Vex&Vax as teenagers! I’ve always wanted to draw them like this:) I wanted to make Vax pouty and vex look apprehensive to show how much they have grown 💕 @laurabaileyvo @voiceofobrien @critical_role #vex #vax #criticalrole #d&d #vexahlia #vaxildan

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you broke up with my sister tonight, and i don’t know why, because it’s 3 am and she only texted me ten minutes ago that it happened even though it happened at 10 pm. i don’t know the details and i don’t know if it was you or her or if it was just one of those things, but i want you to know that i’m sorry.

because i pretended i hated you for almost a year, and i made jokes to my sister that you annoyed me and that i didn’t approve of your relationship. i was a bitch to your face. and i’m sorry, because you’re a good person, and you were a good boyfriend.

because i’m in tears right now even though i never really got to know you, and so is my best friend halfway across the world who you don’t even know exists but who knows you through my sister’s instagram posts and tweets about you.

because i don’t think you would ever hurt her on purpose. when we first met, i told you that if you ever made her cry, i would make you cry, and that if you ever hurt her, i would hurt you, but it’s 3 am and she’s fine and i have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that it’s her that hurt you.

you’ve both deleted all your pictures together on instagram and removed each other’s names from your bios and i really think it’s over. it’s been 3 years since she had a breakup but i really hope we don’t talk shit about you in a couple months like we did with her last boyfriend because you were better to her than he ever was.

and i really hope you find your way back together soon but i don’t know how likely that will be. so i’m sorry.