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Ever needed to hear about mad dad birds with enormous feet? Try THESE on for size:

What’s that you say? These are clearly the feet of a dinosaur, not a bird? WHY NOT BOTH?

This is Australia’s very own dinosaur, the second-largest bird in the world, the emu. Say hi!

They roam around Australia making ‘wonk-wonk’ noises under their breath and glaring at everything. And the dads take care of the babies! They sit on the eggs…

They look after the tiny stripey adorable things….

They look after the less tiny less adorable things…

And they even look after the great big menacing things that are almost as big as they are.

But here’s the catch. All emus look pretty much alike. Especially when you are a tiny stripey adorable thing. All you can see of your dad is is great big dinosaur feet (see picture #1). So there is one very unrealistic thing about all the adorable terrifying dinosaur family photos above:

I have never seen an emu family in the wild where all the babies are the same size.

Here is the reason!

Emu dad and his emu babies are roaming about wonking and glaring at everyone. Suddenly emu dad sees another emu dad! A threat!

Emu dads do some display threats with dancing and bouncing and fluffing and… look, it’s very serious business, okay?

If this does not work to see off one emu they might progress to actual fighting.

Oops, sorry, you wanted the dignified version. Here, have some ART:


Either way, this encounter will end up with one or both adult emus zooming away as fast as he can run. This is very fast.

This is the other thing they do besides wonking and glaring, by the way. They run. Fear the running emu.

Anyway, this leaves all the tiny and medium-sized and semi-large stripey things milling around making confused tiny “cheep? wonk?” noises and basically just following whichever pair of large feet they can find.


And so mostly when you see a male emu with a gaggle of youngsters at heel, they are all different sizes. Who knows whose they are? Not him! But he’s going to look after them anyway.

Fear him.


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)



Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

so today I was out fucking around at a playground with my sister, you know, like an aDULT when this tiny precious curly haired child walked up to me and this kid she just

asked if I would be her friend??? and like I couldn’t say nO so I was like ‘yeah sure, did you want to play on this?’ gesturing to the springloaded pelican I had just been gracefully throwing myself around on for the past five minutes

so this random kid first wants me to be her friend, then wants me to swing the pelican around for her while she sat on it, and then apparently it’s hide and seek time so now I’m playing hide and seek with this random tiny adorable child

I had no idea who or where her parents were until a woman on a bench nearby apologised and said 'she does this sometimes’ like jesus christ this mum must have to have stranger danger talks with this kid like every week

also apparently I look like the kid’s older sister, who also has pink hair so, she must have just saw the hair and immediately associated it with FRIEND and honestly that makes so much smol child sense I’m crying

also hide and seek means she hides once I hide three times and the third time she gets to choose where I hide because she kept having trouble finding me (I was hiding extremely poorly like sticking my head out from behind a tree every five seconds kind of poorly but to be fair she was super hecking young so)

and then her mum took pity on me and said they had to go so this teeny little curly haired rascal ran over and gave me the biggest hug and like I’m dead now I died my soul left my body this adorable little tiny thing killed me 10/10 would play hide and seek again

Now that the baby is growing at a slightly less frantic pace, I can finally try to catch up with the sewing. And since this is my last shot at clothing someone who doesn’t have Opinions on the matter, I fully intend to knock myself out with baby clothes for the next year or so :-D

(I really have no idea why tumblr is blurring the picture like that; it looks fine when you click on it? Why, tumblr?)

Bts when their girlfriends puppy are scared of them

Notes: This happened to my house mate, she is the nicest and sweetest person in the universe, but this one puppy was just terrified of her.


You really think that Seokjin would accept that a puppy hated him? He would try and win it’s hard the best way he knew… Food, which meant you should probably take the little thing for some more walks! A lot more walks, Seokjin might not succeed in making the puppy less scared of him… But he did manage to make you do a lot more exercise than you originally planned for!

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“I promise it is good, all you have to do… is walk over here and take it from my palm.”


