Austrian Deepstack Poker Championships – Short Final Day

I definately would have loved to play somewhat longer on that final day but I knew anyway that my options were very limited due to the fact that I was in 25th position of the 25 players left. My stack of 167k was a dwarf against the one from the chipleader Richard Toth who had packed around 3 Million Chips yesterday night.

On the other hand with blinds at 12k/24k (4k) a single double up would have brought the stack back to around 400k. But it wasn’t meant to be. First bad beat of the day: I was starting with the big blind. Of course I got 84o in that first hand. For a short time I was thinking about pushing anyway but with a UTG raise from a decent player I decided to let my blinds go one time. Especially as a player in middle position went all-in. UTG called with QQ and the all-in pusher built himself a 9-high straight with A8 to win the pot. Did I tell you I folded 84o? :-(

Second hand I got KK in the small-blind. Of course everyone folded and even the guy who lost with his Q’s wasn’t enough on tilt to call me here. Third hand (don’t ask me … just not good enough to defend the button). And in the last hand I found Q8s. It was folded to me. I push and the small blind wakes up with QQ. Please don’t say anything about “good timing” ;-) Two hearts on the flop gave me some life but finally no further help and everything was over on 23rd place.

But I must admit I wasn’t too depressed about my exit. Of course I was aiming for the big money as everyone else did. But I was also happy about cashing this great event for the first time. Now I am waiting for my new Hendon Mob entry to appear ;-)

That’s it for now from the “Austrian Deepstack Pokerchampionships” at the Montesino in Vienna. Sitting here at a late time breakfast at the Montesino and it seems that everyone is on his way home already. Back to usiness-as-usual for teh Montesino after a really great tournament weekend.

Those who can read german language can also find an article about the event at

Not sure about my next poker event so far. There’s some dance competitions coming up and of course there’s Vegas in July. So I can’t tell exactly at this time what I will play next. But as soon as I know I will tell you for sure. Have a good time!


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New port trainee program introduced by Abu Dhabi Ports Company

New port trainee program introduced by Abu Dhabi Ports Company

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