Done on Livestream, Just a random scene that poofed into meh head. Featuring DollCreep’s character Adorewin (the one on the far left with the red fluff) With Fabian, being stalked by an albino wolf, myup.


The rest of it is mine though. 

also this scene doesn’t have anything really to do with ZP xD


Adorewin loves (or at least tries to ) love everyone , hes just very lovey and all around works with love and helping others with his psychic love powers. he always seems angry/evil but , as stated, hes very warm hearted and nice. has the habit of snapping here n there with forcing his love on people but doesn't do it to actually hurt them or scare them. has a few issues from how his past has bin, which he use to be dark/evil but he switched over to pure and good.

Music Inspo: