adoration of the old woman

British tv cooking competitions: held in a large tent in the middle of a field, the host is a lesbian comedian and the judge is an adorable 80 year old woman, everything is a terrible pun, all the contestants are friends and cry when someone is eliminated

US tv cooking competitions: the set is a barely-lit dungeon, no one smiles in the entire series, rock/screamo musical intro, every sentence is emphasised with a cymbal crash, everyone hates each other especially the judges, at least one contestant is introduced holding a gun

my general impression of each of the hxh arcs:

  • hunter exam: our four boys meet each other and slowly become a team/family. we start getting their backstories. other than that one pedophile dressed as a clown, everything is cute and fun.
  • zoldyck family: killua’s backstory. things start getting Slightly More Fucked, but generally the day is saved through The Power of Friendship and everything is still sweet and lovely.
  • heavens arena: gon and killua live in a hotel together for a season. great fight scenes.
  • yorknew city: someone please give kurapika a hug. why did they take the ice cream scene out of the remake.
  • Greed Island: best arc!!!!!!!!!!! adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! an old woman tries to con gon and killua and ends up adopting them because she realizes they’re too precious for this world. right at the end shit gets real and gon loses a limb, but don’t worry about that.
  • chimera ants: the show takes a complete 180 from the last arc. everything is fucked!!!!! everything is terrible!!!! why is this happening someone please give killua a hug!!!!
  • 13th hunter chairman election: we’re gonna take the love and friendship between the two main characters - the relationship that has been the foundation of the entire show so far - and just fucking rip it apart because fuck you that’s why.
  • dark continent: remember all those characters in this entire show that you grew to love? never mind any of them, here’s a thousand pages of politics about a million new boring characters you don’t give a shit about. and you’ll take it and be thankful for it because at least it’s not on hiatus anymore.

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As far as I know there are a lot of cases where a new born baby is left behind and even as they are feed every hour or so they die because nobody actually loves them and nobody shows them affection. So what if fushimi actually had a nanny (as a baby) that cared about him but then niki didn't like that or something. And then maybe the nanny and saru meet each other post ROK.

Aw, I like this, baby Saru deserves at least someone who gives him love. So maybe after Fushimi’s born Kisa makes it pretty clear that she has no interest in mothering him, like she takes the absolute minimum maternity leave she can, as soon as it’s clear that her health is good enough to go back to work and the child doesn’t explicitly need her care she’s out. Of course she’s not going to let the kid just die though (that would be a scandal her career might not recover from, after all) and she doesn’t want to leave him with Niki because Niki would probably kill a pet rock. She decides to hire a nanny to watch the child until he’s old enough that she can be reasonably certain Niki won’t kill him on accident. Money is no object of course so she has someone at her company research the best local nannies, in the end she hires this one who isn’t too expensive but is widely considered to be one of the best. The nanny is very thankful to have been hired by such a rich family, like Kisa’s paying triple what the nanny’s normal jobs would and the nanny pretty much has run of the house while no one’s home. The nanny does feel a bit concerned though when she starts because she expected, with Kisa paying so much and apparently having been so keen on getting only the best, that Fushimi would be an extremely loved and doted on baby and instead Kisa pretty much shoves the kid at her like please take this thing off my hands thanks.

Nanny is of course immediately taken with Fushimi, who is a cute grumpy baby with big blue eyes and the cutest face and she just wants to hug him and spoil him forever. Baby Fushimi is fussy but he’s also really sweet and when he laughs and smiles the nanny’s heart just melts, she loves him so much. Maybe she gets to stay with him for a while before everything goes bad, like she’s there when he takes his first steps and says his first word (‘monkey,’ one day after Niki showed up unexpectedly to see if his kid was still alive) and she helps potty train him and basically slowly falls in love with this cute sweet kid. She sees him a little less once he’s not a baby anymore and maybe that’s what starts to make her a little uncomfortable, like Fushimi is spending more time that he should theoretically be with his parents but the nanny never sees Kisa there when she leaves the house and little Saruhiko seems to shrink back whenever Niki appears. She’s really starting to worry because she thinks that Fushimi is a sweet quiet child and seeing these little stirrings of fear and misery in his eyes every time she leaves makes her worried.