So people can say what ever they want about Yoongi might not being the best person in the world at expressing his feelings, but nobody would ever doubt that this man loves dogs.
He was so happy when he heard that you were getting a puppy, that meant that your dogs could play together! Holly could get a playmate! And then he came and visited you the first night you had it, and every time he got close to it started whining, and that never stopped. 

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“No! I’m good to dogs! Tell him Holly! I’m nice to dogs!”


As part of team sunshine, Hoseok likes the fact that he is seen as the happy and funny guy. He is a nice person! Why does a tiny adorable dog he just want to cuddle and never let go hate him? Why is it scared of him! He never in his life had anything be scared of him! Mostly he is the one scared of everything! For Hoseok it would be a really really weird! And he had no idea what to do!

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“Is this how animal’s feel when I’m scared of them? Why I am worried about”


Namjoon would do a shit ton of googling! There had to be some way to fix it right?! But no matter what forum he tried to ask everybody just accused him of beating the puppy! Which he would never do, he was even to scared to pick it up when you first got it!

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“Do I look like a puppy beater? Is that a thing I just look like?”


Jimin would not accept it, he would refuse! Even if it meant bribing the puppy with treats! He would not accept that this little amazing creature! He would not accept it! Get ready for Jimin spending all the time he possible could at your place trying to convince your tiny puppy that he wasn’t something to be afraid of!

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“Look at me! I’m cute! You are cute, think about we it! We could be cute together!”


This is basically his worst nightmare! A puppy is scared of him! Like he would basically be ready to part the oceans for that to stop, the only thing worse would be two puppies hating him. Get ready for Taehyung walking around your place like he was scared that he would break anything.

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“Just kill me… This is the end… There is no going from here.” 


Jungkook would be pouting in a corner, he is a likeable guy? Right… RIGHT? The fact that it was a tiny little adorable thing that was scared of him made it all worse, he would never hurt anybody.
Every time he came over he would be pouting at the puppy sending it puppy eyes to make it maybe not be scared of him this time! It never worked…

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“I know you are tiny! I am good with tiny things I promise! Like I haven’t broken Jimin!”

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Klaroline + they find out dragons exist/aren't extinct when Caroline accidentally finds herself with a pet dragon

More of the mini drabble prompts from a couple weeks ago! I went full on with the magic school thing here. Sorrynotsorry.

Have It All

When Caroline’s newest student, a young boy from a coven in remote part of Sweden that was exhibiting abilities his parent’s didn’t know how to deal with, had shown up with a blue enameled box as a gift Caroline hadn’t been able to turn it down. He’d smiled, sweet and shy, and told her in heavily accented English that he was looking forward to beginning to learn and left the box on her desk while one of her assistants set out to introduce him to the other kids in his age group.

She’d studied the box for a minute, held it up to the light to admire the vivid blues and swirling silvers that decorated it. It had been remarkably heavy, she’d noted and she’d been searching for a latch when someone had knocked at her office door.

Running a school meant precious little time to kick back and relax, Caroline had found. She was forever on her feet putting out (sometimes literal) fires. She’d set the box aside once she’d returned to her office, buckled down to do some of her endless piles of paperwork, and forgotten all about it

Until it had begun to move. On its own.

Now, a couple years ago Caroline might have screamed bloody murder. Her nerves were made of sterner stuff now that she was often surrounded by tiny people with extreme, sometimes uncontrollable, power at their disposal. She merely pushes back her chair, eyeing the box perched innocently on a bookshelf under the window.

She’d been subject to a prank or two and while little Valter Andersson didn’t seem the type to attempt to make an entrance but maybe that had been on purpose, an attempt to lull her into a false sense of security by hiding his true shit disturber nature.

Magical kids were definitely crafty.

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I have this weird concept that Ronnie would have like major allergies, and the heathers don't know what to do because they've never been around this. Also that ronnies sneezes are the most tiny and adorable things ever.

the first time she sneezes, they’re all snickering at how adorable it is. by the third, they’re a little concerned. after the fifth in an hour, veronica insists she’s fine but they don’t believe her and mcnamara insists on going to the nurse w her. after finding out that veronica is just suffering from allergies, she blows up the groupchat with videos of kitten sneezes and keeps tagging them as veronica.