home brewed rpg, the party was in a bar when a smoke bomb went off and knocked us all out. we all woke up in a cell on a spaceship a while later, and after escaping and fighting some robots we take a look around

catfolk pilot ooc: i have high wisdom so i’m gonna do a perception check to check out the ship

pilot: *crit miss*

pilot: “hey are you the guys from the bar??”

on a rainy day
  • <p> <b>john, pointing at the window:</b> fucking gay, man<p/><b>alex:</b> uhm you really shouldn't use the word gay to describe something bad - gay is not synonymous with shitty and, quite frankly, the weather can't even be gay cause it's no-<p/><b>john:</b> i was pointing at my reflection, dumbass<p/></p>