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Ever needed to hear about mad dad birds with enormous feet? Try THESE on for size:

What’s that you say? These are clearly the feet of a dinosaur, not a bird? WHY NOT BOTH?

This is Australia’s very own dinosaur, the second-largest bird in the world, the emu. Say hi!

They roam around Australia making ‘wonk-wonk’ noises under their breath and glaring at everything. And the dads take care of the babies! They sit on the eggs…

They look after the tiny stripey adorable things….

They look after the less tiny less adorable things…

And they even look after the great big menacing things that are almost as big as they are.

But here’s the catch. All emus look pretty much alike. Especially when you are a tiny stripey adorable thing. All you can see of your dad is is great big dinosaur feet (see picture #1). So there is one very unrealistic thing about all the adorable terrifying dinosaur family photos above:

I have never seen an emu family in the wild where all the babies are the same size.

Here is the reason!

Emu dad and his emu babies are roaming about wonking and glaring at everyone. Suddenly emu dad sees another emu dad! A threat!

Emu dads do some display threats with dancing and bouncing and fluffing and… look, it’s very serious business, okay?

If this does not work to see off one emu they might progress to actual fighting.

Oops, sorry, you wanted the dignified version. Here, have some ART:


Either way, this encounter will end up with one or both adult emus zooming away as fast as he can run. This is very fast.

This is the other thing they do besides wonking and glaring, by the way. They run. Fear the running emu.

Anyway, this leaves all the tiny and medium-sized and semi-large stripey things milling around making confused tiny “cheep? wonk?” noises and basically just following whichever pair of large feet they can find.


And so mostly when you see a male emu with a gaggle of youngsters at heel, they are all different sizes. Who knows whose they are? Not him! But he’s going to look after them anyway.

Fear him.

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)



AU where Pidge is the hacker in a group of badguy-type spies along with her colleagues Lance and Hunk, and Shiro is a rookie cop who’s constantly been trying to catch them as his special assignment but it’s tough because nobody’s ever seen them and they’re super elusive so all he has to go off is like rumors?? But then one heist went wrong and Pidge kinda got stuck so Shiro ends up catching her and ???? he’s so confused ?? that this tiny, adorable… thing??? is the socially deviant potty-mouthed hacker??? Until she opens her mouth and then he’s like okay yeah yep there it is, i see it now, got it.

(anyway he ends up not turning her in because he wants to use her as leverage to find the other two so he drags her everywhere and doesn’t let her out of his sight, but it’s kinda pointless because she’s a hardass who refuses to talk and– you know what, y’all know how those dumb romcoms go)

EDIT: You know what, she’s not a “badguy-type” hacker. She’s totally like a vigilante justice hacker, working on taking down shady but unfortunately legal businesses and people. Yep. 

EDIT EDIT: Please for the love of god, read this post instead. It got better.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I started writing it.


“Normally…I can cry with movies! These kind of movies when it’s like a team fighting for a championship or…you know, there is some connection there.”

(After the Flag, Le Mans 2012)

lordvitya  asked:

“Why would I look up when the brightest star in the galaxy is right in front of me?" (because b'awwwwwwwwww)

This is short and sweet. So frigging sweet it’s honestly kind of disgusting. And I love it.

“There you are.”

Quinn jumped and turned. Mara stood several meters away on the roof, her eyes glowing in the darkness.

“Forgive me, love; I required air.”

“And solitude and quiet,” she added, eyes twinkling as she smiled. “I understand. No one celebrates like the Thrasks celebrate. We have only one more night of this, fortunately.”

He stared, entranced, as she moved toward him. Her white and silver robes flowed ethereally about her in the evening wind, the fabric shimmering in the limited light so much that she seemed to be clothed in pure starlight. Mara was many things - his lord, his lover, the embodiment of all Quinn held dear and sacred in the Empire. That he could now add “wife” to that list still shocked him. He presumed that shock would lessen over time, but he felt certain he would never be able to think of her thusly without feeling at least a little bit of awe.

“I’m amused that, of all the places for you to go, you found the stairs leading out here,” she murmured as she slipped her arm into his, looking out over the pine forests surrounding her estate.

“Why is that?”

“You’re standing in one of my favorite hiding spots from my childhood,” she said. “I spent many evenings out here, sometimes meditating or sulking, sometimes just looking at the stars.”

“I hope it does not seem like I am brooding,” he began, but she silenced him with a hand on his cheek.

“Not at all,” she assured him. “Believe me, I’m aware of just how overwhelming a Thrask wedding can be.” She kissed his cheek and turned back to the dark forest and expanse of sky before them, Kaas’s two moons glowing majestically in a field of stars.

“Besides, I should thank you for pulling me out of doors on such a night.” She leaned back against him, his arms around her waist, and craned her neck to look upward. “It’s beautiful.”

The back of her head was nestled into the curve of his neck, the scent of her filling his nostrils and making his head swim.

“It is beautiful,” he agreed, turning his head slightly to press a kiss to her ear.

“You know I can tell you’re not looking at the sky, yes?” she asked.

“Why would I look up when the brightest star in the galaxy is right here in my arms?”

She turned in his arms to face him and slipped her arms around his neck, her glowing eyes warm when they met his.

“Marriage has made you sentimental, my captain.”

“I merely speak the truth, my lord,” he answered, rubbing his nose against hers.  

She used her hand on the back of his head to pull him in for a kiss. At length he pulled away slightly.

“We should return,” he murmured.

She nestled against him and his arms tightened around her of their own accord.

“In a moment,” she said.

He dropped a kiss on the top of her head and stroked her hair, content to hold her in the moonlight for as long as she wished.

so today I was out fucking around at a playground with my sister, you know, like an aDULT when this tiny precious curly haired child walked up to me and this kid she just

asked if I would be her friend??? and like I couldn’t say nO so I was like ‘yeah sure, did you want to play on this?’ gesturing to the springloaded pelican I had just been gracefully throwing myself around on for the past five minutes

so this random kid first wants me to be her friend, then wants me to swing the pelican around for her while she sat on it, and then apparently it’s hide and seek time so now I’m playing hide and seek with this random tiny adorable child

I had no idea who or where her parents were until a woman on a bench nearby apologised and said 'she does this sometimes’ like jesus christ this mum must have to have stranger danger talks with this kid like every week

also apparently I look like the kid’s older sister, who also has pink hair so, she must have just saw the hair and immediately associated it with FRIEND and honestly that makes so much smol child sense I’m crying

also hide and seek means she hides once I hide three times and the third time she gets to choose where I hide because she kept having trouble finding me (I was hiding extremely poorly like sticking my head out from behind a tree every five seconds kind of poorly but to be fair she was super hecking young so)

and then her mum took pity on me and said they had to go so this teeny little curly haired rascal ran over and gave me the biggest hug and like I’m dead now I died my soul left my body this adorable little tiny thing killed me 10/10 would play hide and seek again