There is an imposter in his territory!

In other words, I made myself a new command trine, now there are two in this house and that’s no good - who wants to give little Screamer, TC and Skywarp a home? The trine is for sale for a slightly letdown price because TC isn’t quite perfect, he ended up a little slim. The other two are normal.

Fuuurthermore I made a random pink jetling! Who wants to give this adorbsness a home and name? (Edit: Pink jetling has a new owner now)

Blblb casually throws adorbsable baby Danny here. 
This was my one of my ideas for the christmas truce and I ended up choosing another, but I wanted to finish this one as well after all hihi.

Present - d e r e k

for deminotworking

Derek was laughing, and you couldn’t stop looking at him from your peripheral vision, you didn’t want to say anything but this was the first time you’d seen him like this. 

His head was falling back his eyebrows scrunched together and his smile was careless. You looked back at the comedy on the screen, it’s flashing lights dancing off his pupils. 

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“What?” He asked his dimples showing. You blushed. 

“I-I just, you look so beautiful.” You breathed, smiling yourself. 

“I do don’t I?” Derek asked before exploding into a fit of laughter. 

“Are you okay?” You laughed too, amused by Derek’s carefree attitude. 

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved you off, putting his arm around you, pulling you his body, you relished in his smell and warmth. “I realized that I moved here to get away from my past right?” He said, “And that there’s nothing here to get me down! I’ve got you, a good job, a great apartment, nothing to be upset about.” Derek grinned, you smiled. “But I was down, because I hadn’t been able to forget my past yet, and so I’ve decided to let it go, so I’m focusing on the present.” He grinned. 

“Sounds like good thinking to me.” You smiled. 

“Well so far it’s working great!” He laughed, and then he paused. 

“We should have kids.” Derek said. You choked on air. 

“What?!” You exclaimed your eyes bulging out of your head. For two reasons, first off you were 23, and not ready for kids, fresh out of college actually, and second off you were lucky if Derek planned ahead enough to meet your parents. 

“Not now, obviously.” Derek exclaimed. “Definitely not now, just one day, we should get married and have kids and live in a nice house.” Derek smiled. 

“Okay.” You smiled, “I can roll with that.” You added. 

“You can roll with it?” Derek made fun of you, starting to tickle your sides. 

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“Stop!” You screamed, wiggling around until suddenly Derek stopped. He started kissing you slowly and you were both grinning into the kiss. 

“I love you.” 


Izzy this is our song from now on!