Knock, Knock Ch. 13: Over-Identifying with Taylor Effing Swift

A/N: Sorry for the insanely long delay. I have most of this story entirely mapped out - it’s just about writing it. And life has been a little bit insane lately for me. And a little bit rude. But yay! I finally got myself a few hours to just write.

(Also just to clarify, I have no hate for the T-Swift and this chapter was named long before whatever weird feud thing is going on right now on the interwebs. The chapter title is simply about identifying with sappy love songs - something I myself can attest to being a swift kick in the lady parts when you’ve previously prided yourself on being independent and capable and totally above the whole lovesick puppy thing.)

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Adulting was the fucking worst.

Seriously, at least some people had the benefit of an idyllic childhood – not Killian, of course, but at the very least it was a possibility. But had anyone ever described a grown-up scenario as idyllic? Not unless they were in a fucking fairy tale. And even then you never actually got to see that part of it. The meat of the story was dragon slaying and evil-stepmother-outsmarting. The floofy happily ever after part was always just a platitude, a sentence to lull children to sleep at night.

No, adulthood was stupid. It was bills and complications and being the bigger person and to-do lists and a whole gamut of bullshit that was so much shittier than even the worst afternoon on the schoolyard.

Killian wasn’t one to whine – no, he was generally the suck it up type – but today he was cranky. After leaving his soul-sucking adult job on Wall Street, he’d opted for a more exciting, a little more carefree and fun-spirited career… only to be slammed in the face with the harsh realities of such a jolly lifestyle.

There’s the cleanup and the logistics and all the basic planning and whatnot. But then there’s the really icky stuff.

Like obtaining sufficient insurance.

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Amazing Captain Charming adventure trying to save their girl Emma, CS first hug (if i remember correctly), CS first time hand holding and CS snuggles <3 Genuinely awesome episode for Captain Swan fans. Frozen Swan friendship begins, Killian angst & more. 


Emma going to a ball and walking down the stairs to Killian like a proper royal ball, adorable dancing and twirling, Emma’s new house, CS TL Attempts/believing they are TL, CS smoochies, #flowercrownemmaswan & more.


So from todays spoilers I remember seeing,  it looks like Ginny, Josh, Jared and Lana are all filming together and CS is absent, so probably of together. There is a blackout. The Jolly Roger is docked.  

me: *tries not to get my hopes up*

I adore any scene where Emma and Killian are proud of each other or show belief in each other. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a decision or a fight in a battle. It’s also something that they both need. Especially Emma because she always gets blamed for something or doesn’t get credit enough. He has always believed in her magic even though he doesn’t trust magic itself. He has always given her credit whenever she does good. Killian is the one who believed she could make her own choices while fighting with darkness. He immediately thought Emma brought them back once he laid eyes on her in New York. He couldn’t believe she was blaming herself in the underworld because she saved him. Then we have the way Emma looks at Killian whenever he does good

She makes sure he knows he’s a hero in her book. She couldn’t believe that he loathed himself in the underworld after he was strong enough to do what he did in the end. She use to be surprised when he did good things for nothing in return and now she doesn’t question it. She snapped at her parents for thinking Killian could kill Gold back in season four. She has come to believe he can make good choices on his own. She now trusts him wholeheartedly. She knows he is good and it shows. This is one of the many reasons why they are good for each other. They both are two people who have always doubted themselves but now they have someone who always believes in them and is always proud of them. 

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Alright so I have no idea what the show you've been postig about lately is but can I just say Emma's super adorable omg

Oh my gosh, okay…. so the show I’ve been posting about is called The Following, and MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. Until they ruined it. Kinda like OUAT’s gone. But shhhhh IT WAS SO GOOD.

Valorie Curry is the actress who plays Emma, and my godddddd is she amazing… I loved that character so much. If it wasn’t for Joe Carroll she would have been my hands down fave, but they both share that honor and rule as King and Queen as far as I’m concerned! :)

Basically the show is about an incredibly narcissistic charismatic serial killer (named Joe Carroll) and the now-rogue FBI agent named Ryan Hardy who put him behind bars ten years ago… the show revolves around the two of them – Ryan trying to put Joe back behind bars once he escapes, basically, while Joe’s been building a network of “followers” of his own…. or in other words – he’s been working away behind bars for the past ten years, gathering up a bunch of serial killers to make a “cult” of sorts (although arguably you don’t actually see any sort of cult mentality to it until S2 which is an entirely different scenario… but I digress!)

