sooooo i wasn’t gonna make one of these but i figured i would because everyone else was doing them i follow so many flawless blogs and these ones in particular made this year absolutely perfect for me. their graphics, their reblogs, their posts, their kind words. even just their mere existence. everything contributed to a wonderful year. i wanted to thank you all for being fucking amazing in every way and i’m really bad at these but just know that i really love you a lot, ok? you guys made being on tumblr worthwhile and even though not all of you guys follow me, i love your blogs. even if we don’t talk, i still appreciate you. tumblr wouldn’t be the same without any of you. please know that. no matter how many rude anons you get or how many of your “friends” turn their backs on you. i’m always here for any of you if you need someone. you’re all incredible and i hope you all have wonderful holidays and don’t gain any weight from the food you eat and have an amazing new year. thank you for making 2012 awesome. bless. -@potterus

if your url is in italics it means i consider us friends/strong mutual followers/you’re special to me in some way ok. 

- credit goes to her for making this lovely graphic because lord knows this isn’t mine. i really hope i didn’t forget anyone and i’m truly sorry if i did. 

A-D: acciosnow ❅ adorehaz ❅ adoringkidrauhl ❅ andlastgoodbyes ❅ ashleybensons ❅ avengeling ❅ britainkings ❅ burntdreams ❅ captivatingsky ❅ christmasfuck coldcffee ❅ degraws ❅ doubrev ❅ duerre-s ❅ dylenobrien 

E-H: edsginger ❅ edsheerun ❅ epicdirection ❅ eternitys ❅ everniam ❅ fadingyous ❅ fagcaster ❅ fallingheavens ❅ flyniall ❅ grinshaws ❅ hagrids ❅ halfloves ❅ harlold ❅ harriebs ❅ harryedward ❅ harypotters ❅ havefaith-restart ❅ hawtornes ❅ hecticsglow  hlmschpl ❅ hohochapel ❅ hommos ❅ horany ❅ hstyes ❅ hstyls ❅ icatchingfire ❅ irishmine ❅ irresisttible ❅ itshazza

J-L: jamesniall ❅ jasonmras ❅ jonasbro ❅ justalibertywalk ❅ juststays ❅ keatonstrombergs ❅ kingnarry ❅ kissthesun ❅ ladylovegoods ❅ ladymidnights ❅ latsfirstkiss ❅ lawreen ❅ lecresta ❅ leleglances ❅ levioosing ❅ lightthefuze ❅ littlebitlongers ❅ littlelondons ❅ lostbirds ❅ louistomlinsens 

M-O: malikempire ❅ maliks(/ofmullingar) ❅ mellaark ❅ milwards ❅ mstletoes ❅ mydraco ❅ ofchesires ❅ohhdracos ❅ omgzayn ❅ nalien ❅ narrysh ❅ nevillles ❅ niallshorans ❅ nialshoran ❅ nickjblog ❅ ninalooches ❅ ninihohoho ❅ nnarry ❅ noelhorans ❅ ohremus ❅ ohtonks ❅ ollymurs ❅ ourkingweasley ❅ outtasnowyskies

P-R: padfootmagic ❅ paynella ❅ perfectrainbow ❅ platinium ❅ playedtilmyfingersbled ❅ potter ❅ rainingfires ❅ rememberunity ❅ ronaldweasley ❅ ronweasley ❅ ruedolphs

S-U: santastarks ❅ setfiretorains ❅ sharrystyles ❅ sheerauhl ❅ sixmins ❅ sixtiesqueen ❅ smileklaus ❅ snowcanadas ❅ snowffall ❅ snowflks ❅ sourwolved ❅ starksfell ❅ stopthisgirl ❅ stylable ❅ stylesmas ❅ stylesplanet ❅ swdish ❅ syked ❅ tanglevines ❅ tanskins ❅ tbhlou ❅ thegryffindorseeker ❅ thrillwall ❅ tomlensons(/louistomlinsons) ❅ tomlinholic ❅ tomlinsarse ❅ tomlinsogay ❅ tomlism ❅ toyles ❅ tragicloves ❅ twinstarks ❅ unfoldedsouls

