So far so good. He is gentle with CoCo. She has been barking at him pretty much non stop and he hasn’t gave it much thought. He has played with her a bit. She is a bit jealous but they will come to an understanding. #adotped #chaiishome

List 6 facts about yourself and tag 10 of your (favorite) followers

Thanks enlightenedsilverking for the tag! ;) Here we go…

1. I was adopted at the age of 12 and I’m one of 10 kids (most of which are adotped. My mothers do and go through far more than what I’m capable of).

2. I am a music performance student with an emphasis in voice. #sopranolife I’m also a sister of SAI.

3. I LIVE for opera but also ratchet hip hop. My iPod is a beautiful mess.

4. I’m a pretty introverted person and I can be awkward and shy when talking to someone for the first time, but once I’m comfortable someone, watch out! Lol

5. My shyness in conjunction with self-esteem has steered me from a lot of things, especially relationships

6. I’m pretty boss at crocheting and it’s basically my favorite DIY projects! (I’m an old lady at heart.)

I’m still figuring out who to tag (plus I’m at work right now), so I’ll edit this and tag a few of y'all later ☺