Anyway Joe Carroll is a professor of English literature who’s fixated on Edgar Allan Poe, and he sort of fancies himself Poe 2.0… so he begins writing, and despite his first book being a complete flop in the eyes of the critics, a girl shows up to his book signing and absolutely GUSHES about it. She fell in love with it, and - of course - quickly fell in love with him as well.

That girl was Emma Hill :)

She’s got a really cool, complex backstory… full-on with an abusive neglectful mother that led to her having a really shitty home life (yeah, I can relate to Emma… she’s probably the most “me” out of anyone on that show, easily) and yeah. She falls in with Joe really quickly, and you find out she’d not only visited him in prison for those ten years while he was locked up – but she sort of became the Harley to his Joker in a way, because she became his protege. She was his right hand man woman, and I LOVED HER SO MUCH.

She was incredibly strong… she was loyal when everyone else faltered… she never willingly left Joe’s side… she was an absolute sweetheart with his son, who she helped raise while he was behind bars and unable to see him… hell, she was a brilliant artist. She was absolutely flawless. A strong, well-written, well-acted female character, and the only one with the wit and intellect sharp enough to really stand up to Joe and go toe-to-toe with him and help lead the group. I loved her dearly… almost as much as we both loved Joe, LOL.

And, the best thing about that show – unlike the whole BS “good and evil” thing you get with OUAT, you’re really gifted with a cast full of morally grey characters who all have their dark side to them… they all make mistakes. That FBI agent I told you about? Racked up a body count equivalent to Joe Carroll. Not out of self defense. Literally because he wanted to kill people. 

It’s fantastic to have a show where you’re really left to your own devices to figure out who you align with, and who you support… it’s not shoved down your throat that BOOO YOU LIKE THE “BAD GUY” SO YOU’RE TRASH GO HOME. 

No, this show is FULL of “bad guys…” it’s up to you to decide who your fave is. And, of course, mine was Joe – and I’m telling you, Joe Carroll and Emma Hill made a hell of a wicked power couple! Combine that with age gaps, height differences, and the fact that both halves of my OTP are goddamn GORGEOUS and yep… this show was amazing. I’m so sad they ruined it and got themselves cancelled.

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Saw your post asking for prompts; you may want more AU/Graham is still alive ones, but I really wanted Emma to look for Graham's headstone in the Underworld, wanted her trying to make sure that he had gone on to eternal peace and wasn't still suffering. That could have been a lovely moment and they missed out on putting in. Also, I have always wondered if Graham spent much time with Henry when he and Regina were an item, cute S1 fluff with Henry would be adorable, and then Emma could join them

Title: Hope in All its Forms
Rating: K+
Note: Ficlet for you, dear. There will be at least one follow up to it. 


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New York City Serenade - rewatch

I rather enjoy Emma kneeing the deliverer of unsolicited kisses in the groin. I understand why Hook thinks it might work (and he gets points for his optimism, wow), but that would be too easy. 

Emma and Henry’s life is so sweet. It doesn’t seem quite right, too small somehow, but they have a cool apartment and they’re so relaxed together. Emma’s pyjamas are adorable. 

I actually like Emma and Walsh (and I’ll feel bad later, considering how awful he ends up being, but they’re sweet right now. Maybe this year of normal helped Emma get over some of her baggage about relationships. 

Regina and David snarking about who owns the castle is hilarious, and Snow deciding (rightly!) that Regina and Snow returning united is good for the kingdom. Their greatest foe, protecting them, working together with their princess. 

(also David’s hand on Regina’s back). Evil Snowing are a dream team. 

And there’s a her. I love ominous things like that. 

Emma’s date outfit was great. Henry is playing Diablo III, which I love. 

Henry is clever. I love it. Their dynamic is so different, so much more settled, comfortable. I love how Henry knows the truth, and they’ve talked about it, and Regina gave them such a gift in this relationship. This life, this year, I think it was really good for Emma and Henry. They got to be mother and son, without curses or other responsibilities, and Regina gave that to them. 

Nice cut to David the knight. He’s going to miss Hook. 

I wonder if Emma is looking for something to be wrong because she knows this isn’t their real life. That so much of their family is missing. (I also love Hook’s handwriting).

Emma getting Hook arrested makes sense, it’s smart, and how is it that in this episode, the show recognizes that an unwanted kiss is assault, but then goes on to write Zelena and Robin? 

Oh Snow, you’d do anything for Regina and I just love you two. (Regina’s boobs look amazing in this dress). 

I love them connected about their children, and Snow helping Regina. They’re almost hugging. Henry would want Regina to be happy, and I love how petulant she is about it. 