V-Z: vesperss ❅ weselys ❅ whiteskmo ❅ winterkiss ❅ wisdomfairchild ❅ wmyb ❅ zabinie ❅ zarry ❅ zaynable ❅ zaynaliks ❅ zaynjavadds ❅ zaynsnudes ❅ zaynys ❅ zenmaliks ❅ zerrie ❅ zialls 

#/other: -diannas, 1dtorn  


hi, hei, hej, hola, aloha, salut, cześć, こんにちは, ciao, Привет, Γεια, ok hello um idek if google translate translated the word hi correctly on some of those languages but anyway, this is my first follow forever and i’m kind of nervous about posting this (don’t judge me). so this is dedicated to all you beautiful people. you guys brigthen up my day and my dashboard! even though i don’t have the same connection with each one of you that i do with others, i’d like to get to know you all. ok this is getting long and dramatic but yeah you guys is what keeps me running this blog. Merry Christmas!

- grumpybieber. 

abc: adoringkidrauhl, accio-kidrauhl, ashbensos, alfredoflorez, blazins, biebermynigguh, bieberonreplay, biebberss, bieboala, curllyhead, catchmedrewz,chusstin

def: everlastng, flawlessbieber, firsstdance, firsttdance, foxybieber

ghi: hugnialler, hisrauhl, iloveyoubiebs, iloveyoujuju, irishswagster, igooglebieber

jkl: justinlegend, jbiebershine, justindrewbieber, jasondeeps, justplayingvideogameswithryan, jinglejames, jaibooks, kingbieber, likeasongs, lukesbrooks, likebiebs, lookatmenowbiebs, lickingchristmas, lukebr00ks

mno: miroti-c, meplusyous, moonslight, ontarios, onedirectionrauhl

pqr: perfectbiebers, princebieberr, planetjanoskians, rockmafias, radluke

stu:  stratfordsbaby, stratfordsfinest, switf, toughtsofyou, turntoyus, turntuyou, unf-drew

vwx: white-kenny

yz:  yeadrews

So here’s my follow forever (Christmas edition)! I’ve never made one of these so yeah this is my first one. I just wanna say that all the blogs listed below are so amazing. I want to thank you guys for making my dash flawless everyday. Also I love you guys soooo much! Even though I’m not really friends with most of you I just wanna let you know if you ever need anything I’m here for you.

abcd: adoringkidrauhl, beaniecastlebigassloubradfrdbradfordnightsbradfordbumdylenobrien

efg: fellforhoran, flyniallfromcheshirefrozenchapel, goldenjustin

hij: harlordhappinessishardtofind, harrulds, harredsharryedwardharyrhhomechapel, holmeschapl,  homwreckerhohochapelindiemalik, irishmineitsharoldsitshoranjadoreniamjamesnialljoshydevine

klm: kardashylouisfringelouiwilliam, missingloumullngr

nop: niallshoransohcanadasoklouonedimore, onedirecctionopspayne, outtasnowyskiespaynesnudes, peenstagramplayedtilmyfingersbledpotteruspuretommos 

qrs: queenlinsonseizethegayslutforhazzasnowylanesparklrsstyelsh, superlouis

tuv: tomlinsogaytsylestomlinsariotomlinsarse 

wxyz: winterwonderslandzarlettszarryzarrycakeszaynalikszaysmalik


sorry if anyone is missing there are just so many people that I love on here.

i never really know what to write here without feeling gay but yeah i truly admire every single one of these blogs, even if they don’t follow me. these blogs have made my whole tumblr experience worthwhile. they brighten up my dashboard with their flawless edits and their funny text posts and my dashboard wouldn’t be the same without them.

