The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range which stretches across northwestern Africa extending about 2,500 km through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The highest peak is Jebel Toubkal at 4,167 m in southwestern Morocco. The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The population of the Atlas Mountains is mainly Berbers / Amazigh people. The terms for ‘mountain’ in some Berber languages are adrar and adras, believed to be cognate with the toponym. The mountains feature a number of plant and animal species unique to Africa, often more like those of European countries; many of them are endangered and some have already gone extinct. Examples include the Barbary macaque, the Atlas bear (Africa’s only species of bear; now extinct), the Barbary leopard, the Barbary stag, Barbary sheep, the Barbary lion (extinct in the wild), the Atlas Mountain badger, the North African elephant (extinct), the North African aurochs (extinct), Cuvier’s gazelle, the Northern bald ibis, dippers, the Atlas mountain viper, the Atlas cedar, the European black pine, and the Algerian oak. Read more.

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“The human seems to be in the middle of my interest. I can’t really explain it, I don’t want to explain it. I don’t usually like art which needs an explanation.”

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🏠 Damien, pre-amy, and.... for fun... Adra.

Damien couldn’t help but love the life of living with Adra, from the way she cooked, hung out with him and just the sexy way she walked around the Manor without a care. He always found himself looking at her and feeling a shortness of breath from forgetting to breathe. She was perfect to him and she was here with him. His only fear was maybe taking too long and she ends up thinking he’s gay.

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Jeno and Adra!

Sheltered Dragon children who’s father was recently slain and mother imprisoned, there nest was in the sech territories before they were driven away. 

their necklaces enhance their transformation magic, letting them hold more stable humanoid forms

Adra is the better socializer between the two, able to hold a topic of conversation for a good while and easy to understand most days, Jeno is a ball of stress but very cuddly ball of stress once you gain her trust.

There going to be wandering selphia from now on, seeing as theres a big dragon in the town and nobody shoos them out as soon as they try entering town.

I’ll show off there dragon traits as time passes! All you need to know is Jeno heals really really fast and efficiently and Adra is not to be startled 

oh right almost forgot-

weapon class: Jeno broadsword. Adra staff

Favorite gifts: armor,weapons, Grilled G.Snapper  (will accept armor and weapons with dragon scales/fangs/claws since they dont know anything about forging, venti will judge you though)

liked gifts: Adra likes flowers Jeno likes ores, both like fish,egg, or milk dishes

disliked gifts: veggie dishes,wine, farming tools and enhancers 

hated gifts: dragon drops, they’ll start crying. 

Al menos 35 hombres del régimen sirio mueren en emboscada cerca de la capital

(actualiza con número de muertos)
El Cairo, 7 feb (EFE).- Al menos 35 miembros de las fuerzas del Gobierno sirio y milicianos afines murieron hoy en una emboscada del rebelde Ejército del Islam en la zona de Tel Suan, en la periferia de Damasco.
El director del Observatorio Sirio de Derechos Humanos, Rami Abderrahmán, explicó a Efe que las fuerzas gubernamentales cayeron en la emboscada cuando lanzaron un ataque desde la sede de la Brigada 39 para intentar tomar el control de Tel Suan.
El número de muertos en las filas gubernamentales podría aumentar porque aún hay 10 hombres desaparecidos, según el Observatorio.
Los combatientes del Ejército del Islam, que lograron también dañar dos vehículos blindados del régimen sirio, sufrieron tres bajas en sus filas.
Tel Suan está situada entre las poblaciones de Adra y Duma, en la región de Guta Oriental, que es el principal feudo de los rebeldes en las afueras de Damasco, y en concreto del Ejército del Islam.
El Ejército del Islam es una de las facciones armadas de la oposición más importantes de Siria y tiene, además, representantes en la Comisión Suprema para las Negociaciones (CSN), que participó en conversaciones de paz, auspiciadas por la ONU, en Ginebra.
Siria es desde hace casi cinco años escenario de un conflicto que ha causado más de 260.000 fallecidos, según las últimas cifras del Observatorio. EFE

Special day for Turan as Barcelona face Atletico in La Liga

Barcelona, Jan 29 (IANS) FC Barcelona midfielder Adra Turan will face up to his immediate past when his new side faces his former football club in the most important game of the weekend in the La Liga here on Saturday afternoon.

The game at the Camp Nou stadium sees the league leaders Barcelona take on the side second in the table knowing a win will put them three points clear with a game in hand, while a victory for Atletico would see them regain the leadership they lost a week ago after failing to win at home against Sevilla, reports Xinhua.

Currently, Barcelona have 48 points – same as Atletico, who are second on goal difference. However, Barcelona have played a game less than Atletico’s 21, due to the postponement of the Catalans’ match against Sporting Gijon.

Meanwhile for Turan, it sees him come face to face with his immediate past after joining Barcelona from Atletico last summer.

“I have been thinking a lot about the game. I love Atletico,” the Turkish international declared in Spanish sports paper, Diario AS on the eve of the match. Turan added that he would be “a bit nervous” before the game kicked off, but that he would forget the nerves as soon as things go under way.

Saturday is also his 29th birthday and he said the chance to take all three points would be a perfect birthday present.

Barcelona will be at almost full strength for the game with Neymar and Lionel Messi having shown they have shaken off the slight muscle problems which have troubled them in recent weeks and head coach Luis Enrique will line the two in attack alongside Luis Suarez.

Atletico’s defense is without doubt their strong point and they have conceded just eight goals in their 21 league games to date. And it will be a case of the immovable object of Atletico’s defense pitted against the irresistible attack of Barcelona who have netted 52 league goals so far this campaign.

Striker Fernando Torres is working to be fit enough to play after missing out in Atletico’s Copa del Rey defeat to Celta Vigo in midweek, but there are increasing doubts over miss-firing Colombian Jackson Martinez, who was left out in midweek and played only a cameo against Sevilla.

Expect Barcelona to dominate the ball and look to find a way through, while Atletico look to their defense and the pace of French frontman Antoine Griezmann to take the points back to Madrid.