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Colors {Michael Mell x Reader}

request: anonymous asked:Can I request one of those soul mate aus with when they lock eyes or touch or something like that they finally see color? Michael x reader? Also your blog is amazing love you!


warnings: bullying, swearing, cute shit

word count: 2555

The world that you lived in was a very strange one. Devoid of color and aching to be loved, maybe people were desperate to find their soulmate, so that they could be allowed to see the incredible, beautiful world that awaited those in love.

You, however, were afraid.

Your shades of grey were familiar. The smokiness of your favorite sweater, the slate of your eyes, the silveriness of your hair - all of it was going to change someday. What if you didn’t like it?

From what you’d heard of the greatness of love, though, it might be worth it. So what if your entire world changes? Does it really matter anyway?

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