Also Wash the Kitten hasn’t quite mastered jumping yet and my bed’s a particular problem area for him. He has spent the last five minutes running up to my bed, skidding to a stop, staring up at me and then running away again. At one point he did manage to get on, but then the blinds moved and he got scared and ran off.

bejamin replied to your post:

can you tag this adorable little bugger’s photos and put a link to said tag on the picture of him on your page that would be adorable and stuff.

omg yes that is a great idea!

Believe it or not, but this is about the only recent doodle I could find that’s not a spoiler. :P

Sorry for being borderline inactive lately, I’ve been spending all of my time working on the comic so I don’t have much time to doodle things for you guys.

In case you don’t know this adorable little bugger, here is his comic which you can read at your own leisure!

This adorable little bugger needs a loving home! He is super sweet, super playful and super lovey. He loves people, but is cautious at first. He is nearly a year old, Boston terrier and dachshund mix. He is crate trained and loves to play outside. May be a little cautious with children. If you would love him, give him a loving home and treat him like part of your family, let me know! I get attached pretty easily, so I want to make sure he goes to a great family. We love him here and I would keep him if I didn’t already have three of my own and my sisters dog while she is in college. Please let me know if you are interested. ^_^
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