Edér feels:

  • couldn’t move on to the point that he remained in his home town even after everyone he cared about died or left;
  • wanted to keep his dog, but let his parents take him away, because he was afraid the dog won’t be safe with him;
  • went to war when he was 16, because his brother, who was his moral compass, believed it was the right thing to do;
  • 15 years later found out that his brother ended up fighting on the opposite site, which means, he, Edér, made the wrong choice, and spent 15 years dealing with the consequences;
  • wanted to be a priest of Eothas, then ended up helping to blow him up, then found out that it was probably a mistake;
  • basically was ready to die since he went to war, and seems like still has some kind of fatalistic disregard for his own life;
  • despite all that he’s literally a sunshine, always looking out for his friends;
  • “Let me take care of this!”
  • “Hey, do you think we could get another dog?”
  • watches over the Watcher; when the Watcher is about to break down, gets so agitated, that can’t even joke anymore;
  • after parting ways with the Watcher, he finds even more people to look after;
  • you know, Eothas better talk to Edér, and he better answer all his questions, and he better be polite, or I’ll punch his adra toes!


As she exited the Fortemp’s Manor, Adrasteia pulled her scarf close to her face and wrapped her coat securely around her body. It was a rather chilly night, so she though that she ought to stop by the Forgotten Knight for a drink to warm her up before finally calling it a night.

However, as she walked through the Pillars to get to Foundation, she felt as if someone was following her. She turned around, only to find that no one had been there.

“Maybe I’m seeing things…“ She thought to herself, shaking her head before continuing her walk to Foundation.

Though, it was not long before she hear the rattle of armour not too far behind her, of which had confirmed that someone was indeed following her. Even thought she was confident in her skills as one of the Warrior’s of Light and fending others off, she was more curious as to why this ‘individual’ was following her this late at night.

Before exiting the Pillars, she turned into a nearby alleyway and stopped before a stack of crates. Adrasteia inhaled deeply before she spoke…

“Show yourself… Who are you?”

Feysand fanfiction I want

- AU - Feyre never killed Adras (the wolf) and Tamlin never came for her. The curse was called in, and Amarantha breaks down the wall. Feyre, among other hunters and warriors, stays to protect their loved ones that are fleeing. (Including Nesta, Elain, and their father) Feyre is hidden within thick trees with her precious ash arrow. She sees the fae enter their lands, and she’s about to shoot, when one of the fae. A blue-black haired fae with beautiful violet eyes sees her. He doesn’t react with the fact that she’s holding an ash arrow in their direction. Feyre aims for the one she thinks is the leader, Amarantha, and she hits. The next scene we see Feyre being brought to still living Amarantha. The female fae begins to beat Feyre, but the violet eyed fae fights the female fae. He then says: “if humans are so willing to fight for their lands, even though death may be their only end. Then why don’t we?”

- angst - The Attor mange to kidnap Feyre back over the wall, but Rhys, Az, and Cass (if he doesn’t stay back to protect Feyre’s sisters) they get her back, but the Attor does something to her before the Illyrians can get him.

- Feyre finding Rhys’s mother and sister’s wings in the spring manor, then carry them with her as she meets him. They cry together and fluff ensued.

- modern AU - nurse/doctor Rhysand treats the girl (Feyre) that got hurt during hunting with a friend. She’s under heavy drugs most times and keep asking him wired questions. He’s happy to answer the questions, no matter how weird they get.

- AU - The Night Court is a group of highly skilled assassins, they are tasked to kill Tamlin. They take the job by the strange man with a metal eye. But when they infiltrate Tamlin’s manor, they finds someone that doesn’t really belong there. They finds out that Tamlin kidnapped her and proceeded to make her “the perfect wife” but she didn’t want to. They take her with them as they’re not about to leave someone helplessly alone like that. But the others that live in the manor doesn’t seem willing to let them leave with her (the others could be the other baddies from the books: Amarantha, Ianthe, Jurian, Hybern, etc.)

- body switch! Anyone! Just for the lols!!

- The cauldron puts Feyre in a magical sleep, and only equal power can wake her. Rhys kills half of Hybern’s army when he shows the High Lord of the Night Court’s mate,

- another Court of Nightmares scene (anything really, I just want more of them playing cruel and powerful)

- “why are you clothed in only a ribbons?”
“I’m your present, care to open me?” (Smut ensured)

- Feyre is dangerous is high heels

More will come, hopefully… feel free to use them, please tag me; I want to read them!

edit: - role reversal AU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sayonaramidnight  asked:

◝(✧▿✧)◜°˖◉ Sudden random question time! Got any theme song for Eidis, perhaps? Or... *gasp* ...a playlist?

There are a few songs/tracks I listen to while writing/drawing her.

First Moon Night by Lind Erebros:

Hidden Falls by Taylor Davis (half of what she plays is good for writing/drawing, I recommend):

More (apparently tumblr can’t handle so many videos):

- Desert Symphony by The Piano Guys

- Silmarills by Lind Erebros

- On the Nature of Daylight by Max Richter

- Dona Nobis Pacem 2 by Max Richter

- Grand Inquisition by Immediate Music

- Fading Hours by Rage (thanks to @pyritea who told me about this song :) )

Also, the universal theme for any dramatic romance fanfic:

Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell

Heaven by Hayley Westenra suits Eidis quite well, too:

sadkittyworld  asked:

I am definitely drawing Adra's reaction to all this. Put Dark somewhere safe, 'cause she will cut him in tiny pieces and put him in her soup if she finds him. ( I keep hearing sounds lmao I'm scared )

he doesn’t give a fuck, tbh lmao

pyritea  asked:

"I wish you would write a fic where...Thaos gets a redemption arc!" :D Or are you already? (still hadn't finishing the game so sorry XD)

So happy to see this :D

I’m already writing it. Kind of. It’s what the last part of Adra Bán series will be about. So don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll finish the game before I finish writing and translating ;)

stage-right-cosplay  asked:

Hi! Where did you guys get your Percy Jackson wig? My sister is hoping to cosplay as him soon

Percy’s wig was bought off Adra, I believe it was the Derek style? I think. It’s the short/straight wig they sell it in a bunch of colors.