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omg your headcannons are life. they fed my children and watered my crops and saved ten thousand dogs. but have you ever considered..... lance and coran

buddy… pal…….. thanks for this

  • coran ‘officially’ doesn’t have a favorite paladin. but. it’s lance
    • hunk is a close second but the cooking rivalry runs too deep
  • lance asks coran to teach him how to flirt in altean. coran teaches him how to say “are there any chores i can do today allura?” instead
  • textbook cases of crouching moron, hidden badass trope
  • lance: “i’m too young and beautiful to die!” coran: “i’m only one of those things but i still don’t wanna!”
  • coran gets an average of two marriage proposals from random aliens a month
    • lance is like. how.
    • “hunk do you think i could rock a mustache” “okay i’m gonna stop you right there”
  • “coran i think i know what the problem is. the castle’s systems have an updog infection” “what is updog?” “PIDGE GET IN HERE I TOLD YOU I COULD DO IT”
  • lance: *shares tender memory of something on earth that he misses* coran: *reciprocates wistfully with some horrifying altean bullshit*
    • seriously what even was altea
    • “i miss dogs. they’re animals that we keep around the house and they’re super cuddly and cute” “oh, we had creatures like that on altea! they were called glarots! except instead of being cuddly, they had spikes all over their bodies. the one i had back home could snap up three flame draks in one bite of its fourth jaw! *sigh* adorable little buggers, they were”
Dream pt 3

Hi! Love your stories! I have a newt request if you fancy it? The reader is marrying a man she doesn’t love (arranged marriage or she doesn’t remember newt because she was oblivated) but newt is in love with her and she with him. He asks her not to go through with it and kisses her, they end up sleeping together then Newt asks her to come away with him and travel instead and she agrees

Part 1  Part 2

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It’s a tad short so sorry but I hope you enjoy!

“Newt! What in the name of Deliverance Dane were you thinking!?” Tina whisper-yells at Newt. 

You wince at the sharpness in her tone. You didn’t blame her for being mad, and she probably could have lived the rest of her life without seeing you and Newt naked in the case. You knew what you did with Newt was wrong but, something about him seems so familiar.  

“Here honey” Queenie says holding out some spare clothes and a mug of cocoa in her hands. 

“Thank you Queenie” you mumble. You put on the clothes and sit back down on the bed. You can hear Newt and Tina arguing outside Newt’s shed. 

“Queenie, do you think what I did was a horrible thing?” you ask. 

“Well, you two did have a real special connection.” She says, “But, you are engaged” she continues. 

You put your face in your hands. 

“I know, I know” you murmur. You stand up and start walking towards the door. 

“Where are you going honey?” Queenie asks. 

“I’m going to walk around the case, maybe something will jog my memory” you answer. 

You slip by Newt and Tina who were still deep in conversation. You walked over to some tree, green stick creatures were on the tree. One perked up when it saw you and started crawling over to you. 

“Why hello there” you say to the little creature who was now on your hand. You stared at it for a while, making some light small talk. 

“Well you better go back to your tree little one” you tell it.

You move your hand towards the tree but the creature scampers up your arm and sits on your shoulder. 

“Oh alright. You can stay with me” you say. 

You hear chirping coming from across the tree. A nest lays parallel. You walk and peer into the nest. Little blue dragon beasts curled up like a spring were chirping at you. You cupped your hands and placed them down next to one of the creatures. It slithered into your hand and looks at you. You bring it closer to your face and smile while it keeps chirping at you. 

You wanted to pet it but something in the back of your mind said no. You didn’t know why but you listened to your head and set the little creature down. A shiny glint caught your eye. Curious, you walked over to discover what was causing the light. You were met with a chubby mole, platypus looking thing. You let out a tiny squeal, 

“Aren’t you just the cutest” you gush. 

You held out your hands and the creature jumped into your hands. You brought it to your chest and started scratching its belly. The beasts started pawing at the necklace chain you had. 

“Careful y/n, he may look adorable but he’s a little bugger” Newt says. 

You look up and see Newt leaning against the little guys habitat. 

“What is this thing?” you ask, still petting him. 

“He’s my Niffler. Nasty little pest” Newt replies. Newt holds out his hands for the niffler but the niffler just stares at him before turning back to you. 

“They really love you Y/n” Newt says. 

“I guess they do” you answer. You hear a tiny noise and look to your shoulder. The green creature sits happily. 

“You found my bowtruckles I see, Finn still remembers you” Newt observes. You give him a confused look. 

“Oh right, um before you lost your memory you made quite the impact on my creatures.” Newt says sadly. 

You stay silent, you wanted what you used to have with Newt but you just didn’t remember what that was. You could see he really cared for you. 

“I feel like I already know all of them” you admit, “This place, it’s like another home” Newt meets your gaze. 

