• *Regina comes home to find a puppy in her living room*
  • Regina:EMMA!
  • Emma:Yes?
  • Regina:Don't give me that look, there's a puppy in our house.
  • Emma:Yes.
  • Regina:Explain.
  • Emma:Uhm....I got us a puppy.
  • Regina:Is at least for Henry?
  • Emma:Like you and me hanging out was for Henry?
  • Regina:Point taken, so we have a puppy.
  • Emma:A cute little puppy. Please can we keep him? He's like the sweetest, most adorable thing in the whole world.
  • Regina *pouting*:The most adorable thing?
  • Emma *chuckles before leaning up to kiss Regina*:The most adorable puppy. You *she taps Regina's nose* are still super adorable too.

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The new Victoria's Secret model, Regina Mills, catches Emma's attention.

Thank you for the prompt!

“Very well” Deep green eyes peered over the lens as a pale chin nodded her confirmation. “Just another set and we will be done”

The model nodded graciously and did a few more poses as different cameras, including the one the green-eyed woman had between her fingers, clicked and flashed.

Emma smiled warmly at the model as she moved away, closely followed by another mode who smiled, her eyes looking intently at the camera with that mix of wit and intelligence Emma usually adored to see.

Clearing her throat and taking as many photos as she could her mind wandered once again at the new model she had met earlier in the day; a beautiful brunette with enchanting eyes and a killer figure that had made the blonde almost swallow her coffee with foam cup and all.

“Emma” Belle had said warmly as she introduced them both “This is Regina Mills, one of our new faces here”

“Pleasure” The blonde had said, still looking at her coffee too tired to try to function properly and hating her morning job. Belle had been the one who had helped her enter in the industry so she usually was thankful of the types of works and girls she gave to her to work with. However, when she finally looked at the brunette woman next to her friend she almost had a heart attack.

“Uh… Emma Swan” She dumbly said, trying not to die with her first coffee of the many other that will surely be following it. Regina had smiled and answered in the most soft voice Emma had ever heard “Pleasure is mine Miss Swan” Emma had fumbled with the hem of her shirt as she had glanced back to Belle who sported an amused look on her face for a second before replacing it with her usual naïve-looking smile.

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Wasn't Hook adorable in the alternate reality?

Hook was different, but not in a bad way. I’m not really one to use that word adorable so yeah, I’ll pass on answering that. Though it would have been nice if Gold and the author didn’t make him allergic to rum since I could have used some instead of goat milk. I like the Hook from my world cause that’s the real Killian.

Emma jealous Swan...

I’ve been wanting to throw in some comments about Emma’s odd super mega jealous reactions/glances towards Regina, particularly when the thief is involved:

(there’s a great post from thebitchishere here that has moments from other seasons/characters that adds to this).

Emma’s glance is an odd/interesting editing choice - it’s obvious she’s curious to know the cause of Regina’s mood, but there’s more. Emma’s adorable little head tilt is admiring/realizing how beautiful, stunning and cute Regina is when she smiles…yes I know that the previous scene has a rather unpleasant moment with the thief, but I have a feeling Emma is thinking ‘I wish I could be the cause of that smile’.

This one has been mentioned before and again falls into these interesting editing choices that make you wonder what are they trying to convey…Emma’s eyes are looking at how the thief touches Regina and she just has this look of desdain and nuisance, like she’s thinking ‘this is unfair, he doesn’t deserve her…it should be me comforting her’.

These last two have also interesting choices, Emma looks like she wants to act right away to save Regina with her magic but holds back and looks at the thief…and when he runs towards the whirlwind she tries to stop him and she holds back again.

Especially in these last gifs it seems like Emma wants to reach out towards Regina, comfort her, to maintain/deepen the connection they’ve shared and accumulated (joining Op. Mongoose, working together to defeat the demon, all the situations around Lilly) but hesitates because she feels it’s not her place…and she hates it. I think these glances do show jealous reactions but also question why would Regina want to be with this individual - that continously hurts, cheats, uses and disrespects her - yet she doesn’t want to overstep and hurt Regina in the process. As we’ve seen in so many other beautiful moments between Regina & Emma, it’s the details and small moments that continue to lead them toward each other.