Fake Boyfriend (Yoonmin) Pt.1

//Jimin POV//

I was sitting down at my favorite cafe.

I was sipping my iced coffee, when Min Yoongi came into the cafe.

Ah, Min Yoongi.

THE Min Yoongi.

Otherwise known as my crush.

He’s cute, he may seem cold, but I know he’s nice.

He’s also straight.

I sighed and I stopped staring at him.

He might catch me staring if I continued.

I decided to text Jungkook.

I don’t know why, but I did.

MochiChim: Jungkook! I’m boredddd

AdorableBunny: Same

MochiChim: Can I come overrr?

AdorableBunny: Yeah, but u need to help me w/ my math homework

MochiChim: Fine

AdorableBunny: Thanks Chim!!!

MochiChim: That’s HYUNG to you!

AdorableBunny: U don’t look like a hyung tho 


AdorableBunny: Okay, Okay! just hurry!

I got my coffee and started to go out of the cafe when I felt someone grab me.

I turned around.

It was Min Yoongi.

“Huh?” I said confused 

//Yoongi POV//

I grabbed Park Jimin by the arm and he turned to face me.

His eyes grew big and his lips parted a bit.

He looked confused.

“H-hyung?” I heard Jimin stutter

“What?” I said 

“Uhm,” he said “can you let go of my arm?”

“Oh!” I said then let go of his arm 

He was about to turn and leave when I said “Wait!”

“Huh?” Jimin turned around again, with that confused face

“Uhm” I said “I need you to do a favor for me.”

“What favor?” Jimin said looking skeptical

“Pretend to be my boyfriend.” I said

“What?!” Jimin said

“There’s a whole backstory to it that I’m too lazy to explain right now so just give me your phone.” I said while rolling my eyes

He hesitantly gave me his phone.

I grabbed it and put my number in with the contact name: ‘Boyfriend’

Then I gave him back his phone with mine.

“Give me your number.” I commanded

Jimin did while looking even more confused than ever.

He gave my phone back after.

“Good.” I said “Your my fake boyfriend now. We can’t tell anyone else that we aren’t actually dating, obviously.”

“Uhm,” Jimin said while blushing “O-okay.”

“So,” I said “let’s go on a date so that hopefully some people will see us together!”

“Sorry,” Jimin said “I can’t right now.”

“Why?” I asked, kind of relieved that I don’t need to go out, but kind of disappointed that I couldn’t start my plan today

“I have to go to Jungkook’s” He said

Then he ran out of the cafe.

“Who’s Jungkook?” I asked no one in particular 



none of the characters here are mine. they are real people unless stated otherwise. also the girl will be an OC (yoongi’s ex). this is all fiction. this all came from my imagination 

so.. this is part one. idk how many parts there will be.

ik you guys want me to make broken an actual story with like chapters instead of being a oneshot and I will do that after this.

I will try to finish this story by today or tomorrow.

there will be jikook in the coming parts so don’t worry.

also this story was inspired by a prompt by:

the prompt is: “None of this was real.”

(the prompt will give you an idea of the plot :D)