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Anna Kendrick has a casual singing problem.

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On the topic of fun cat names, my kittens are named Nacho and Feta. Collectively we call them the Cheese Heads or the Cheese Kitties. They are lovely.

Cats with food names are some of my favorites.  Some examples:

Anchovy: large gray domestic shorthair.  Likes to sit on the backs of chairs, screaming into headset mics and once ate an entire jar of gefilte fish in like 5 minutes before his mother noticed.

Donut: Small, cream-colored tabby and FAT.  Like, this cat is basically Orb.  He purrs hard enough that the armchair he sits in moves a couple inches a month.  Has terrible farts.

Beef: BUFF orange tabby. 22 lbs and not an ounce of fat. Likes to sit on/smother sleeping people, fighting houseplants and checking his ass out in the bedroom mirror. 

Gyoza: Siamese, but with extra leggy.  Screams, just in general.  Will lick your face if you have a 2AM panic attack on a friend’s couch.  Scared of birds.

Chimichanga: Longhair Tuxedo. Climbs walls and brings live snakes into the house, but also grooms your hair and plays fetch with nerf darts.

Baconweave: Black, looks like a cat that was drawn by a drunk artist who’s never seen a cat but had one described over the phone to them by a someone who also very drunk.   Barks, pulls Chinese food out of the fridge and goes through the Happy Family but only eats the tiny corn. Belongs to The Domestic Internet Troll,  who adores them.

I went to Norway for the Raptus festival last weekend and bought an adorable little troll figurine made of tree. It has a tiny little tail which I think is adorable so even though I love the long troll tails, stump ones like this are probably going to show up a lot from now on in my art.

REMEMBER THE EPISODE SUMMARY FOR 13X06, where TFW …”head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he comes face to face with a famous, gun-slinging outlaw.”


and i know it’s not the show and everything, but it’s kinda funny that Dean will have just got Cas back after grieving so heavily and they go on this western adventure….? J2 being giant adorable trolls?

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Things I Learned From the Junior Novel: EXCERPT FOUR

“Hey, anytime, Poppy,” Branch said. “See you in ten years. Or eleven. If you somehow survive, which seems unlikely.” 

Poppy sadly pulled the lever and on the elevator platform and rose back up the angled tunnel. 

Branch watched her go. He was left alone in the dim chamber. This gloomy underground bunker would be his only home for years. Though he didn’t want Poppy to know it, he secretly dreaded the loneliness. 

Light spilled into the room. Poppy was coming back! 

Chapter 9. Page 48

Oh Branch!! You absolute puppy!! The way it’s written, he sounds so genuinely excited that she came back.