Oh wait I also forgot

we found out through census records and stuff that Carolyn was born in 1888

making her 5 years AR’s junior and depending if you believe if they met in 1906 (everyone else’s story) or 1908 (her story), she was either 18 or 20. 

ps every biography that mentions their ~courting~ talks about how AR bought a ticket every night to see her in The Chorus Girl even though she was playing a supporting role

what a bab


Things from wifey vacation - Nanda hugs a giant man and we got matching rings at the renfaire on Sunday; Nanda buys books the size of herself, I get a mighty artbook stash, plus a copy of Dracula with a cover I’ve never been able to find online, and then PIZZAPALOOZA

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and then called me on her way to the store to talk to me about Benny buying AR a pet wolf 

a universe where there is a better girlfriend than my girlfriend is not a universe I wish to be in

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If you want,give me some facts about Carolyn,please?


fun facts about Carolyn aka my queen (and a little bit about the Rothstein marriage by default): 

  • Her maiden name was Green 
  • She met Arnold Rothstein at a party that they’d both gone to with different dates, and they then left with each other because they ain’t give a damn. 
  • Her wedding ring was a small, inexpensive piece with five diamonds shaped like a daisy. 
  • She and AR were really fucking broke for the first few years of their marriage, living in an apartment above AR’s first casino. They had rats in the walls, and Carolyn could hear the roulette wheels through the floor. 
  • She was 18 when she met AR, though she says she was 20 or 21.
  • She lied a little bit about her upbringing, being vague about her family’s social standing and her father’s occupation - in reality her dad was a butcher and her family was sort of poor (which is why we have an AU where Munya is her father). 
  • She was naturally a brunette, but went gray really early because of the stress of being a gambler’s wife. She dyed her hair blonde after that. 
  • One of her parents was Jewish and the other Catholic, and she was raised Catholic. When they decided they wanted to get married, AR took her to meet his father - and she quickly was given the impression that Abe was a religious fanatic. He told her that she had to convert, and since her religion was very important to her, she refused to. And since AR was like “bitches, I marry who I want!” (he definitely said that), it was because of this that he was excommunicated by his father, and considered to be dead in the faith. Carolyn worried it was the one thing he secretly resented her for.
  • After AR’s death, she wrote a book called Now I’ll Tell, published in 1936. (It’s out of print now, but some of us have copies because my girlfriend is an amazing person.) The book is really interesting because it’s her very personal account of her husband, and there’s this tone of bitterness and hurt to it because their marriage was a neglectful toxic shitty thing most of the time. But she’s also very defensive of him and how no one really knew him, and that they have no right to belittle him as this evil person when he was more than that. 
  • She also never, ever mentions any gangsters who worked with AR that weren’t dead or in prison at the time the book was published - she talks about the Diamonds and some others, but Charlie, Meyer, Frank and Benny are never brought up - yet we know for a fact that Meyer at least was at the Rothsteins’ home several times in the 20s. They were at the very height of their power in New York when she wrote the book, so it’s kind of obvious why she’d leave them out. 
  • She and AR had separate bedrooms for most of their marriage, supposedly because of their conflicting schedules (AR slept all day and kept a heavy screen over the window). Carolyn’s maid, Freda, would often sleep beside her and keep her company. (this is kind of why I RP/write Carolyn as bisexual). I write it off a little more to AR’s really serious intimacy issues, which were a part of why they briefly got marriage counseling/why she left him.
  • She remarried a younger man - Robert Behar, an English lord - within months of AR’s death, and then was single again and back in New York a small while later. This was a huge amount of fuel used against her in the legal battles with Inez, who was seen as this vindicated single mom put up against an ice queen. 
  • She was a showgirl and the winner of one or two beauty pageants when she was young. 
  • One of the things that the Rothsteins often fought over was that AR wouldn’t allow Carolyn to cut her hair, because he thought short hair on women was undignified. 
  • Whenever AR bothered Carolyn about her smoking, she told him she’d quit when he gave up gambling. Obviously neither of these things ever happened. 
  • She spent much of their marriage traveling extensively. (AR first cheated on her with Bobbie - who she knew about, btw - when she went to London for the first time since they got married). By the end of their marriage she was spending 8 or 9 months of the year abroad. 
  • She went on to write a few screenplays, and then kind of dropped off the map - all we know of her after the 30s is that she renewed her book’s copyright in the middle of 1962. She outlived Lucky.


@ratsteeth Carolyn/Meyer "Gray"

She smells faintly of cigarette smoke and apricots, and he laughs a little like the schoolboy he no longer is when she slinks out of the furs, the diamonds, the stockings and lets her hair fall in waves of bottle blonde over her shoulders. She hasn’t been the belle of Broadway in quite some time but she is beautiful, all soft touches and warm blooded like her husband used to be before he became that walking gray corpse both of them don’t really recognize.

They…this…has happened a few times. The first time, Meyer was just a kid- all nervous limbs and lust with Carolyn like a patient teacher. The lessons are over, now. Now it’s more a comfort; not love, not lust or some other kind of fevered desire. It’s…comfort. Like he isn’t playing the role of a lost lover and she isn’t embodying a Shiska goddess like some soft-core fantasy.

And one night he wakes up to AR leaning against the door frame, looking at them both in bed.  There’s a brief but  tangible moment when Meyer thinks about the 38 in AR’s pocket or the fact if both of them turned up dead, Rothstein would never see trial.

Carolyn actually looks wounded as she begins to speak. “AR, I…”

“You two should get dressed.” He cuts her off, there’s a way his features are closed off now that isn’t a poker face. It’s more cold and gray as if nothing can reach him and nothing will. “I’m sure Anna and Robert are waiting for you. I’m going to go get the coat I left.”

With that, he’s gone and Meyer can’t even bring himself to hold Carolyn when the tears start.

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