Sometimes you leave @punkrockjosh87 in Barcelona. @godofthunder666 gets sick and @stevelarussa has to fill in in front of 2000 kind folks in the south of Spain. Then your face breaks. All in all. A cool day. Muchas Gracias.
📷: @leila.sleiman (at Adra, Spain)

Told you I was gonna order the thing muahaha.
Arcade and the fantastic Adra from one of the rps I have currently ongoing with Batsy.

Needless to say shit is going to hit the metaphorical fan when ‘cadey boy finds out Adra’s Legion gg.

Absolutely phenomenal art done by mrgamblinman!
Please do not remove this artist credit.

THIS IS NOT A FREE USE IMAGE. Please do not take and use in any way, shape, or form. You do not have permission; this was commissioned as a gift for Batsy. DO NOT repost anywhere without the permission of the artist and myself [with the exception of wildhorsemojave of course]. Thank you!

//FINALLY I DID IT!!! I had promised a certain anon about a month ago on sketching out how the real Madgie, Proserpine, and Adra would look like (I’ve been watching too much anime already to where I’m now drawing anime >.>). 

Proserpine’s (left) form on her is mainly her calm and original body form; her other forms usually involve disfiguring a few limbs and creating something truly demonic and disturbing wise. She holds most of Madgie’s emotions that involve wrath, guilt, and hate, and also holds her bad memories, and strength. Although she may seem like a bad entity to even be around, she does hold a rather strong passionate heart, which is what makes Madgie so loving and caring to the ones that are so close in her life. She has a strong spot in her heart for Madgie, and would do anything to protect her. I’ll probably sketch out her other forms whenever I get the chance~.

Adra (right) is a youth Archangel in training, as you can see by the uniform she’s wearing. She holds most of Madgie’s emotions that involve joy, along with her wisdom, good memories, quick whits, and intelligence. She’s mainly what keeps Madgie sane while Proserpine is throwing out her anger on the inside. 

In the middle is the real Madgie (aka Madgie’s spirit), and she holds every single part of her memories, along with her sorrow, fears, and her love. She’s what keeps Proserpine and Adra alive (you can say she’s the life source of the three), and holds a strong spot in Proserpine’s heart. 

I’ll definitely sketch more of these three out more often! The new style is pretty fun, and I’m digging every single part of it :D Enjoy!


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pws 8a i8eles na einai o adras pou 8a pantreuteis?

Δεν με νοιάζει πως θα είναι αρκεί να μπορεί να σκοτώνει κατσαρίδες.

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I have a pair of sibling OCs, Belica and Nisa. Bel is over six feet tall and Nisa is not even 5'5" but her nickname for her brother is "little fish" and his nickname for her is "big fish".

omfg that’s cute as hell

ADRASTEIUS AND HIS TWIN BROTHER AURELIUS (warcraft OCs) HAVE A SIMILAR SITUATION … Adra is 5′4 & Aure is 6′2.  No cute nicknames tho; Aure just straight up crushes Adra in a headlock like all the time

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Tea for Grownup Bookworms | Headcanon | 22 July 2015

Adra sometimes found herself driving herself crazy in the comfort of her own home. Except.. it didn’t feel like it was her home anymore. It felt empty, like it was just a shell and its soul had left her, never to return again. The drawer she had given up for him was still empty and it’s been a month. And every time she opened it by mistake, Adra could feel disappointment forcing its bitter taste down her throat again. So when an opportunity to possibly make a new friend who is also new to town, Adra decided that it was time to get out and also perhaps get herself a pot of tea from the Nook and some good books. She did it to distract herself – that was certain. From what she could tell, Nicholas was shy but that didn’t stop him from telling her what his likes were and that was more than enough for Adra to ask him out and go to The Nook. 

