haxse asked:

Name: Jennifer | Age: 9 | Height: 4'3" | Gender: Female | What you look like: Tan-ish, big eyes, mOTHERFUCKING CUTIE, slim, ponytail, most adorable shit ever okay | Personality: Quiet in school, loud at home, shy, annoying, dumbass, stupid, tries to act smart, a copy catter, anger issues, idk man | Hobbies: internet, making sushi, watching youtubers, annoying me, eating | Sexuality: straight. | yuiki im a bad sister. like i didnt even know how to answer these about her w0w

Shhhh…I’m supposed to keep my name a secret, but nOPe.

Anyways, your sister’s match is Luke Foster Mitsunari Baba from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder!

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy.

First of all, from what you said, your sister seems to be introverted in public and extroverted at home. I can imagine Baba meeting her for the first time, buying her at the auction and getting into her space when he takes her up to his suite, only to find that she’s annoyed. Reeeally annoyed.

Anyways, as people say: “Opposites attract.” 

Baba would sidle up to her with a “Hey, little lady” and she’d retort back rudely X3

They both like cooking, so why not? Maybe Baba could win Jennifer’s heart through her stomach with his awesome cooking and be blown away with her food when she finally cooks for him.

Alternative Ships: Shuichiro Momoi and Nagito Aoshima