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Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

Ever needed to hear about mad dad birds with enormous feet? Try THESE on for size:

What’s that you say? These are clearly the feet of a dinosaur, not a bird? WHY NOT BOTH?

This is Australia’s very own dinosaur, the second-largest bird in the world, the emu. Say hi!

They roam around Australia making ‘wonk-wonk’ noises under their breath and glaring at everything. And the dads take care of the babies! They sit on the eggs…

They look after the tiny stripey adorable things….

They look after the less tiny less adorable things…

And they even look after the great big menacing things that are almost as big as they are.

But here’s the catch. All emus look pretty much alike. Especially when you are a tiny stripey adorable thing. All you can see of your dad is is great big dinosaur feet (see picture #1). So there is one very unrealistic thing about all the adorable terrifying dinosaur family photos above:

I have never seen an emu family in the wild where all the babies are the same size.

Here is the reason!

Emu dad and his emu babies are roaming about wonking and glaring at everyone. Suddenly emu dad sees another emu dad! A threat!

Emu dads do some display threats with dancing and bouncing and fluffing and… look, it’s very serious business, okay?

If this does not work to see off one emu they might progress to actual fighting.

Oops, sorry, you wanted the dignified version. Here, have some ART:


Either way, this encounter will end up with one or both adult emus zooming away as fast as he can run. This is very fast.

This is the other thing they do besides wonking and glaring, by the way. They run. Fear the running emu.

Anyway, this leaves all the tiny and medium-sized and semi-large stripey things milling around making confused tiny “cheep? wonk?” noises and basically just following whichever pair of large feet they can find.


And so mostly when you see a male emu with a gaggle of youngsters at heel, they are all different sizes. Who knows whose they are? Not him! But he’s going to look after them anyway.

Fear him.

Tracer’s Next Girlfriend

 @leisha-riddel said to me, ‘I like that Tracer has a girlfriend, but I wish she had been a short, chubby, black girl’ 
Which made me realize, omg, that IS who Tracer would date! 

Tracer is a energetic runner, she’d totally want to come home to a cuddle buddy to cozy on the couch with. Someone who is way cuter than her and really likes tiny adorable things. She’d like someone short, that way Tracer is the one reaching the top plates! 

Also, Tracer is TOTALLY a butt girl

Giant tiny thing:

There’s a thing I’ve been thinking about.
Think if there was a borrower family who lived their own lives in a cozy home, until a family with abusive parents and a child moved in.
One day there’s a really rainy and dangerous day for the borrowers, and the father of the borrowers gets nearly killed if the human child didn’t find him and save him. The child soon befriends the borrower family after bringing the father back, and some day afterwards he starts to help them out. When the human’s parents is at their worst, the borrowers will try to comfort the human child, and not after a long time then the child is kind of like adopted into the tiny family. They take care of the child, and the child takes care of them.


More adorably tiny things found on the property: 1mm orb weaver spiderlings which newly hatched from their egg sac recently. They are either golden silk orb weavers or black & yellow garden spiders. I could not locate their egg sac to be sure. They have been on the move the last few days and show up in different places in one area of the property. But for now they seem to love the flowers in the planter on our picnic table. ♥

👉Arachnophobia? My arachnid photos have helped so many of my followers become far less afraid of spiders. Maybe they will help you too. Please note that all nature hate comments on my photos are not welcome & will be deleted! I take a lot of time photographing & IDing these creatures I would never harm them.👈

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