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can we please hear more about bitty and his flareon? please!!

Bitty loves his flareon and tbh so do I

  • He was very young when he got the egg. Like, five. It was a “let’s teach him responsibility” thing
    • He used to stare at it for hours hoping that it would hatch
    • It was the first thing he checked when he woke up in the morning and when he got back from school
    • Tiny Bitty was an adorable child okay
  • He was so excited when it hatched omg he spent, like, the entire day bouncing about the lil baby eevee and the eevee was like ??? okay and started bouncing too because why not?
  • He was so upset that pokemon weren’t allowed at school. He got so many detentions for sneaking the eevee in
  • The eevee had so much energy??? so much
    • It used to sprint up and down the house if it got excited
    • Also it ran into a glass door one, maybe five times
  • “The eevee isn’t allowed to sleep on your bed” said Bitty’s parents, to no avail
  • It took ages to evolve, but when it did it was much larger than a normal flareon
    • Bitty briefly considered setting it on his bullies
    • He liked to walk past places they’d be just so they knew that he had a giant, scary, flareon (even though the flareon is actually a huge sweetheart)
  • The flareon was the first “person” that Bitty came out to. Shitty was the second, years later
  • Bitty has used the flareon to cook food when he didn’t have access to ovens
    • It’s not ideal but it’s funny
    • S’mores are the absolute best though
  • The flareon still bounces all the time, like it learnt from tiny Bitty. Better, Jack’s glaceon has now picked up the habit. It’s hilarious

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought it’d be fun to do one for you guys again! Did I spend way too much time on the banner? Yes. Did I choose this Jensen photo bc he looks like a ridiculously adorable pouty child? Also yes. [x]


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