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Some more soukoku ladies and gentlemen, cause with no more high school and no exams I have no life at the moment.

I have a headcanon that when Chuuya was little (er)  Kouyou used to dress him up in cute kimonos and take pictures of him

Dazai prob found a pic and uses it as blackmail material (but he secretly treasures it)

A lot of popular ‘80s and '90s toys are being transmogrified into feature films these days, from G.I. Joe to Transformers to the extremely loose interpretation of Teddy Ruxpin that was The Revenant. So it was only a matter of time before Hollywood turned its attention to Troll Dolls, those free-wheeling nudists with colorful hair and the cold black eyes of a great white shark.

The movie is predictably cute and cuddly … for about two minutes, until a bunch of grotesque monsters show up and start murdering and eating those adorable Trolls.

It turns out that the Trolls were originally farmed and feasted upon by this race of monsters. Luckily, the filmmakers find clever ways to strike a balance between establishing the Trolls’ history as victims of a genocide and delivering kid-friendly fun … such as having a decapitated Troll gush rainbow-colored blood.

Bizarrely, this is all because the monsters can only feel happiness after eating a Troll, leading them to devour the flesh of their cute prisoners once a year to stave off their depression – a surprisingly elaborate mythology for those genital-less hunks of plastic used to perk up office cubicles.

Movies That Were Waaaay Darker & Crazier Than Advertised


“Hey! What are you doi…”


“Jane, it’s just some carolers… keep sciencing.”


“Steve! Steve! Wait!”


“Did you mean it? That you really think I’m perfect?”

“I meant every single word.”

“I don’t think you’re gonna have to wait for this time next year. I think you’re kind of perfect too. An ‘adorably awkward troll of epic proportions’ perfect, but that’s my perfect.”

“Darce, are you serious?”

“No. Not at all.”

“You’re my ‘ridiculously sarcastic and gorgeous dame’ and that’s my perfect.”

“I know.”

“Happy holidays, Darce.”

“Happy holidays, indeed, Steven Grant.”

Happy Holidays to the lovely @wahwahwaffles​ ! From your Steve/Darcy Gift Exchange® :)

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This is the prefect gif of you @viridian99. Troll kitty!! HAHAHAHA. Poor Kojuro. He’s so over it in that edit of yours; the house is burning but he’s chill af, thanking me for ‘prudence and cooperation’. WHAT PRUDENCE AND COOPERATION? STOP SMILING. THERE’S A FIRE BEHIND YOU, BOI. 


(Official Disclaimer)

Holy cow, never ever ever let stress get to an INTP. They honestly cannot handle it. They must not be used to it or something, because in my experience INTPs freak out in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable and start micromanaging everything that moves. It’s truly horrifying. Like good grief, guys. An INTP I knew was freaking out so badly he was trying to micromanage a very, very capable team of two ENTJs and one ISTJ. Like, whoah… we’ve got this. Chillax.

Another thing INTPs can stumble on is not knowing when to back off the joke. INTPs have this adorable Super Troll hidden behind their cute little faces and innocent demeanors. Sometimes that’s great and funny and cool. Other times INTPs can take the joke way too far and create serious resentments and enemies. Just be careful.

Also, get your shit together. Being weeks behind on your homework is not cool. Pull it together, manage your time more wisely, realize that being busy is not a valid excuse (everyone is busy, guys), and turn your stuff in on time. This is for your own good, I promise. Punctuality is a life skill.