“You know y/n, my animals could really use another parent” Newt confesses. 

“What?” you ask. 

“Come with me. We could go to England. They don’t have the same rules about muggles like here” Newt pleads. 

“W-what? Newt, My life is here. My things, my fiance for gods sake” you exclaim. 

“We can get your things, I-I need you y/n. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel anything last night. I am so in love with you. I won’t lose you again.” Newt says. 

You stand there in confusion. You didn’t have a job, your family didn’t live here but, Jason. You still had a life with him. 

“Newt, I love you I truly do but, I can’t just ditch my fiance the day before our wedding. I mean, I know he’s busy a lot but…I still love him too” you admit. Newt’s face fell, the tiny hope he had vanished. 

“You’re right, it was a stupid Idea anyway” he says sadly. 

He turns and starts to walk away. You felt torn. You could go home, get married to a man who doesn’t pay any attention to you or you could run away with a man you forgot about but you slept together and you felt some sort of connection. 

“Newt wait” You call out. He stops and turns around. 

“I-I’ll go with you” you say. 

Newt starts walking closer, “You will?” he asks. 

“Ill go to England with you” you repeat. 

A smile appears on his face, he runs to hug you but you stop him. 

“Newt! Niffler!” you say looking at the ball of fur in your arms. 

“Oh right sorry” Newt takes the niffler and puts him back in his burrow. He takes Finn off your shoulder and places him on his tree. 

“Now” Newt pulls you into a hug. 

“Oh how I love you y/n” he says. 

“I love you too Newt, I don’t need the past memories. I know now that I love you so much” you confess. 

Newt crashes his lips onto yours. You melted into his kiss and place your hands on the back of his neck. 

“But Newt, how are we supposed to get past MACUSA?” you ask. 

“We’ll find away, I promise” He reassures you. 

“I can’t believe I’m running away from my wedding with a wizard with a magical suitcase because it’s against magical law” you mumble to yourself. 

“Yeah but you love me” Newt jokes. He takes your hand and you start walking over to Tina and Queenie. 

“Are you ready to get yelled at by Tina?” you tease still holding on tight to Newt’s hand. 

“As long as I get to stay with you, I’ll take a million scoldings” Newt says dramatically. 

“How cliche” you say.

 Newt rolls his eyes and walks over to Tina. It might have been cliche but at this point, you could care less. You were together again and that’s all that mattered. 

This was so cringy I’m sorry. But this is the end of the Dream series. Hope yall liked it. 

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Headcannons for the blue beauty yondu! Introducing him to taco Tuesdays!!! Annnnnnd what he does when he accidentally hurts you!! I looooooove yondu he's such a badass but he's an adorable little bugger!!!! Thank you I lava your bloggggggg!!!

Lol that’s a funny one XD sure!!!! OMG him? HE’D FEAK OUT and care for you!!!

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I am here to inform you that the kiwi bird, which is native to Australia, is one of the best animals that has ever came opon earth.

That’s that one that doesn’t fly right??? With the long beak? Those are hilarious!! Aren’t they like, the logo for the NZ airforce or something? I remember John Oliver talking about how ironic that was since kiwis couldn’t fly xDD Adorable little buggers, though!!

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I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, including but not limited to:

1) Granting me a space to hide from reality when canon just can’t do it anymore

2) Allowing me into a bit of your marvelous head (I’m not creepy I swear) and wondrous imagination. I really don’t know how you guys can come up with such amazing plot and language.

3) Bringing me into new, spectacular worlds.

4) Giving me the opportunity to cry at something when I need to cry but the tears won’t come.

5) UNLOADING A SHIT TON OF FEELS ON ME. It feels good to finally feel something for a change, ya know.

6) Occupying my time, and making me live through/ interact through your characters, and make me forget that I am (again) home alone.

So okay I can go on and on but I’m finding it difficult to make sense now. Hehe. 

*Clears throat* anyway. I just wanna thank ALL FF writers out there (you know who you are you little ador(k)able buggers) for taking the time off to write such epics for the benefits of people like me. So I'mma do what I usually won’t have the courage to do and actually tag authors cause I normally am too intimidated by them (Hey I’m socially stunted).

People on AO3 whom I will probably not know… whatt?

celerysticks4life, kaiserklee, requetude, I think woahelsanna writes too… faythhymns, swashbuckling-pen, im-a-secret-targaryen, oikosyogurt, @heyreadysteadygo, seigetsu-ren​, exixiii​, Holy shit i think this is more than the number of friends I have in real life. Just how many fics do I readddd?! Anyway, @talkstopaintings, hi-im-elsa​, olivia-is-bored​ (I’m still depressed over Goodnight, Elsa), yollm​, athpluver​, hmselsanna​, rocketonthemoon​, @somethinginthenothing, ms-archer17​, arendelledrummajor, greenbright-eyes, invisiblecows, frostbug, pictureswithboxes, bri-ecrit, inchemistrywetrust, theodddaysout, @commas-and-ampersands

Yes, I did scroll through my favourited stories and tried to find every author on my fave’s list to thank them cause i obviously cannot reach every FF author.