aboyfromontario, adorauhl, adoredemis, adoringkidrauhl, alfredoflowers, amazingdrew, ashbensos, avonsaints, bealrightts, biebeauties, biebermiracle, biebermynigguh, biebergasmic, bieberonreplay, biebrauhl, biebstaco, blowsjob, bodyrockks, cantbetamed, catchmes, christianbomers, carlyjespen, cityofloves, creepingjustin, cutesdrew, dieinyousarms, dieinyoursarm 

eelectraheart, everyrose, fadingyous, faultstars, finnies, firstmarch, flawlessbieber, foxybieber, fuckyesbieber, goldenjustin, happinessishardtofind, holdingsuns, howstolove, hrvelle, ihearmelodies, isabellaswan 

juicyjustin, joshuasramsays, juntsi, justinos, justinsbiebers, kidrauhlordie, kingbieber, kingjdb, kurberry, lickingomez, lookatmenowbiebs, lelegances, letgods, luciles, londns, lovoto, lovesotrues, meplusyous, mileyraycyus, neversaysnever, niggahwolf, nowingsstofly, ontarios, ohlordbieber, outoftowngirls, overthemoonss, ofabeautifulnight, ofgraces, ofmileys, ofsherlock, ofchances

perfectlydrews, perrys, queenselly, queenlovato, radiatebeliebers, recklesselegance, recklessjustin, rockmafias, runawayslove, switf, springsbreaks, startsford, sweetiebiebs, stratfordreams, simplykidrauhl, s-mg, sonofaguns, stratfordsfinest, stateofgraces, talkofloves, taakeyou, thesweeknds

unfoldedsouls, vanassas, voldemarts, vanessahhudgens, vanssahudgens, whatkidrauhl, wayfairings, yearauhl, yellowrraincoats 

+ blogroll

I love you guys.

0h-drewyeajustinperfectbieberskidrauhlstratfordohshawtyjbieeberkidrauhl-worldstratfordvoicejasonmcanntalkoflovesbiebermynigguhaboyfromstratfordofjustindrewslovatobiebers •  ohdrewsmeplusyous catchingfeelingrrauhlshowtolovesinspiredbyjustinbc-canadianohmybieberonbiebersteamgoldenjustinlookatbiebernowfoxybieberadoringkidrauhldemrauhlgivemebieberhikidrauhlbiebergasmickingjdbk1drauhl marchfirstskidrauhl-fan • + blogroll

The blogs are amazing and the owners are even more amazing and so nice! And i highly suggest to follow them because theyre also funny and have amazing posts. : )

 a,b,c,d: adoredrews, adoringkidrauhl, atlastsaloharryblesslouis, britishmelodies, blowstyles, beauttybeats, bangharry, bbradford, breezyfame, ccurly, cheshair, carolinesflackdemetriasdivine, dieforyous, doncustard, delusioniall, dylanob, drunkmalik

e,f,g:  ejaculouis, everniameverzouisfaggotyharry, fusingsparks, foxybieberfellforhoran, foreverlouisfightforyous, feelingzaynfeelpaynegenitalpayne, ggouldings, gayrold, gaylinstyles

h,i,j,k: hazzies, harmonymalik hazzarectionharrygang, homostopia, homoskimo, hharold, harredshorankawaii, horansgalaxy, hommos, heyniam, irishmineigniteyoursouls, jasonmras, jaweedsjamesniall, joshdevineskneeyum, katyberrys

l,m,n,o,p: lunacy, lostbattles,maskbeauty, mrzaynermissinglou, myforevers, malikpowerrangermichaelsphelpmyboysonedirectionmullingarmoans, missjavaddmalikandcheese, malikmyvagina, neverletugos, nipplefiestanarrysh, niallkingniallh, niallwhyohstylinson, outtatheskiesollymurs, omgzaynpaynevanityplayedtilmyfingersbled, perfectbiebers, paynsie, planetharry, paynebiebs

q,r,s,t: queenhomos, queenhoransretaora, rainbowfuze,starksfell, sainthoransostylessexkimossaddamhuzaynstripperforstylesstyleswhores, stylesempirestairsboyssirzaynietomdaleyetylerposy, tomlins, thenipples, thebieberbanana, thirlwal, tomlinsonslut, ttwatson, tomlintot