If this was a year ago, Abbie would have widened her eyes and start singing Hail Mary Mother of God if she were to tell her that she asked a man out without any hesitance. Adra had changed so much – she knew that herself. Putting on a simple cotton blue dress and simple beige palms, she headed out to the bookshop. Spotting him from a distance wasn’t a problem since the man was lanky – she had always thought taller men are like beacons in a crowded space. A small smile fleeted across her lips, just in time as he spotted her as well and made his way towards where she was standing. The awkwardness was there for a moment before the brunette started chirping on the tea and almost bouncing on the balls of her feet as she described how she came across of the shop in the first place to Nicholas. 

Her demeanor towards this new friend never did reflect how rotten and weak she felt inside. For a couple of hours, Adra managed to compartmentalize her own emotions, boxing them up, sealing them and stowing them faraway. Every time her brain tried to replay memories she had with him in this very bookstore, Adra would turn to Nicholas, babbling about some book she had picked out or some random subject. He didn’t seem to mind, thank goodness and surprisingly good in carrying conversations with her. Somehow Nicholas reminded Adra of Theodore – that was another pang of guilt and hurt hitting across her chest. 

Their conversation soon turned a tad bit personal, naturally. Being a curious person, Adra tend to ask questions which would lead to this. Although, it seemed that Nicholas didn’t mind them at all and the more they got to know one another, Adra knew she couldn’t just let it slip that she was actually looking to move away – to the east coast. It was a prospect she had been considering for a while. She had nothing else holding her back in LA except for her job. And even if she does stay in this city with her friends (who have been amazing and god-given) she’d still end up feeling miserable. They talked over tea, about career prospects, her desire to actually be back in her alma mater and doing something else other than teaching eleventh graders. Perhaps it was time to move on after all. 


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ahh!!!! I love her as well she is such a good and important person!!!! she is the cutest

JUST ANNOUNCED: KEXP 80’s Ladies Benefit | YUNA | DALEY | Halloween Parties & more!

Wowie zowie.  We don’t want summer to end, but this fall is gonna rule.  Just sayin’. 

The Crocodile & ReignCity Present: Malaysian Folk Rocker YUNA 11/18

  • 8/20 Tango Alpha Tango w/ Our Dead Fathers
  • 8/26 KEXP New Home Benefit: 80’s Ladies w/ The Young Evils, Star Anna, Adra Boo (of Fly Moon Royalty), S (Jenn Ghetto), Deep Creep, Bardot, Tea Cozies
  • 8/27 Acid Tongue EP Release w/ Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Nostalgist, Scott Yoder
  • 8/29 TUBALUBA
  • 9/15 Young Empires w/ SWIMM
  • 10/10 Horse Feathers w/ River Whyless
  • 10/13 The Wind & The Wave @ The Sunset
  • 10/17 Wild Child @ The Crocodile
  • 10/20 Monqui Presents: DALEY
  • 10/29 Live for Live Music Presents: Turkuaz w/ The Quick & Easy Boys
  • 10/30 Fruition w/ The Warren G Hardings
  • 10/31 HalloQueen
  • 11/18 The Crocodile & ReignCity Presents: YUNA

Tickets for all these shows and more available at

[NEWS] 150731 Kim Junsu invites NGO officials to the musical ‘Death Note’…. shows supreme consideration and kindness

According to a representative in the business industry, Kim Junsu had invited ADRA(Adventist Development and Relief Agency) KOREA officials to Seongnam Arts Center on July 22 in order to watch his musical ‘Death Note’.

Kim Junsu said, “Although I have never been to Cambodia personally, I have thought deeply and profoundly about how many of the children can study, and will be able to live in a better environment with everyone’s help,” and, “If I get a chance I want to go to ‘XIA Junsu Village’ and spend a significant time singing songs and playing sports with the children”.

This isn’t the first time Kim Junsu has invited officials from this NGO to his musicals. Since debuting with ‘Mozart’ he has invited them to his musicals without others knowing.

ADRA Korea began construction of their 12th ‘House of Love’ in Jindo, Jeonam last week with the support of Kim Junsu. The house is being built for a disabled senior who lost his home in a fire and has no where else to go.

Sources: Wow TV via Naver
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 + ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3