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Just spent like 5 minutes watching a child run around my local McDonalds yelling “I’M ROCKET RACCOON!” And then if that wasn’t enough, he then jumped from multiple chairs yelling “I’M MARY POPPINS YA’LL!” I just…

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I know I’ve seen this same thing said about Wonder Woman in other places, but I have never seen a movie like this. And I’ve seen a lot of shows and films of the action genre that put women in title roles, but I’ve never seen a movie like this. And I don’t even know how to properly express it. 

I understand now why I’ve seen people mention that women were in tears watching this film. I get it. Completely. 

I’m completely in awe. I don’t even know how to express it.

I loved Zootopia guys. Go and watch it. My take on gijinkas of Judy and Nick <3

Another “Dark” Scene

I understand the complaints about the darkness of the Richonne love scene. I know that I was about to raise Cain but then I remembered another “dark” love scene from 30 years ago.

I was 11 when “Top Gun” came out. I ADORED this movie. It is just everything. I’m going to be honest. It’s a bit of a war propaganda film mixed with Americana and spread over Wonder Bread. This film was way before Tom Cruise went nuts and bounced all over Oprah’s sofa.

Kelly McGillis played his love interest. Smack in the middle of this film is one of the best love scenes. But imagine me sitting there having to watch it in the theaters along with my mother! I never got the sex talk. My mother was born during the 40s so you know how that went. When she gave me the sex talk it was: “You know what your period is, right?” That was it! I could see how painfully uncomfortable it was for her. Ugh! I wanted the ground to swallow me up!

Anyway I got off topic.

I couldn’t help but to think of this scene when the Richonne snippets came out. Yes, we want to see everything. I get it. But look at how beautiful the scene with Cruise and McGillis is! I wonder if this was the inspiration for 7.12. I’m thinking that Gimple is Gen X like me so I wouldn’t be surprised.

There’s a lot of tongue action here. You folks in Richonneville called our attention to the tongue action in Rick and Michonne’s scene. Thank you and God Bless.

The power ballad “Take My Breath Away” by 80′s group Berlin is blasting in the background. I think that it may have won an Academy Award for “Best Song” or something. Richonne is one big 80s power ballad to me. I play them when I write. This scene ruined me. I thought that’s how sex would always be. My expectations were HIGH. My first time came pretty close actually. After that it went a bit downhill.

I guess we get enough realism in our lives.

But it looks like a new generation is going to develop high expectations as well.

BTW-If you want to see the actual love scene from Top Gun, here’s the link:

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heyyy can i request how would svt be if their girlfriend is someone who is a movie geek/expert? like not just about the recent ones but the classics too?

Hi! Thank you for the ask :)


  • very impressed with your knowledge and adores the bits of info you provide while watching movies despite his distracting kissing because he can’t get enough of you
  • he also LOVE it when you impress other people and he can stand by your side looking proud 


  • loves that you have a hobby that lets him curl up with you to watch movies, but like seungcheol he also takes the chance to kiss you as much as possible, probably on the neck, so he’s distracting 
  • he tells people about it. a lot. like “oh, Y/N knows all about that” and loves to watch you explain things about movies to people or correct them when they say dumb things


  • when you hang out sometimes the two of you rewatch the kinds of classic films he had to put up with in school in L.A. and this time finds he’s actually really enjoying them,, maybe because you’re at his side this time
  • gets embarrassed about his own tastes, so you have to assure him you like simple stuff too, and so each of you watch each others things


  • “ah, makes sense why you fell for me and my classic good looks” *strikes as many classic move poses as he can think of* 
  • definitely makes you recreate classic movie romance moments in selfies and photos together. even does his own research to pick good ones.


  • he definitely teases you a little about the classic movies because he might not quite have the attention span for them, but you can tell he’s impressed even if he watches things like pixar’s cars in his spare time
  • asks you for dance film recommendations! watches those movies with you and jumps up occasionally to try some moves. get him watching dirty dancing


  • this nerd is probably super into any this of display of intelligence and it literally has his with heart eyes and that scrunch nose smile
  • debates with you about the pros and cons of movies vs books and loves every second of it for the way it engages him and shows your dynamics as a couple


  • loves to quietly sit and listen and just watch you when you talk about movies. finds it very soothing to his stress to see your own passion, even if it is in a different area than his
  • definitely has the capacity to enjoy the classics and wants to spend his relaxing times with you watching


  • would believe literally anything you told him about movies and listens with wide eyes when you tell him stuff, nodding his head. you could probably trick him into thinking crazy things about the film industry if you wanted to
  • another distracting kisser during movie time. he sees romantic things on screen and he just can’t resist turning cuddling into kissing


  • a fun reaction-giver when you show him your favorite movies. makes all the noises, gasps and jumps, and tells you how much he loves it all
  • another smirky flirt “ah, so that was romantic, must remind you of me, right?” “lucky you have me to kiss you like this, huh?”


  • asks you to show him some good horror films or weird surrealist stuff because we learned form OFD that he loves that stuff
  • snuggles to no end!!! i feel minghao would be the kind who would love quiet simple displays of affection like cuddling while you watch a movie


  • tells everyone how smart you are. there’s no one he meets who doesn’t hear “… yeah and my girlfriend, who’s a movie expert by the way….” 
  • will listen willingly to anything you want to tell him about movies, even if it means pausing the movie a thousand times to hear the info, because he loves passionate people so much


  • anything that makes someone unique brings out those giant heart eyes in vernon’s book. you have him captivated by this part of you
  • tries his best to learn things to connect with you on a movie level. maybe even quickly watches some of the classics to catch up, and delights in hearing your opinions on things


  • intelligence would be a huge thing for this boy again, and he asks a billion questions after each movie to make sure he understood it, delighted when he impresses you with an insightful observation 
  • tells you about the cinematic dynamics of MJ music videos and definitely likes hearing whatever you want to share about movie stuff in return

Oh my goodness you’re right!! No Tomura D: So thank you for this request~! There’s one more Tomura in the askbox. As a sidenote: like 50% of requests are Todoroki, so I will be skipping some in favour for other characters, and get back to Todoroki later.

