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does anyone else have a thing for when hockey players are absent-mindedly chewing their mouth guards?

A Different Jersey - Tyler Seguin #1

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about/request: Can you do a Tyler Seguin one? Possibly where you’re a big Zetterberg fan and they are playing Detroit? (Adore your writing btw)

warnings: cursing and mad jealousy yo

authors note: not sure if you wanted all this angst but hahah here it is also thank you!! i appreciate the love!! 

word count: 1239

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anonymous asked:

Prompt for Patater + their engagement story? Or first kiss? Oooohhhh their wedding? Or like a collection of their firsts??????

thanks for this!! I still want to do the engagement story and wedding, or a collection of their firsts (all three of those, honestly) but for a quick one-shot, here’s their first kiss. It’s awkward, like they are.

it got long so it’s on ao3, too.

It’s Kent’s stick that breaks Tater’s nose. He goes for a slapshot and ends up cracking the Falconers d-man across the face.

After the game, and then the post-game interview in the locker room, he texts Jack with an apology. Jack replies that his teammate is fine, the doctors gave Tater local anesthesia and put the bones back in place. Tater will be scratched for a week to give his nose time to heal, and then he’ll be back in the game.

Kent goes out for dinner and drinks with his teammates afterwards. Providence isn’t a big town, so it’s kind of not a surprise to see Tater and the Falc’s goalie, Snowy, at the restaurant’s bar.

He excuses himself from the Aces’ table and heads over. Tater sees him coming and starts to smile, but then winces.

“That looks bad,” Kent says, because it does. Tater’s left eye is bruised and so is all the skin around his nose, which has been splinted up with a plastic cast. “Sorry, man. I didn’t see you behind me.”

“Is okay,” Tater says. He’s being careful not to move more facial muscles than absolutely necessary. “Had worse.”

“Hurts like a bitch, though, right?”

“Only when I smile.”

At Tater’s left, Snowy snorts. “So, all the fuckin’ time, then.”

“I am friendly guy,” Tater says. “People like people who smile. Is why everyone think you’re scary, Snowy.”

“No, everyone thinks I’m scary because I fucking am scary.”

Kent thinks Snowy might be a little drunk. “Let me get you a drink,” Kent says to Tater. “To apologize for fucking up your face.”

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