Then maybe one day Niki shows up while the nanny’s there and he sees for himself how attached his little monkey is to the nanny. Naturally Niki can’t have that, Saruhiko’s much cuter when he cries after all and he wants to make sure his son realizes early that anything he gets attached to can be destroyed by Niki. Maybe Niki plays some really awful prank on the nanny too, like he ‘accidentally’ causes her to fall off the balcony at the top of stairs and she ends up in the hospital and it’s considered lucky she lived at all. The nanny knows that Niki was the perpetrator but of course the whole thing has been covered up before she even gets out of the hospital and it’s considered an accident due to her own negligence, maybe Kisa even shows up (having no idea that Niki was the cause) and tells the nanny that she’s lucky Kisa isn’t pressing charges for endangering Saruhiko. The nanny is all devastated because she knows she’s probably leaving little Fushimi to something terrible but she’s too traumatized and terrified of Niki to try to go back to that house ever again.

So then years later post-ROK the nanny is still working as a nanny and she’s never really forgotten that sweet sad little child she had to leave behind, not being able to see Fushimi again has been one of her biggest regrets ever since. She’s working for some other rich family taking care of their kids when she and the children get caught up in like a hostage situation involving some of the Strains still running around. They get saved by Scepter 4 and in the aftermath she’s calming down the frightened kids when she hears someone yell for a 'Saruhiko.’ The name immediately brings back memories and she looks over to where this red haired kid who showed up midway through the rescue mission to help is running up to talk to this young man with striking blue eyes and glasses. The nanny tells herself that there’s no way, it’s not like that’s an entirely uncommon name, and that’s when one of the random Scepter 4 guys also walks up to the blue-eyed man and calls him 'Fushimi-san.’ The nanny immediately feels this rush of relief and as Fushimi walks by to check out some aspect of the crime scene she calls to him. Fushimi looks up at her blankly, asking if she knows him, and the nanny smiles sadly as she says she’s supposes he wouldn’t recognize her after all this time. Maybe she like starts to sing some small made-up lullaby that she used to sing to baby Saruhiko and Fushimi’s breath just catches because he’d repressed a lot of those good memories, say he saw what Niki did to the nanny and the last time he saw her she was lying injured at the bottom of the stairs and poor tiny Fushimi was traumatized thinking that the nanny had been killed because of him. But now all the memories come rushing back and he just falls to his knees and quietly says like this cute pet name that he used to refer to the nanny as and she smiles and gives him this warm hug, saying that she’s so glad that he’s grown up so well.

Cherry Lips (Bucky Barnes X Reader) part 2/?

Originally posted by sibirr

Light filtered in through the slightly dusty windows of your bedroom, and you groaned, rolling over. You tried going back to sleep, but then memories of that really weird dream you had last night invaded your thoughts. You laughed aloud at the thought of crime boss, feared-by-everyone James Barnes would ever be sleeping on your couch. That office party certainly put you in a weird mood, considering you see the guy on the street for three seconds and have a dream about him!

Sleep decided it was not going to come back to you, so you threw off the blankets and stood up. Rubbing your eyes, you walked to the bathroom and brushed your teeth. Your eyes finally adjusted, and you looked in the mirror, almost shrieking at the rat’s nest on the top of your head. 

You took a minute to go into your bedroom and throw on some clothes, a simple pair of red trousers and pale red blouse, before going back in the bathroom and fixing up your hair. You always liked to get completely ready before going out in the world, you just liked the way it felt to be ready to face the world in the morning.

Checking in your full length mirror and approving on your outfit, you walked out into the kitchen, humming a random tune that was stuck in your head. You went to put the teakettle on to see that it was already on the stove, enough water for a cup already inside. You shrugged, and turned on the heat. Still humming, you turned to get some toast and an orange, which was your favorite breakfast for when you weren’t all that hungry.

