adorably adorable


well if pink diamond is off-color….

perhaps she was the one infatuated with jasper……

Tips for 2018

  • Smile like Valentina
  • Party like Adore
  • Laugh like Katya
  • Spook like Sharon
  • Shock like Alaska
  • Sparkle like Bianca (during the S7 finale)
  • Stand out like Kim Chi
  • Be proud like Trixie
  • Love yourself like Violet

Hello yeah I’m going to need every single photo from this shoot immediately!!! Photography by the amazing Wes Ellis 😍 (ft. loads of awesome new shirts)

I think one of the best things to come out of TLJ is the realization that the relationship between Rey and Kylo can be soft.

Because going off of TFA alone and their interactions there, it was hard for fandom to wrap their head around how to get the two of them to talk without one or the other lashing out.

Any compassion or sympathy was hard won, and the mere idea of them sharing a soft word or touch seemed almost impossible.

And now in TLJ we have the hand holding scene, where Kylo comforts a hurting Rey as she recounts her experiences in the Dark Cave and reassures her she’s not alone.

Where Rey attacks Luke Skywalker in defense of Ben Solo, snarling and protective over someone she’d called a monster. The intimacy of the elevator scene, where Rey whispers to him that she’ll help him.

We’ve come a long way guys.