bluandorange replied to your postbecause of magical bullshit Bucky and Snowflake…

I was cracking up over Bucky going FINALLY! I AM FREE OF YOU, ADORABLE CHILD WHO Everyone adores and cares…for…oh shit. Stevie fucking help he’s the cutest ever this isn’t remotely fair



“You’ve been holding the kid for two hours.  Maybe let him go play with someone else?”

“No!  The only way anyone’s gonna notice me is if I’m holding him.  Besides, he’s cute.”


{How did my mom turn the spoon into an airplane? (Moms be like) #vinefamous #bestvine #filipinovinerrock #cute #adorable #funny}

Child: “ Moms be like!” [imitates sound of planes soaring] 

[normally]“It’s not the airplane. It’s just the spoon!”