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if you need a pick-me-up, this is a prime example of Colin Firth being a dorky gentleman, complete with button allergy and jibes at Hugh Grant’s expense.

Crap. Actually, I had more…

I actually am a huge fan of how they’re giving Waverly and Nicole actual flaws? Like they’re making them actually three dimensional characters. Insteado f like cutesy perfect and adorable and shit and wholly unrealistic of any human being. Waverly /is/ impulsive. Like crazy, stupid impulsive. Have her problems this entire season is riding off impulse instead of taking three seconds to think. Don’t touch the goop. Talk to Nicole. Talk to NICOLE. Talk to Wynona. Don’t run off to be the hero. She acts without thinking. She actually almost loses her hand because of that too. She just does. Panic kissing rosita. Totally in character because she is that, and then slowly she is realizing why this is fucking up her life.

Nicole has a chip on her shoulder the size of her hat. She desperately wants to be the hero. To prove herself. She is uber protective. Stupidly paladin-like and thinks very much in terms of honor and keeping things tight to the chest. Instead if lying, she wont say things. Which isn’t bad when you are just pining on the cute waitress, but fucks it up when you have her and don’t want to fuck it up by being able to open up. 

It’s actually why they’re good together. Waverly is a puppy, while Nicole is able to pull back on the leash and actually sit and think. I actually want to see that explored later. But yeah, that’s all I got. 

I’m honestly happy.

GOT7 react to their s/o being a savage-badass rapper on stage, but goofy and cuddly when you’re with them

Request is always open~ :)
I hope you mean ‘them’ as in GOT7
if not, you can request again ^^

Mark - at home, both of you are the goofiest couple on the planet. Like you guys would reply to one another with lame ass pun and end it with the derpiest look you could muster. So, Mark is in total comfort zone being around you without having to doubt himself by looking like a total idiot. 

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Jaebum - oh yeah!! This is what you guys are totally doing most of the weekends together because having ‘idgaf’ attitude on stage all the time is so tiring, especially with him taking the role of a leader. So, to see you being goofy, cuddly and all when you guys are alone is such a breath of relief for him.

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Jackson - If he was just a mere colleague in this music industry and sees you behind the stage in like MuBank or sorts, he’d find you very intimidating because of your resting bitch face and your ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude… But since he knows you better and personally, instantly he remembers how you’re the goofiest and adorable human being on this planet. Also, the perfect cuddle partner for him to be cuddling with on a rainy day - even on the sunniest day.

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Jinyoung - To watch and hear you joke something like “What do you call a bear with no teeth?” and him not getting the answer quite right. Then only for you to tell him it’s “A gummy bear” really cracks him up but at the same time, he finds you very professional and admirable for not bringing work back home, and he can see you being carefree - also childish at times.

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Youngjae - He’s the perfect person to go home to, only because he’s as much as the goofball that you are, and he’s too precious to be left at home alone. But that aside, out of all your friends, he’s the only one who can strip away your badass rapper image you have on stage when you’re with him. I mean, just look at him!  

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Bambam - This meme worth looking boy is the reason why you can never be serious like you are on stage. And he knows it too, which is why he’d do whatever it takes to make you smile and that is by turning you into a goofball like him. Cuddling session with you is the best when you’re let loose from your duty of being an intimidating rapper. “Bambam likey!”

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Yugyeom - He doesn’t care if you have this ice queen image of a rapper on stage because once off stage, he’d make you dance as silly as this. Being goofy around him is easy, I mean, just look at this boy wiggling-wiggling like he has no worry in the world. 

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“Have you ever met someone and they’re so fucking perfect in every way; And maybe they aren’t perfect to everybody, but to you they’re just absolutely amazing. The way they laugh and smile and talk and think and look and just everything about them and everything they do just keeps amazing you.” (x)

TV Show Recommendation: KILLJOYS

Frigging Killjoys!!! Watch Killjoys!! Watch it!!!

Okay so basically if you like scifi, like proper actual scifi, badass woc leads, great fight scenes, well placed humour, amazing plot, stunning visuals and an excellent cast then watch this show! I can not express my love for it enough <3

Okay, breaking it down….

This is team awesome force (left to right: John Jaqobis, D’avin Jaqobis and Dutch):

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They are Reclamation agents, or RAC agents, or Killjoys (hence the title of the show). A Killjoy is an intergalactic bounty hunter, they are essentially a supposedly neutral party that works in and around the Quad which is run by the Company.

There are 5 Killjoy levels, the first 3 are generic jobs, 4 is a dead or alive warrant and a 5 is the highest level and a kill warrant.

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This is the Quad.