Owl approves. I like this owl. Look at it. Its so cute.

I meant for this to be short. It took me 2 hours…AHHHHWEELLLL. Timr for bed.

Princess Bubblegum tried to find a comfortable position to stand in as she leaned against the bars of her cramped icy cage. A familiar face entered the chamber, carrying with him a not-so-familiar one. Ice King cooed at the infant he was holding in his arms as he shuffled towards PB.

“Hey Princess, the other day I found this adorable little bugger all alone in the woods. I figured since you’re so good at raising kids you could help me out here.” Princess Bubblegum was furious. “Then why kidnap me!? Why not just ask me like a decent person!” Ice King furrowed his brow. “Listen I had like twenty minutes before this little guy woke up from his nap. I didn’t have a lot of options sister.” PB sighed. “Ice King… this isn’t one of your penguins. This is a HUMAN boy. I don’t think you ca-” PB stopped mid-sentence. The infant nuzzled against Ice King’s robe and yawned. She saw the compassion in this withered old man’s eyes; something she never thought he had.

“What are you going to name him?” she asked calmly. “Ice King Jr. has a good ring to it.” “Uhm… how about something a little more distinct.” suggested PB. Ice King pondered, “Pen?” Ice King and Princess Bubblegum looked at each other and laughed. “Yeah… too dumb.” Princess Bubblegum had the next idea. “How about… Sigmund?” “Too… freudian.”

“I’ve got it!” said Ice King excitedly. He held the infant at arms length from his face. “I know just what I’ll name you.” smiled Ice King. The baby’s expression lightened, he smiled at his wrinkly caretaker. Ice King brought the baby back to his chest and tickled him with his fingers. “My son. My little baby Finn.” Finn squealed with laughter as he continued to be tickled by Ice King. “Oh you like that name don’t you!” “Okay Ice King,” said PB, losing her patience, “Can I go no-” “Come on Finny let’s get you tucked into beddy-bye.” With that Ice King exited the chamber. “Wait!” shouted PB, “LET ME OUT FIRST!” It was no use, Ice King was already out of earshot. “Scheiße…”


You’re probably like WTF is this about? Well I was being a giant Bird Nerd at Unfortunateplottwist and told her I would reveal my Bird of Prey headcanons for some glee characters (NYC crew for now)

Some are based on looks, and some on personality. (Warning: These are based entirely on North american raptors that I’m familiar with /Worked with)

Kurt: 100% Barn Owl (also known as the ghost owl or Valentine owl).  Tall, pale and elegant with a scream that would stop you in your tracks.They’re meticulous and graceful (though I’ve also seen them be huge goobers)

Blaine is an American kestrel. The littlest falcon, It still packs a predator’s fierce intensity into its small body. The males are super colorful. Look at those patterns! One of my favorite birds I worked with, they are adorably curious, scrappy little buggers. Alternatively, when grumpy, I think he’s an Eastern Screech owl.

Santana: Peregrine Falcon. Sleek, swift, and deadly. They strike fast and snap your neck before you know what’s hit you. The last one I worked with was an enormously uncooperative diva.

Rachel: Aplomado Falcon. Ok this one is based more on looks (NY Rachel) than personality. But it is a sharp, compact little falcon. Alternatively I think she could be a Northern Saw-Whet owl, who have huge voices for their tiny little bodies.

Sam: Ferruginous Hawk. This one is biased-ly based on the fact that the last Ferruginous I worked with was a huge Goober. Also they have a huge mouth :). Alternatively, Sam would also be a hilarious Burrowing Owl.

(Part 2 with Mercedes, Puck, and Quinn) 

Was that the weirdest glee post you’ve encountered?


Well, here goes nothing. I’ve been reading a lot (a lot) of fan fiction and prompts on otp Golly. Somewhere in my mind I remembered I love to write too and I got this crazy idea to try and write out one of the prompts I once send to one or more of the awesome Golly writers. So behold, below is this writing. Please do advice and give constructive criticism. Both on my display of characters as on my writing in general. I’ve written stories before but never based on existing characters so I hope I do them justice. Also, spelling fuck ups, please let me know. I use google translate and shit to minimise my mistakes but I’m always in fear of a major spelling fail or sentence construction, do let me know! Well no more slacking left: Here it goes, I hope you enjoy and either way have a good weekend!


Thank god this shift was over. The day hadn’t seem to end and Gail was still grumbling about the taxidriver who had thought that it was okay for him to speed because he “had experience with track racing” Idiot.

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