“Mornin’ doll,” a masculine voice sounded from behind you. You shrieked, dropping the orange on the counter and whirling around. There stood none other than James Barnes, still looking impeccable with his immaculate suit and perfectly styled hair. You furrowed your brows, staring at the man in front of you. 

“So, last night wasn’t some weird dream?” you asked incredulously, causing him to laugh. 

“Nope, it was real. But I gotta get going now, I’ve got some… business to attend to, if you will. Thanks for the free place to sleep, doll,” he smirked, sticking a fedora on his head, and a cigarette in his mouth. All you could do for a minute was stand there, gaping. 

“Yeah, yeah, sure. Um, the front door is that way, i’d rather you didn’t use my window,” you stated, pointing towards the door. He simply nodded, sauntering over and opening the door swiftly. Just like that, he was gone.  You shrugged, shaking your head slightly and returning to your breakfast. 

you spend most of the morning lazing around, but you were feeling a bit stir crazy and needed to get out of your apartment.  You rang up your friend, Margo, waiting for her to answer. 

“Hello, Margo speaking,” her high voice filled your ears, and you rolled your eyes at her mature way of answering the phone. It was completely the opposite of her actual personality. 

“Hello, Margo, it’s (y/n)! I wanted to know if you wanted to meet at my apartment and go get lunch,” you said into the phone, leaning against your wall and absentmindedly toying with the phone cord. 

“Oh, hey (y/n)! Yeah, I can be over in ten minutes, does that sound okay?” she asked, and you could hear shuffling on the other end of the line. 

“Yes, sounds perfect. See you soon,” You got an answer, and hung up the phone. You immediately went to go get your shoes on, tidying up the apartment quickly before Margo arrived. 

Not long after, a knock sounded at your door, and you went to get it. On the other side stood Margo, a tall, slender redhead who exuded so much confidence it was crazy. She says that’s why the two of you are friends, because she exuded so much confidence,and you needed more. She was dressed in a pair of navy blue trousers and a white blouse, looking simply stunning. You never mentioned it to her, but you were always kind of jealous of her looks. 

“Hey Margo!” you said, pulling her into a hug before stepping out into the hallway. You began to gossip as you walked down the hallway, eventually out into the sunny day in New York City. 

The two of you decide on lunch at a cafe nearby, where you went so often that the owners knew the two of your personally. 

You walked into the cafe, and one of the owners, Jane, an adorable old woman, smiled at you. 

“Hello girls! You haven’t been in here in a while! How is the city treating you?” she greeted, already working on our usual orders. 

“The city’s been treating me fine, and you, Jane?” you asked, looking at the new artwork adorning the walls. Jane’s granddaughter, who was around your age, was an artist, and Jane was so proud of her work that she hung it up all over the cafe. Each piece was beautiful and captivating, and the art was one of the main reasons you loved going to the cafe. 

“Oh, fantastic! My granddaughter, Alyson, is pregnant! I’m going to have a great grandchild!” she said excitedly, referring to her other granddaughter. You smiled happily, but Margo beat you to responding. 

“That is fantastic! Say, I never see Alyson or Sherry, what else are they up to these days?” Asked Margo, taking the two plates from Jane. 

“Oh, you know, work and family life. Sherry got a job as a teacher, and she absolutely loves it. I’m happy to see her happy, you know?” Jane continued as she wiped down a counter. 

“Of course, but I do hope she is in town again soon. I rather miss her,” Mar added, before we went and sat at our usual table.

It was then that I started telling Margo about the weird thing with James Barnes. 

A/N: Hey everyone, so we’re almost at 200 followers! That’s crazy, you guys. Anyway, continuing on with this, hope you liked it! Not my best ending, but I need to do homework :)

Internet Famous: 5

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

When you woke up the next day, you were beyond excited. You were going to the parks today! You excitedly hopped out of bed, laid out your outfit on the bed, and got into the shower. Fifteen minutes later, you came out in your towel and saw that Poe was awake. Poe’s eyes were stuck on you and you were starting to feel a bit anxious. You’ve seen each other in a towel before. But then the phrase, “my girl” came back to mind.