 u,w,x,y,z:  unspokenfates, wolverhumpton, whiteskimoswowniallwhyharold, xharreh, yamouniyouniall, yeahziam, youm3at6zaynmallk, zaynsnudeszarryspalace, zaynsblog


im really sorry if i forgot anyone! i love you all : )

so i basically love you guys so much and i’m so glad i got to become friends with some of you. but at the same time i hate you all because you make me want to quit photoshop. just another thank you for making my dashboard perfect. the usual :)

ziallphobia / hazzarection / whiteskimos / horanland / steferine / presidenthoran / stylies / losdirections / thefake1d / fiveerections / happinessishardtofind / horany / horayne / lordniall / narryworld / adoringkidrauhl / malikempire / stylesme / horanish / stylishirish

So obviously this is my spring follow forever! I just what to thank everyone in this for making my dash so amazing and all your blogs are so fucking flawless and I’m so glad I follow you all. If you guys ever need anything or just want to talk you come come to me. I’ll always be here for you. I love you guys so much never forget that.

#abc: 17birdcageadoringkidrauhlassniambabytarzayn, bradfordbumbradfordnightsconsumingpayne

def: dirtsbag, fagcaster, fallingheavens, fellforhoranfromcheshire

ghi: goldenjustingrimmsies, happinessishardtofindharoline, harrydatelouis, harryedwardharyhheavimetal, heylarry, hishazhomechapelhoranfer, horanhotline, horens, indiemalikitshoran

jkl: jadoreniamjamesniall, joshydevinekeatanstrombergkingcaster, lermynsleyumpanes, leyumslouisfringe

mno: malikplanetmissingloumulingarmullingarpayne, nialljhorenniallnotofficial, ohcanadas, oklou, omgzarryonedimore, outtatheskies

pqr: paynesnudespeenstagramprimadonnas, purelyniall

stu: stylesisstylintologistsuperlouis, swoggy, thefabulouis, tomlinsogay

vwyz: vaginialls, zarlettszaynmlkzarry, zarrycakes


I am so so sorry if anyone is missing this took a lot of work ok

first of all i just want to apologize for the ugly edit o kay
i truly admire every single one of these blogs, even if they don’t follow me. these blogs have made my whole tumblr experience worthwhile. they brighten up my dashboard with their flawless edits and their funny text posts and my dashboard wouldn’t be the same without them. 
so here is a list of my absolute favorite blogs;

aboyfromontario, alwayskidrauhl, adorauhl, adoredemis, adoringkidrauhl, alfredoflowers, ashbensos, bbealrights, bieberry, biebergasmic, biebeauties, biebrauhl, biebergalaxy, bieberfondues, biebermiracle, biebermynigguh, bieberonreplay, blazins, bodyrockks, bbodyrock, canadiancharm, cantbetamed, cartermasons, catchmes, chrisbdrewcolorfuze, creepingjustin, clarissawayland, doctorbieber, downtoearths, dr3ws, 

favoritesgirl, fadingyous, firstmarch, firsttdance, flawlessbieber, flytoyous, getnakedmiley, ghostofyous, ggaga, happinessishardtofind, hrvelle, igooglebieber, ihearmelodies, itslikeanangel

juicyjustin, justinos, justintbieber, k1drauhls, kidrauhl, kurberry, lickingchristmas, likeasongs, llogans, lovingkidrauhl, letgods, lookatmenowbiebs, lyricalsecret, meesters, meplusyous, mmistletoe, morningsuns, niggahwolf, neversaysnever, nowingsstofly, ontarios, outoftowngirls, ofasparksfly, ofmileys, ohlordbieber, ourstratford, onlyforyous

pastiles, perfectlydrews, perrys, queenlovato, radiatebeliebers, reflectyourlights, recklesselegance, rockmafias, royalkidrauhl, roza-s, selcose, sermerlin, sonofaguns, shldoncooper, sterferine, stratfordeams, stratfordsfinest, speakingintongues, sweetiebiebs, s-mg, switf, thoseopeneyes, thoughtofmes, thisbrokenlullaby, 
turnto-you, thoughtofdrew

