Adventures Around The World With Wolfdog In Tow Documented by Professional Hiker 

Kelly Lund is an out adventure professional who travels the globe in search of the most incredible terrain with his wolf hybrid dog Loki. The inseparable duo’s journey started less than three years ago and Lund has documented his epic adventure sagas with Loki, from the rocky Colorado mountains, to lakes, valleys, forests and backcountry skiing hikes.

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Delicately Handpainted Ceramics by Elizabeth Becker

Artist Elizabeth Becker from Teacupco runs a ceramic ware boutique where she features hand painted housewares which have elegant and colourful animals painted onto the porcelain. 

The animals are carefully emblazoned on the curved surface, using the three-dimensional space to the greatest advantage by smartly positioning the foxes, birds and rabbits frolicking, flying or curled into a ball at the base of the cup.  The painting using bold colours, defined and blunt, which is Teacupco’s trademark rustic artistry. The heartwarming images of the creatures are sure to provide a homely welcome to the warm brews stirring within and a fresh relief to the eye that the choice of colour fits into the counter tops of cosy cabins or contemporary kitchen decor because of its clever artistic imagery. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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I’ve been going to the Pride Parade for a few years now, and this woman has always been there, come heat or rain, with her sign and exuberance. I did a little bit of checking - her name is Frances Goldin, and she’s been doing this every year for at least 22 years, with the same exact sign (the only thing that’s changed is the little green smiley) and her smile. I do not know why the woman next to her is crying, but I can guess.