You cleared your throat and smiled at him trying not to show your uneasiness. You threw your pillow at him, “Take a shower and get dressed! Rope drop is in an hour!”

Poe giggled, “You’re glowing.”

“I’m excited! Now hurry up before I get violent with you again!”

“No need to tell me twice!” He got out of bed and laid his clothes on the bed. He then kissed your cheek and went into the bathroom. You really wished he’d stop doing that. It started to make those feelings that you’ve buried so deep inside yourself want to emerge again. You shook your head to clear your thoughts. 

You put on your bra and underwear. Then your black jeans, the Disney shirt you bought yesterday, with a denim jacket on top, your two Disney pins on said jacket, your socks, your comfy running shoes, your Minnie hat that matched Poe’s, and lastly, the ‘Princess’ necklace that Poe gave you. 

When Poe came out of the bathroom, you were finishing up your minimal makeup.

He nodded in approval, “Cute.” He dressed up in some khaki shorts, brown boat shoes, a Disney Hawaiian shirt he found at a thrift store, and the Mickey hat he’d just bought, “Ready to go?”

You nodded and headed out the door.

When  you got your tickets, Poe handed you a card that you knew wasn’t just a one day or two day ticket. Nope. It was an Annual Pass. Your eyes shot up to him. 


You jumped up and down and hugged him, “You’re seriously the best!”

He shrugged, “I know. So, breakfast first?”

“Yes! Carnation Cafe!” 

“As you wish, princess.”

“Wooow. Pulling a Princess Bride on me, huh? And I thought you said you hated that movie.”

Poe shrugged, “It’s growing on me.” 

At the Carnation Cafe, you and Poe ordered the Mickey shaped waffle. You were bouncing in your seat when you got it, “It looks too good to eat!” You said as you focused your vlogging camera on the food. You then set the camera down, still recording, onto the table. It took a few tries to keep it at an angle where you and Poe were in the frame. 

As you two ate, you discussed what you should do first. Meet characters? Go on rides? Watch parades?

“I’ll agree to whatever you want, princess.” Poe said with a smirk.

“Noooo! Don’t do that!”

“Do what?”

“Be such a sweetheart! It sucks ‘cause it makes me feel bad! You make a decision!”

Poe laughed, “Okay! Okay! Let’s go to Tomorrowland since it’s the smallest land.”

You nodded, “Okay, sounds good.” You and Poe finished up your breakfast and then began to head to Tomorrowland. Because the park just opened, you two decided to go on Space Mountain first since that’s usually the most busy. So why not take advantage of the short wait time? 

Whilst in line, you and Poe were vlogging and snapchatting. Poe had the vlogging camera on you. He was recording you while you were recording him on snapchat. You started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” He asked with a suspicious glare.

You showed him the video you took. You had put the bunny filter on him, “You make a cute bunny.”

“At least I’m cuter than you!”

“No way. I’m sooo much cuter than you.”

“Okay. Dog filter. Right now. Then we’ll ask everyone who’s cuter.”

“Fine.” You switched the camera to your front camera and stood next to Poe. The dog filters appeared on both of you. You two smiled. You then typed in the caption, “Who’s cuter: Me or Poe?” and waited for responses. Within 5 minutes, you started getting responses. Most of them were Poe.

You pouted and Poe zoomed onto your face, “Aaawww. What’s wrong little puppy? Upset that our viewers like me more than you? Come on. Lemme see a smile. Come on, princess.” Poe pushed the camera into your face and you couldn’t control your lips twitching upward into a smile, “There’s that beautiful smile.” Poe beamed at you and you could feel yourself blushing again.

