told me.
There is no place like home, no.
But Home is very much like you.

My home is my haven,
And my homeland is my world.
I know here as well as myself,
So why am I still lost?
I haven’t a map, I haven’t a sign,
And I haven’t a 'rough guide’ for the journey.
I close my eyes and open my soul
And follow the road of your voice.
I close my eyes and open my soul
And follow the road of your voice.

There is no place like Home,
is what they told me.
There is no place like home, no.
But home is very much like you.
Home is very much like you.

(Translation credit to the creator of the video linked above, translation in description)

Like Son, Like Mother

(For @pillarspromptsweekly​ prompt 8; roll: Grieving Mother, mourning, future.)

Life in Dyrford is peaceful enough, with the Skaenites gone and the new mayor. She is not sure if a dead god is better, but Eothas is certainly a less bloody deity, at least. Not that she has ever cared that much about gods; her vocation is what the faithful of Hylea consider sacred, but for her it is simply natural, as breathing. She supposes she might be invisible to the gods as well as to kith, perhaps with the exception of Wael. Who else could have littered her life with so many unanswered questions?

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Arabic Names


  • Abeera: meaning “fragrant”
  • Abia: meaning “great”
  • Adara: meaning “virgin”
  • Adiva: agreeable, gentle”
  • Adra: meaning “virgin”
  • Afraima: meaning “fertile”
  • Aida: reward, present”
  • Akila: meaning “intelligent, wise”
  • Alaya: meaning “high exalted one”
  • Alzan: meaning “woman”
  • Alzubra: star in constellation Leo
  • Amani: meaning “believer”
  • Aphra: meaning “pink/reddish white”
  • Aqila: meaning “wise”
  • Badra: meaning “full moon”
  • Cantara: meaning “small bridge”
  • Dema: meaning “downpour”
  • Emira: meaning “upper class, ruler”
  • Ezzah: meaning “honorable”
  • Fatima: meaning “abstainer”
  • Fizza: meaning “silver”
  • Hadia: meaning “guide to righteousness”
  • Ibtesam: meaning “smiling”
  • Imani: meaning “faith”
  • Inara: meaning “heaven sent”
  • Jara: meaning “water jug”
  • Karida: meaning “pure, chaste”
  • Kobra: meaning “major”
  • Layla: meaning “night”
  • Martiza: meaning “warlike”
  • Nadira: meaning “rare”
  • Nazirah: meaning “equal, like”
  • Omaira: meaning “blossoming”
  • Qitarah: meaning “fragrant”
  • Ranya: meaning “alluring”
  • Roya: meaning “dream, vision”
  • Samia: meaning “elevated”
  • Shazi: meaning “fragrance”
  • Sumra: meaning “summer fruit”
  • Thoraya: meaning “bright, starlight”
  • Zada: meaning “fortune”
  • Zulima: meaning “perfect woman”


  • Abda: meaning “servant”
  • Abdul: meaning “servant of –”
  • Adivan: meaning “pleasant, gentle”
  • Afzal: meaning “superior”
  • Ain: meaning “eye, precious”
  • Almiran: meaning “princess”
  • Altair: meaning “the flyer”
  • Baqir: meaning “to rip open”
  • Barrani: meaning “external”
  • Damis: meaning “dark”
  • Eblis: meaning “devil”
  • Faiz: meaning “victorious”
  • Farran: meaning “baker”
  • Firas: meaning “perspicacity”
  • Haidar: meaning “lion”
  • Hamza: meaning “powerful”
  • Harith: meaning “good provider”
  • Izz: meaning “glory”
  • Kalil: meaning “friend”
  • Laith: meaning “lion”
  • Leron: meaning “the song is mine”
  • Mazin: meaning “rain clouds”
  • Morteza: meaning “chosen”
  • Musa: meaning “son, deliver”
  • Nassir: meaning “helper”
  • Nay: meaning “highness, grace”
  • Omari: meaning “flourishing”
  • Omarion: meaning “flourishing”
  • Reza: meaning “will, consent”
  • Rigel: meaning “foot”
  • Shadi: meaning “singer”
  • Zaid: meaning “prosperous, increasing”
  • Zaim: meaning “general”