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@ChrisEvans: I definitely kept my cool when we scored in OT to win the game @thescottevans @Renner4Real @LOZOg @peck_j

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! 🤣😍 I also love how Chris went with his brother and Jeremy.

P.S. I thought he was gonna fall off for a second there… Those were some high jumps!



EXO Reaction-Getting frisky before a concert. (18+)

I have been trying to post this for like 20 minutes and my internet is being mean!  So I had a couple of requests asking for this so this Due to the subscribers I have recently received I am posting this keeping my promise to all my readers and followers.  Enjoy and as always don’t forget to send in those requests.  This is an 18+ reaction.

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Xiumin:  He’d come up to you and say that he needed to talk to you.  he’d take you back to the green room where he would start to put little kisses on your neck until you gave in and let him pull you closer.

Luhan:  He would show you how manly he could be and grab your wrist and pull you into the dressing room where he would lay you on the couch and not let you go until you kiss him for a while.  

Kris:  This galaxy lover wouldn’t need to pull you anywhere he would simply give you “the look” and you would be making sure he followed you to the closest where you would redefine what 7 minutes in heaven actually is.

Suho:  He would be subtle about letting you know that he needed you attention by telling you he needed to see you in the waiting room.  Once you got in there his personality would change and he’d pick you up and sit you on a table where he could kiss you.

Lay:  You would be the one asking this Unicorn to see you in the next room.  Once you guys were alone he would understand what you wanted to happen and pick you up and press you against the wall so he could kiss that tender spot on your neck.

Baekhyun:  He would be excited to let you know that he needed you.  He’d playfully grab your arm and drag you into the green room.  Once inside he would bring you in close for a kiss as his hands start to wonder all over your body.

Chen:  This adorkable cutie would be surprised when you told him you needed him at that moment.  He would kiss you and try to touch you but you decided to make him happy first, he’d gasp out as you went lower on him.

Chanyeol:  He would send you a text telling you to come to the backroom.  Once you found it you would see him there relaxing getting ready for the show.  When you leaned down to kiss him he’d bring you closer making you sit in his lap so he could kiss you more.

D.O:  You two would be sitting down before the show helping him relax.  He would lean in and give you a quick kiss.  You would pull him in closer to you so you two could make sure he was really relaxed before the show.

Tao:  He wouldn’t know how to ask you that he needed you at this moment.  He’d come up and tell you he wants to see you.  He’d pull you in room where the normally emotional Panda would turn into a completly confident person.

Kai:  You’d already be alone with him when he decided it was go time.  He wraps you in his arms and start kissing you telling you that he needs you to help him calm down before your hands went lower on his body.

Sehun:  This maknae would want to spend some extra time with you but would be too scared to ask.  When he finally did, you two would be kissing in the back of the closet with passion before a stage hand found you and told you it was time for the show to start.

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Favourite characters + tropes - Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

“You know me. You know why. I’m not leaving my brother alone out there.”