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Even louder D'awww-ing

Well, people can dream! And yeah, honestly as long as the characters and good and such I really could care less about if they’re the best or worst swimmers. (That’s one of the reasons Iike Haikyuu!! so much, because of the friendships and bonds of the team/players)

And yeah. I mean like, I ship a lot of m/m things but to just instantly label something as “GAY _______” because it has guys in it is sorta

mikotoh answered your question: I want to color manga cap… Maybe someone from…

anything that’s mikoto 。◕‿◕。

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So Mikot or Totsuka??? I won’t mind if U will find me cap to color xDDD

adozencasteliacones answered your question: I want to color manga cap… Maybe someone from…

weren’t you never colouring again? HUH?

Oh shut up Maca xD

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does staff even care about reposting? I KNO THAT WAS KILLER LINE. SHIT FOR BRAINS, THEY ARE. Thanks for finding someone dumber than me makes me feel a hella lot smarter.

Well since I have this blog I didn’t report anyone… But back when I have SPN one I reported many ppl. They always took down reposted stuff and sent warning to reposter. Back then (if I remember correct) they blocked or even delete user with 3 or maybe more warnings.

So I actually never have problem with staff. 

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whaat I could stg you ♥ MikotoTatara ide what

Well I must say I was tempted at beginning… and was really close to ship them romanticly… But in the end I ship them more as brothers I guess? But I melt everytime I see perv fanart with them :D:D

Maybe if there was more eps with them togethere… But I must say manga is working very hard to make me ship them

  • aq:wait
  • aq:if you capture me
  • aq:and i have pokemon
  • aq:what happens to my pokemon
  • zula:...
  • aq:are those my attacks
  • zula:asdg
  • aq:and then if i chose pikachu
  • aq:i get a random electric attack
  • zula:pffffttt
  • zula:asdg
  • zula:dsfa
  • zula:what kind of pokemon are you
  • aq:how do you do the things you do
  • aq:share with me your secrets deep inside
  • aq:what kind of pokemon are you
  • aq:are you loyal through and through
  • aq:do you have a heart that's true?
  • aq:what kind of pokemon are you?
  • zula:OMFG

just in case my future self forgot to time travel her way to you, i had to leave you something

oh man, we’ve been bros for a long time from lj, but then we started talking again last year and it’s been great. and one day we’re gonna visit each other and talk about what life is all about- cats, video games, food- the important things also steven stone, because steven stone is important

and your one of my dearest friends and ahhh i want to go all out and do something spectacular and bake my specialty cookies, but here have a hug

i hope your day was fabulous and wonderful and i hope the rest of the year will be wonderful for you too!

Happy Valentine (well not quite any more over there but fuck timezones) ILU lots and you’re nice and not annoying at all and ilu lots. So yup /hugs the frick out of you/. ILU little pervy lady

yours macaa

So now I can post my valentine from Maca <333 Ahahah thank U sweetie <333

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Really? I haven’t seen that post. Do you have a link?

If that’s true then that’s really unfortunate!! I know swimming isn’t as ~*exciting*~ and ~*dramatic*~ a sport as others, but it’d still be nice to see an anime or manga about it.

I mean the anime doesn’t even HAVE to be all about swimming it could just be about 4 friends trying out for the swim team and I’d still probably love it to pieces.

It’s just sorta irking me that people are already like “LOL GAY SWIMMING” when it’s like literally just two pictures.