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So, I really only discovered ice hockey this season, and I FUCKIN LOVED IT, but I feel like I'm really missing out for not knowing who all the pens boys are, so if you have time/inclination to take pity on me and maybe give me a quick rundown on the who's who of the pens in terms of name, nickname, number and maybe fun facts? Also, the boys won and I'm so proud I can't even <3

alright i’m gonna try to keep this short but i love every single one of them with my whole entire heart so srry if it gets rambly

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So I may be watching this fight to the Stanley Cup a bit more closer than I generally would.

I may have fallen in love with a tall feisty Russian player on that road. (And his fancy little hockey husband >_>)

I may have started writing a fic about Jack speaking in broken English because of said Russian hockey player and I’m currently conflicted in finishing it or not because it’s so past my Jack comfort level; he’s turned into an adorable immigrant that’s bad at English but really just a gentle giant that has a first meeting with Brock and the moment ends up pissing Brock off but they become friends soon after.  I can’t even deal with it and this fic has gone from a 2k mark to past 8k I don’t know what my life is anymore. >:(

Important Russian Words/Phrases

I’m saving these for the day I meet Artemi Panarin. You know, just in case:

  • Hello          Здравствуйте   (zdrastvooyte

  • Goodbye               До свидания   (da sveedaneeya)

  • Yes          Да   (da)

  • No          нет   (net)

  • What’s your name?          Как Вас зовут?   (Kak vas zavoot?)

  • My name is…           Меня зовут…   (Meenya zavoot…)

  • How are you?           Как поживаешь?   (Kak pazhivayesh?)

  • I’m fine           Прекрасно   (Preekrasna)

  • Thank you           Спасибо   (Spaseeba)

  • You’re welcome           Пожалуйста   (Pazhalooysta)

  • Nice to meet you           Приятно познакомиться   (priyatno poznakomit'sya)

  • Do you speak English?           Вы говорите по-английски?   (Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?)

  • Do you like America?           Вы как Америка?   (Vy kak Amerika?)

  • You are a great hockey player           вы великий хоккеист   (vy velikiy khokkeist)

  • You are adorable           Вы очаровательны  (Vy ocharovatel'ny)

  • I love you           я тебя люблю   (ya tebya lyublyu)


**DISCLAIMER** I do not speak Russian. These are rough translations I acquired from the internet. So, I apologize if some of them are slightly off. I also linked a video to most of the basic words to help with pronunciation.