Shigaraki Tomura:

- It takes Tomura a while to understand you’re in a relationship with him just because you like him, and not for anything more - he’s used to thinking people use each other

- He doesn’t always know how to behave in certain situations, but he does his absolute best for your sake

- Tomura prefers indoor dates to outdoor ones, where he can spend time with you privately. Watching a movie and cuddling is his favourite!

- He also enjoys cooking with you, although he’s not the best so you have to teach him. It’s nice to eat what you two made together

- adores horror movies! Especially if you’re a bit frightened - he likes it when you cling to him when you’re scared, but if he sees it’s really bad for you, he’ll point out all the inconsistencies in the movie until you’re no longer scared.

- If you really want him to, he’ll go out with you to a café or for a walk or whatever. It takes a while to convince him to go, but he will do his best to make it a nice time for you

- Always touching you somehow when you’re in public - holding hands, an arm around your waist, etc - it makes him feel better that you two are close together

- gets very jealous very easily. He needs your attention to be on him all the time. He’s scared of your leaving him for someone else, because of course such a wonderful person as you could find someone better than him!

- his jealousy manifests in bad ways sometimes. If someone oogles you, he will quite literally pick a fight with them (unless you stop it)

- sometimes even when you choose to spend time with your friend instead of him he gets upset

- but he never, ever gets violent with you! He knows he would lose you, and that’s one thing he can’t let himself do

- you two are working on getting his jealousy under control!

- late night cuddle sessions are his favourite

- more often than not one of you falls asleep during a session like this, and sometimes wake up tangled together on the couch

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list 5 movies i could watch any time. just five films? *cracks fingers* let’s go

1) Milk. probably my all-time favorite movie. i adore the actors, the story, it has historical and cultural significance, it’s beautifully directed and the score by danny elfman is astounding. it’s a magnificent picture

2) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. my all-time fave western. it’s meticulously crafted, realistic, heartfelt, funny, and the shoot-out at the end is nothing short of amazing. a beautiful, endearing film.

3) Mad Max:  Fury Road. hhhhhhhhhhhh, i Adore this movie to bits. it’s visually stunning, strangely relatable (don’t ask), and the more i watch it the more layers i uncover so, yeah, it belongs on this list

4) Big Sur. an excellent, true-to-the-book film about jack kerouac’s struggle with fame and alcoholism. it’s magical, from visuals to acting to music, it’s a real Experience and it deserves way more hype than it got. i’ve seen it about 30 times and i’ve noticed a bunch of continuity errors but that doesn’t take away from its cut-up beauty (when you pay attention to the editing, you’ll See what i mean)

5) Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. as a star wars Nurd this killed me. please watch this movie if you haven’t already. i adore adore adore this movie.

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So… I just randomly watched Christmas Cottage on Sunday because Jared Padalecki [and because of @coralturtlenut and the Jared gif ‘war’ we’re having which I’m loving the hell out of and keeps making my day], and wtf?? It’s such a sad, cute, adorable, wholesome movie?? Like, I cried a little bit, but it was also funny, so it balances out into a possible new favorite Christmas movie?

And JARED, uh, THOMAS IS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY AND HIS HAIR. LOOK AT HIS HAIR. IT’S SO SHORT AND FLUFFY AND PUPPYISH (and even more S1/S2-esque than Clay Miller’s in Friday the 13th)!!!!

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SO are a big fan of the movie Nightmare before Christmas. One day SO say to the skeleboys that they have always dreamed to have a skeleton as a friend! And it' s really cool! How do the Ut-Uf Bros react? SO want also see the movie with them.


Sans- He thinks its pretty adorable that you wanted a skeleton to be your friend, he loves the movie! Its so funny and just plain awesome!

Papyrus-Flattered by your words, “WELL, HUMAN YOU DID HAVE A SKELETON AS A FRIEND! BUT ALSO A DATEMATE!” He adores the movie, he’s a bit scared at first but he starts to love it as the movie past

Red- Welp, looks like you got yourself a skeleton boyfriend instead. Like Sans, he thinks its adorable on how you wish to have a skeleton friend. This boy loves the movie, its actually one of the movies he absolutely loves!


He hates to admit but the movie was good, it has jokes, morals and have a creepy style that he absolutely loves!


                          “ARE YOU ACTING with my daddy?  He’s the star!”  She couldn’t help but to GIGGLE after her exclamation.  Really, in her mind, everyone in the show or movie was a star, but the little girl adored her father to bits and pieces – so she wanted to show him off as the l e a d.  Which, well, he was.  Hands gripped right to her walking poles to hold herself up, though Storm had come around behind.  Standing there, he allowed her to lean back against him, the black shepherd merely keeping a careful eye on those she spoke to.


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theoryofentanglement asked: winter soldier or falcon

I was really skeptical at first, but I finally sat down and watched Wolf Children and oh my god what a precious movie. It’s so sweet and I adore it to bits.

Hana gets the mom of the year award

And every

freaking time

Ame was on screen

I could feel my heart guts

being torn savagely to pieces.

And the fact that he looks so much like his dad is so tragically beautiful djdhfgcbjxndgxhmmsj