adorkable human being


#Sophie Turner doing Jon Snow!

ETA: Sophie as Jon Snow reading Adele’s Hello

jongin: *has to ask his followers how to delete insta because what is technology*

jongin: *puts nail polish on his lips because he thought it was lipstick*

jongin: *has to take a break from an interview for 10 minutes cause he is laughing so hard at his own joke about his niece*

jongin: *apologizes to fish for almost knocking it over*

jongin: *forgets to take the tags off his shoes before wearing them*

jongin: *is surprisingly good at imitating an older woman going through menopause*

jongin: *is too lazy to take off his contacts before getting in bed so he drops them on yeollie*

jongin: *is too lazy to put his contacts in or put his glasses on when he wakes up so he walks around with his phone right in front of his eyes and opens yogurt with his teeth*

jongin: *gets dragged by his members for wearing all his shoes as slippers*

jongin: *giggles his way through a 7 minute interview*

jongin: *sprays dry shampoo on his face because he thought it was perfume*

jongin: *comforts a cheap banana*

jongin: *calls eel ‘this kid’ (basically personifies all food and animals)*

me: here we have the most adorkable human being on the planet

Guys… straight up, sometimes I have a hard time reconciling OSCAR-nominated Mary McDonnell who freakin’ lit up the screen in DWW and Passion Fish and then showed everyone what real, raw talent is in BSG and the selfie-posting still of Mary McDonnell the lovable, adorkable human being “singing” in the car. It completely blows my mind, and I adore her even more for it.

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a-is-faking-it  asked:

Fred Burkle or Maura Isles?

Sorry Amy my loyalty lies with Sasha and especially Maura Dorothea Isles ! ♥

What an adorkable human being.

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So strong and clever and …

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You are hun ♥

Yep totally that’s what I wanted to say :P (also can’t believe we got a Rizzles ending ! Well kinda Rizzles)

Give me any two fictional characters and I’ll tell you which I’d rather date.

Check the tag before to be sure I didn’t already answer ♥


Ok, so this may seem random but lets just take a second to appreciate this adorkably awkward perfect human being.

I’m in love. With her and every character she has ever played. You should be too.