The shock when she can feel about is played so well on her face. What would have happened with Regina, Snow and David if they hadn’t made it back? David and Snow rule together and Regina advises them? They would have been great together. 

Sulky five-year old Regina meeting Robin is pretty adorable. (oh Robin)

Oh Emma, you’re so brave and now your have all your responsibilities again. 

Belle and Robin and Baelfire are ADORABLE together. I love them. Watching them now is tragic. (Robin and Neal both, darlings). 

Snow and Regina talking about Robin is the cutest. I love Snow and Regina. 

“Nobody sits in my chair.” oh Regina. Snow’s love of hope and Regina’s desire for revenge are so sweet together on the same side! 

Oh Emma…there’s something poignant about her admitting what she can’t have to Hook. Walsh turning into a scary flying monkey, how quickly he turns from being kind to a monster. (almost how she expected, even without knowing he was a flying monkey). Is there some foreshadowing about Henry meeting Killian after Emma just said Walsh was the only date Henry was allowed to meet?)

Yay leather jacket!! Emma’s fake clothes are not hers. They’re pretty, yes, but not Emma. 

Emma sounds sad about being back. Emma and DAVID! Oh darlings. Snow too. Poor Emma (and Snow and David), instant baby. 

Oh Bex, you are fabulous. (Why did she need Regina’s blood? That got dropped I think). 

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Am i the only one though the scene where emma made killian the dark one played out a little like a metaphorical rape scene? Or an I just overreacting?

It wasn’t rape, Nonnie. However-while I love and adore Emma Swan-she did violate him and took away his free will. I can see why people may look at it as rape however she never raped him.

Save Henry - rewatch

I do so love the foreshadowing between Regina and Rumple, and the hole in her heart. It’s brilliant. 

Burecratic Regina who’s bored and unhappy and petulant about it is fantastic. (and her hair is adorable). I really like Archie helping Regina realize she wants a baby, and God’s fingers on the paper. Waiting, because he knew this would happen. There is some hints of Rumple’s feelings about Bae in here, and I always love that side of him. 

Regina in the present so gutted about Henry is great. Our son. Emma is dealing better (sort of) and Regina’s all I have is Henry speech is so good. Emma’s so lovely here. I just adore Emma and Regina working together and being honest with each other. So good. So very good. 

I wonder what Regina’s first road trip was like. She’s so smug and adorable about her cursed little town. 


Emma’s you could go home speech is great because she knows them, she can empathize. I like this circle for her. It’s sweet. She’s home. This is cult-breaking. 

Granny being sweet ot Regina, who’s so nervous and not quite ready. Her fears of rejection from Henry are so sweet (and understandable). 

SHE GAVE HIM TO SNOW. There’s something so sweet about that. Poor Regina, this is so hard.

“No you didn’t, it’s me.” So much self-loathing and blame. Maybe the forgetting potion was good for her too, being able to let that go for awhile. 

Regina dancing with him is basically the cutest thing ever. (also, fax machine! somehow that’s just precious). 

Baby Henry cam!! 

“My memory’s not what it used to be.” Gold, you’re such a troll. An Epic, epic troll. 

Regina’s so CLOSE to just breaking. He’s almost the only person who understands her, and she gets it. 

I love the Snow, Emma, Regina trio. Heart of the show. 

Pan gloating is fun too. Robbie ‘s brilliant and they should have given him more to do. Oh Emma, your regret is deep. Snow’s too. 

Regina’s “I’m not” speech is so damn good. And she ends up with the box and the heart. Emma and Regina both right there over him is just the sweetest, and HUGS. So much hugs. 

Regina and Archie are so sweet. He’s so gentle and positive. 

I love Regina making potions, and telling Henry little stories. Learning revenge was not enough is just the first step. They must have been so cute together, growing up. They must have had a fairly lovely ten years or so. 

Oh Lana’s face, you are so precious. Regina saying goodnight to him and the music. Damn. I’m not crying, Regina is and it’s all pretty and sad. 

Neal and Rumple!!! They finally got a hug and some honesty and this is SO good. 

Compliment from Rumple! Creepy eyes glowing. Regina and Emma working together! So much fun. Damn show, when you’re good, you’re good. Take that shadow. Get us home. 

I love a flying pirate ship and I wish they’d go on another shipbound adventure, and the music is cute and David’s being sweet, and Emma’s starting to feel like she belongs, that she has a place and a purpose outside of being the savior. 

Tink and Regina making peace, smiling at each other. So lovely.

Jared playing Pan is BRILLIANT. I love his creepy look, his creepy voice. It’s great.