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@ChrisEvans: I definitely kept my cool when we scored in OT to win the game @thescottevans @Renner4Real @LOZOg @peck_j

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! 🤣😍 I also love how Chris went with his brother and Jeremy.

P.S. I thought he was gonna fall off for a second there… Those were some high jumps!



anonymous asked:

Ravus is Adorkable !

Yeah, he totally is~ :D An adorkable dork that needs more love and screentime because he’s a treat and a delight to the world! Like, think about the dork that is Ravus Nox Fleuret:

— Imagine Ravus evading his work by trying to balance pens and pencils on his upper lip and nose. He ended up dropping them all when Lunafreya came in to ask him what he wanted for dinner. He managed to stack five of them before that.

— Imagine Ravus going into the kitchen with Umbra and Pryna following after him for treats. In exchange for their company, he talks about his issues, talking to them like human beings, despite the kitchen staff holding back giggles.

— Imagine Ravus dedicating his Sunday evenings to making sure he exfoliates his face, deciding to make it a ‘spa’ day of sorts. Lunafreya found out about these days, so she and Ravus spend every Sunday getting facials and the like done.

— Imagine Ravus one time agreeing to go through a haunted corn maze with Lunafreya and the chocobros. Ravus ended up getting lost alone and ended up being scared by a zombie that popped out at him. He now is afraid of zombies.

— Imagine Ravus once having a day so bad that when Ardyn came to ask him about some military matters, he found Ravus bundled up in a blanket on his couch, a book on top of his head and a tub of ice cream next to him. Ardyn arched an eyebrow at the grumbling commander before he slowly slinked away.

— Imagine Ravus trying so hard to resist the urge to dance to his favorite song, but he can’t really hide it. So when the others aren’t looking, he busts a small dance move before he immediately reverts back as if nothing happened.

— Imagine Ravus not really being one to really browse the internet often. But he one time stumbled upon the world of funny cat videos and got caught by Aranea. Aranea and Loqi decided to prank Ravus and make his wallpaper on his computer and phone silly pictures of cats. Ravus was oddly okay with it.

— Imagine Ravus not knowing how to dress beyond his usual Niflheim uniform, so he asks the others to help him pick something out. It was too weird to see him in anything else, so they forced him to change back to avoid the nightmares later.

— Imagine Ravus discovering the world of mobile phone games, so he ended up playing Candy Crush to full completion – all the levels, nearly all of them three-stars. He bought himself a nice dessert to treat himself for his success.

Ravus Nox Fleuret is a dork – I hope everyone knows this too. :D