withurloves, whatkidrauhl, white-kenny, worldshakes, yearauhl


These blogs are amazing and they deserve to be followed by everyone : )

and sorry for the edit, i did it super fast so i could get this done! xo

Tumblr crushes: 

fusingsparks  styleswhores  adoringkidrauhl  jaweeds  untamedspark  bradturdboy  hiyaharrystyles  morningsuns  zaynsnudes 


missinglou  hazzies  starksfell  adoredrews  everzouis  mrzayner  ggouldings  whymalik  sainthoran  giventheworld  stunningbieber  jamesniall  youniall  thenipples  niallwhy  niallking  heyniam  zlermans  lunacy  fightforyous  ninihoho  hommos  nipplefiesta  malikmyvagina  queenhomos  wowniall  horankawaii  gaylinstyles  foxybieber  gayrold  bangharry  wolverhumpton  whiteskimos  tomlinsonslut  omgzayn  kneeyum  drunkmalik  jawlik  doncasturd  perfectbiebers  stylesempire  missjavadd  hazgasms fuckingniall  neverletugos  wonderswall  doncastars  beauttybeats delusioniall rainbowfuze


besides the blogs on here, everyone is amazing xo

I’m sorry for this shit edit, you can judge me ok. 

This is my follow forever, a list of flawless blogs that you should follow.

A,B,C; adoringkidrauhlalfredoflorsateamsadmirejustins, amazingdrew, blazins, bieberry, biebbur, beautyandbeat , beautyofyous , beautysbeats,  catchmedrews 

D,E,F; doctorbiebs , dopedrews , dashingkidrauhl , demettria , destinyrauhl , dazzlekidrauhl , drewsbiebur , eighteendrew , flawlessbieber , fantasydrew 

G,H,I; glamourcyrus , harriesblog , hellyeahdemi , hellyeahnickiminaj , iwantyoubieber ,i googlebieber , itsmileys , iphonebieber 

J,K,L; jelenur , jasonmcanns , justin-stratford  , justinnbiebers , j-deeps ,  justincbieber ,  kidrauhl , k1drauhl ,kisstherains , lookatmenowbiebs , lookatbiebernow , laselenamariegomez , loueehs ,

M,N,O; minajsexual , meplusyous , mrsbiebur , makeyoufalls , morningsuns , onlyforyous , ontarios , outoftowngirls , ohdrews 

P,Q,R,S; perfectlydrews , rrauhls , rauhl ,runawayslove , recklessjustin , rygood , sexybieb , stratfordreams ,  stratfordsfinest , selrauhl , stunningbieber , springsbreaker , saintbieber , shawty-manes , sweetheavens , selenics , stratfordspride  

T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z; turnto-you , t-takeyou , texasrauhl , ushouldpickme , worshipjerry , yomillers 

2011 Follow Forever.

These are the blogs of people I love talking to:

(In no particular order)

foxystyles ♥ adoringkidrauhl ♥ happinessishardtofind ♥ dtfstyles ♥ dtftomlinson ♥ styleswhore (miss yew) ♥

Blogs that I loveee:

-kidrauhlanon ◘ 17yearoldcanadian ◘ yezir ◘ k-drews ◘ colouringtherainbow ◘ ohitsjbieber ◘ omgitsbieber ◘ bbieber ◘ j-drew ◘ drews-bieber ◘ purplebieberstunna ◘ ohmyfuckingbieber ◘ bieber-news ◘ iblamebieberr ◘

And of course, my Hoars:

happinessishardtofind perfectrainbow sweetlullabys / horancrux / 
iamstylesharry whyyousofitonedirection / dtfstyles / idontownatrenchcoat /
lovenialler / boobear-lou / praisestyles / justindrew-kidrauhl / goldenthong / 
foxystyles / thebieberbanana / onedirection-addict / nailmeniall / juicydrewz /