After Tomorrowland, you headed towards Adventureland and New Orleans Square. That was your favorite area in the parks. Poe wanted to go on Jungle Cruise, so you two waited in line. You remembered how the Skippers told all these punny jokes.

“I think you’d make a good skipper.” You simply stated.

Poe looked at curiously, “Yeah?”

You nodded, “All the jokes you tell are stupid and lame. So you’ll fit right in.” 

Poe pretended to be offended, “You said you liked my jokes!”

“I was just being a good friend to make you think you’re actually funny.”


You started laughing, “You’re so dramatic. Calm down.”

“No! I will not calm down! I brought you to Disneyland and this is the thanks I get?!” Poe continued his dramatic ways.

You slapped your hand onto his mouth, “Oh my God! Shut up!” You laughed. Poe narrowed his eyes at you. You then felt something wet on your hand and you screeched, “What the Hell!! Eeeeewwww!!!” You wiped your hand on Poe’s shirt. 

You felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned to see an older couple smiling at you, “You two make an adorable couple.” The old woman said.

“Oh, we-” you started.

“Thank you!” Poe said, “You and your husband as well!”

The old lady chuckled, “You’re too kind, dear. Thank you. How long have you two been together?”

“Since high school. So about 9 years. That about right, babe?”

You were blushing sooooo hard, “Uh yeah! Sounds about right. Honestly, it’s been so long, we’ve lost track of time.”

The older man gave a hearty laugh, “Wait, ‘til you get married.”

You then looked at the line and saw that you were next, “Oh! Looks like we need to get on. It was nice talking to you two!”

“And you, dear. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

“Thank you!” Poe said as you two got onto the boat.

You pushed him as you two sat down, “Why’d you do that?”

“I didn’t want to embarrass her! She was a sweet old lady!”

“Seriously, stop being such a sweetheart. People keep thinking we’re a couple!”

“Is it that bad of a thought for us to be a couple?”


“Welcome everyone to the Jungle Cruise! My name is Richard and I’ll be your Skipper today!”

Poe never got to hear your answer. And inside, he was dying to know.

Baby, I’m Trying

For @mckinnon-and-black-forever

A/N: Merry Christmas Lizzy! Hope you enjoy. As requested, a modern single parent AU.

Rating: T

Word count: 2,316


She ought to know by now not to try to surprise James.

When they were twelve, she’d jumped out of a cupboard, intent on frightening James to get him back for unraveling the hem of her friend’s already threadbare uniform. He’d been so startled that he’d slammed the cupboard shut and Lily ended up with a bloody nose.

On his eighteenth birthday, she’d made the mistake of trying to throw him a party without telling him. She had half their year assembled in his house when he called to cancel their afternoon plans because his mother was taking him to Belgium.

Over the years, it’s become clear that James is far better at providing surprises than receiving them.

It’s probably foolish of her to think that this time will be different. But she’s just gotten home after studying in France during her summer and fall terms, and the only person that Lily wants to see is James Potter. They wrote letters, certainly, and talked on the phone, but it doesn’t compare to seeing him gaze at her with a warm smile or a smarmy grin from right in front of her face. He’d joked about her meeting someone while in France, but part of her thinks it was true, because she’s never been so eager to come home in her life.

And she’s missed him, missed all her boys really. So she stands outside James’s and Sirius’s flat, knocking on their door with a grin on her face.

Sirius pulls open the door, wearing what looks like a bib and holding a plush toy in his hands. “Moony, if that’s you, you better have brought nappies - Evans!” His face breaks out into a broad grin.

Careful to avoid the mess on his bib, Lily steps into Sirius’s arms. “I’m back,” she says. “Dare I ask about the nappies?”

The smile on Sirius’s face dims. “Maybe I should let James explain.”

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can we get like a small snippet of the age regression fic? or even just a line jason/bruce/whoever said? im sorry im so excited for it whenever u talk about it it just gives me a big thrill inside that you're working on it... ive been waiting for a good age regression jason fic for so long (ive noticed there are plenty of popular/well-written age regression dick fics but never jason??)