The main planet is Qresh, it is where the elite, upper class citizens of the Quad reside, namely the 9 families who control the ruling company and essentially the whole Quad. 

Then there is Leith, one of Qresh’s three moons. It is a tranquil looking farming moon with the more middle class citizens inhabiting it. 

The 2nd moon is Westerley where our badass heroes spend most of their time when they aren’t in space, it isn’t nearly as nice and on it resides the labouring force of the Quad, the less well off residents. 

Lastly there’s Arkyn, but it is very much uninhabitable due to an error when terraforming. 

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This is Dutch, the definite lead, she’s a gorgeous, smart, confident badass with a very troubled past that is one of the main focuses of the show. 

Dutch is played by the wonderful Hannah John-Kamen.

She’s the first and only ever Killjoy to start on level five, the highest and best level to be.

She very much asserts herself in charge and the boys know it.

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Dutch may be flirty, but she could quite easily kill you in high heels.

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These are the Jaqobis brothers, the other two members of team awesome force. 

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This John Jaqobis.

John is played by Aaron Ashmore who you may know as the adorkable Jimmy Olsen (Smallville) or Steve Jinks (Warehouse 13)

Johnny is an adorable, dorky, perfect human being who is Dutch’s bff after he tried to steal her ship and she tried to shoot him in the crotch 6 years prior to the start of the series. Fun.

Trust me, this is the most platonic friendship on TV; they know everything about each other and would happily lay down their lives for each other but are in no way ever romantically involved.

Johnny is also a level 3 RAC agent.

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Johnny also has a great sense of humour and is the definite cinnamon roll of the group. But if you hurt him, you face the wrath of both Dutch and his older brother.

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This is D’avin Jaqobis

He’s played by openly gay actor Luke Macfarlane (Brothers and Sisters)  

D’av used to be a military man, left home for over 7 years and didn’t see Johnny once. When you first meet him he’s got a level 5 warrant out on him which Dutch and Johnny have to set right. 

D’av is definitely damaged, very protective and would do anything for his brother. 

He is also a level 4 Killjoy and also a total badass, they’re all total badass’.

Minor but still important characters:

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This is Pawter, a stunning exciled Qreshe doctor who helps the team and is amazing in every single way.

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This is Delle Seyah Kendry, of one of the 9 families.

She’s a manipulative, cunning, crafty Qreshe with definite hots for Dutch.

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This is Alvis and his banter with D’av.

Alvis is a scar back monk with very deep resistance ties and a past with Dutch.

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This Pree: very gay, very fabulous, very judging you. 

Pree owns the bar the Royale in Old Town in Westerley where the gang goes to drink. 

Pree is precious and must be protected at all costs.

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This Khlyen, we don’t like Khlyen. 

Khlyen was Dutch’s tutor as a child, he’s a manipulative, possessive asshole. 

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There is also Lucy, the sarcastic lovable systems computer on board their ship that totally has favourites (*cough* Johnny *cough*). 

Everybody loves Lucy.

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This Clara, I’m only adding her because I love her, and Alice. 

She’s part woman, part machine, full badass.

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This ended up a lot longer than I expected it to, but in short: 


It honestly breaks my heart to see this inevitable fallout from SDCC. Melissa Benoist is an absolutely perfect Kara Danvers. She is an adorable human being and such a good actress and I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. But I’m seeing a lot of people censoring her name, or thinking about who they’d replace her with, and I completely understand it. I honestly feel the same way. I’m so upset at Melissa for participating in the mockery and then staying silent when words mattered, because it’s tainted the way we see her. We can’t look at her without feeling that stab of betrayal now. What was once a beautiful and joyous ship has now become associated with the deep pain of homo/biphobia. This goes for the rest of the cast as well (except Katie, Chyler, and Floriana). We can’t read a fic mentioning Space Dad and feel that same affection toward him anymore, knowing he thinks homophobia can be excused by being tired. We can’t look at a photoset with Melissa and want to protect the Space Puppy anymore, because it’s we who need protecting from her. We can’t even go in the supercorp tag anymore, because it’s filled with straight people and their straight opinions regarding how they think we should feel about what happened.

I am only just beginning to feel ready to read clexa fics again. I know for a lot of people, the hurt settles in and stays for a long time. I hope this all works itself out soon, because I’m tired of seeing people hurting, and of seeing people hurting each other.

Lgbt+ deserve better. I love you

honestly i have a crush on every single person in the cast of star wars

Airi is just a perfect human being. Beautiful, talented, adorable, great with her studies and life as an idol. How could she balance idol work and school? And now, a future soloist! I was a fan of her since 2008 so seeing her grow was amazing. Keep being perfect Airi!