I’m sosossososososoooo sorry If I left anyone out. I love ALL of you. These were just blogs that talked to me a lot and were super nice in 2011 and/or just koala tea blogs that I love because their edits are just so flawless or just blogs that I flat out love. Happy New Years Eve everyone! ♥

steferine ϟ starksfell ϟ 4nipples4lyfe ϟ adoringkidrauhl ϟ outtatheskies ϟ delusioniall ϟ ninihoho ϟkneeyum ϟ happinessishardtofind ϟ goingallthewaywithnialler ϟ givemehappinesss ϟmyboysonedirection ϟmalikandcheese ϟstylesempire ϟ bradturdboy ϟ tomlinsworld ϟ nipplefiesta ϟ highlyharry ϟ doncasturd ϟ vashappeninstyles ϟ tommosmile ϟ whiteskimos  ϟ thrustmeharry ϟ irishmine ϟ onejizzle ϟ bangtidylouis ϟ yeahziam ϟ haroldsnipples ϟ nialltopia ϟ zayntopia  ϟ strawbharry


18yearoldcanadian| adoringkidrauhl |alwayskidrauhl |andlastgoodbyes |avontheater |bbieber |beliebersthings |bethanyjoys |biebber |bi-eber |bieberarts |bieberballs |bieberfile |biebergalaxy |biebergomezcy |bieber-news |bieberscolors |biebersjustin |canadian-lovato |colouringtherainbow |crawlingshadows |creepingjustin |demirauhl |destinyshopes |downtoearths |drew-mallette |fadedheaven |flawlessbieber |ghostofyous |givemebieber |goldenfuze |hikidrauhl |illneverletugo |imandyloves |inasilversky |indemne |infinitelykidrauhl |itsathugstory |j-drews |juicyjustin |junepars |jusstinbieber |justalibertywalk |justinbieberthinks |justindrewbieber |justinmallette |justinmb |justinshairflip |jutisnbieber |keepitalives |kidrauhl |kingbieber |lejustinb |letswift |lickingomez |lightedskies |lightthefuze |lovatobiebers |lovatowithbieber |lovingkidrauhl |mabuses |mallette-bieber |meesters |meplusyous |morningsuns |nightmoons |nightofamelody |ofabeautifulnight |ontarios |ourboyjustinbieber |ownmynight |perfectlydrews |perrys |pickleswithasideofgomez |priceofbeauties |radiatebeliebers |recklesselegance |rockinwithbieber |runawayslove |savingmypromises |sawalightinyou |scarlettteefey |selcose |selenamg |selenamgomez |selrauhl |sibunas |staybieber |stopthisgirl |stuckinthemoment |swiftpick |taylorswiftforeverfearless |thatkidrauhlkid |thebieberbanana |thebieberbeanies |thebieberblog |theoceanswide |thoughtofdrew |truthbeforethelies |tswift |t-swifts |ttitaniums |untilthemoonlight |validatemypride |wespeakbiebs |-whenusmile |wordsofwisdoms |worldoffeelings |yeahgomez |yeahkidrauhl |yeajustin


Ignore the shitty edit, if you can even call it that.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

- I wanted to take the time to thank the following people for making my dash flawless every day and night and for being awesome in general. I like what you edit/reblog and I wish I had your skills or that my blog was as nice as yours. You all have beautiful blogs and I love each and every one of you even if you aren’t following me back, or even if we don’t talk. I still love you. I split you guys up alphabetically so hopefully it makes it easier for you to find yourselves. Sorry if I didn’t include you, I love all the people I follow though. These are just the blogs I find myself reblogging from the most.

bold = my babies~

italic = blogs i admire from afar sigh

a,b,c,d - adorehaz, adoringkidrauhl, avengeling, bblackeys, broomstixburntdreams, captivatingsky, cheswhore, crestah, dailydoseofjonas, dailypotter, darkparadises, drewgarfields, duerre-s

e,f,g,h,i - endlessparks, fadingyous, fagcaster, fallenforjoe, fapulouis, firebolter, fletchers, flyniall, gaybastards, goldenfuze, gonesaway, grinshaws, hagrids, happinesishardtofindharriebsharruldharryedward, harryspeanut, harrystyeshavefaith-restarthazwards, hecticsglow, hitthesun, hoaran, hommos, horany, hstyes, irishmine

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