Tagged by @genesis10011 to list my ten favorite songs right now (in no order):

Us and them - pink floyd
Clint eastwood - gorillaz
Never ending - rihanna
Piledriver waltz - alex turner
Under the earth - yeah yeah yeahs
Reptilia - the strokes
Ivy - frank ocean
Dopamine - børns
Taro - alt-j
What ever happened? - the strokes

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ok rant time so jaebum did his first solo vlive today and as we all know he’s not much of a talker and can even be a little awkward at times but despite all that, he did a 30 min vlive for us…even planning it carefully to make sure he wouldn’t bore us like planning to go walking down the han river or bringing a puzzle bc he likes solving them and YET people still had the AUDACITY to call him boring and ask him to do something exciting?? what the fuck?? it took 2 years to have his solo v and here we finally have jb who barely speaks 10 words in interviews stay and chat for HALF AN HOUR and thats all u say to him!!!! fuck outta here!!!! he even wanted to stay for a little longer but couldnt bc he had a radio show to go to. jaebum, who insisted on staying a little while longer despite his busy schedule doesnt deserve this shit so if ur just gonna call him boring. shut up. lock ur phone. and dont watch him at all bye.