Well, I’ve said before I’m always five seconds away from spoiling my stuff if asked so, sure. 

Under the cut for those who do not want spoilers, and presented entirely without context: 

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Requited Love

T.O.P | Smut | Completed

Warnings: Age Gap, First Time, and Fingering

You loved him.

You had loved him since you were 14 years old, and even though he was 10 years older than you, you had always known he had your heart. Choi Seunghyun was one of your older brother’s acquaintances that he had known from the underground rap scene. Even after he debuted as Big Bang in 2006, Seunghyun did not forget about his friendship with your brother; he made sure to stop in every once and a while and catch up with him.

Today happened to be one of those times, however, your brother was not here.

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💀💀 One thing is Elsa without makeup and look like a Malcolm character. But Creepie without his characteristic purple makeup. It is even rarer. I do not know if she looks more adorable, or more like an old woman or more like a lizard. What I do know. Is that she’s one of my favorite gothic girls from the 2000’s. He had a family of insects trying to fit in with the others and always at the end of the episode he taught something about the episode. The world needs more gothic girls. Drawing done and edited by hand because I do not get along well with Photoshop. regards. 💀💀

Request: Daydreaming

Request: Can I request an imagine where Chibs wakes up before his old lady and just lays and admires her then makes breakfast and they just relax doing cute normal couple things. Just really fluffy and cute.

Just a fluffy imagine for our favorite Scot 😉

Originally posted by sonsofanarchyfans

They didn’t have a proper honeymoon. Chibs wanted that, but club business kept him busy and now months had passed since their wedding day. SAMCRO was in an unbelievable quiet moment and he finally could appreciate the house Y/N had decorated with so much love, making it a home.

He had come home early last night, just to find it quiet, Y/N still at work. She arrived and went straight to bathroom, cuddling with him on the couch after it, falling asleep immediately. He had thought in spend a night alone with her, but didn’t dare to wake her up, looking so tired and lovely sleeping in his arms. Chibs carried her to the bedroom and laid next to her, pulling Y/N to his arms, falling asleep too.


He noticed the light sneaking through the blinds and stretched on bed, looking to the side. Y/N was asleep, her arm under the pillow, mouth slightly open. She was gorgeous, really adorable and he couldn’t have found better woman to call Old Lady. She was kind, caring, but also strong. He smiled every time remembering the prospects thinking she was docile, but then feeling the rage of his woman. Such memorable scenes!

The sheets stopped at her waist, he could see her shapes under them, the curves he loved so much. His hand itched to touch her. Some of the new Sons could say he was crazy to settle down when there were so many croweaters around, but nothing was sexier than call a woman yours, look at her sleeping by your side and know that she is yours. There was nothing boring on that and God, he swore his desire for her was bigger than before the wedding. His ring on her hand roused some kind of primitive feeling on his chest, a possessive and protective one. He was a damn cave man when it comes to her.

He had the day free for the first time in months and decided to make breakfast, sneaking out of bed as silent as he could.


He settled their cup of coffee, toasts and fruits on the tray and carried it to the bedroom. Chibs slowly opened the door, finding Y/N still asleep. He let the tray over the nightstand and crawled up in bed to run his fingers through her hair. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and carefully held her chin, leaning to kiss her.

“Love”, Chibs whispered, kissing her cheek, “Wake up love”, he kissed her jaw, “Gorgeous, open your eyes to me”

“Filip”, she giggled and he knew she had woke up the moment he touched her. Chibs’ eyes met hers and Y/N opened her arms to welcome him. He gladly felt her body against his, pulling her close.

“Morning my love”, he kissed her neck, hearing a happy sigh in response.

“Morning”, she smiled, pulling back to look at him, “Were you watching me sleep?”

“No”, he grinned and looked away to the tray. She followed his gaze, “I made breakfast”

“You are the best”, Y/N threw her arms around his neck, pulling Chibs to a passionate kiss.


They made love and ate breakfast on bed, talking about their friends, family, how their day had been… After a relaxing bath together, Chibs did the dishes while Y/N curled up on a chair at the front porch, a book on her hands. He met her outside and sat on the floor, cleaning his guns. Neighbors passed by and greeted them. Chibs thought it was a nice day, narrowing his eyes through his cigarette’s smoke to admire Y/N peacefully reading.

She made lunch and they laid together on the couch, watching TV. They felt asleep after a while and Chibs only woke up with the smell of her making dinner.

“Hello love”, he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck.

“Hey you”, she turned her head to kiss him and smiled. “I’m happy Filip”

“Is that so?”, he grabbed a knife and helped her to chop vegetables.

“Yes”, Y/N smiled, “It has been a nice day, don’t you think? You, at home, having a day off. We doing things together, just relaxing…”

“Absolutely, love”, Chibs leaned to kiss her, “I haven’t had a nice day like this in ages. I love to spend quality time with you”

“Me too”, she kissed his scars and they prepared dinner together. Chibs poured a last glass of wine for both and put the music on, walking towards his wife. Y/N dried her hands and smiled at her old man, accepting the glass.

“To us”, Chibs raised his glass, “To more days like this”

“To us”, Y/N smiled, taking a sip of the wine. Chibs wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close. He swayed in the rhythm of the song, touching her nose with his, eyes closed. She started to sing along and he took her glass, putting it with his on the table. He spun Y/N around, seeing the lights reflected in her eyes. Chibs couldn’t be more happy. That day had been kind of a perfect honeymoon.


The doors were closed and the lights out. Chibs took off his clothes and put the sheets aside, laying on bed wearing only his boxers. Y/N was in the bathroom, doing her night routine and he stretched on bed, waiting for her. She opened the bathroom door and he sat on bed.

“Jesus Christ”, he muttered, admiring her. She had this sexy, black nightie that stopped at the middle of her thighs and he could see the top of her perfect breasts, “What is the special occasion love?”

“I just thought about celebrate our day together”, she shrugged, smiling, “This was what I would wear in our honeymoon, if we ever had made to that hotel”

“I love you”, Chibs said, reaching for her hand and pulling Y/N to bed with him. He held her close, his lips hungry over hers.

“I love you too”, she whispered, caressing his cheek, “And I wouldn’t want our honeymoon to be any different”

“Let’s enjoy our honeymoon then my love”, Chibs whispered, kissing his wife again, both forgetting about the world outside.


Redraw of a piece on my old art blog! I.E.- Aluraart

New on top, old on the bottom

WTNV Headcanon: The Angels, despite not being real, look at Cecil’s fashion sense and adore it. Cue a bunch of angels in fuzzy sweaters and tunics and just badly adorable fashion. Old woman Josie makes sweaters for them and the angels may or may have not stolen Cecil’s clothes from his home

Carlos and Cecil’s average “Saturday” morning (possibly cameo from the faceless old woman)?

• Cecil is definitely NOT a morning person so he just likes to sleep until noon
• Carlos on the other hand is up at the ass-crack of dawn and it’s a common theory that he actually doesn’t sleep
• But like on Saturdays, Carlos still wakes up, it’s a habit by now, but he will usually just snuggle up to Cecil for a few more hours
• And Cecil talks in his sleep too so it’s just really adorable
• They usually stay like this until the Faceless Old Woman drags Carlos out of bed to show him a pair of nunchucks she made out of butter-free butter
• And then Carlos is already up so he’ll usually start making breakfast and maybe tidy up a little bit
• And within 30 minutes, Cecil is up
• There’s a cute little forehead kiss somewhere in there while the coffee is brewing
• And then they’ll sit down to eat
• (Unaware of the Faceless Old Woman crawling on the ceiling above them)
• And it’s something really simple, but Cecil loves it.
• Before they were together, Cecil would usually just kinda forget to eat on Saturdays, but since he and Carlos moved in together, he’s been a lot healthier.