adorable on so many levels

okay so the thing about the cursed child (if the plot summaries are true and if they’re not i’ll thank the heavens and take back every bad word) is that…i mean, i’m laughing about it. it’s ridiculous. the whole thing to me has to be an epic joke because if it isn't—well, i don’t know, man, but i’m pretty pissed off? the amount of time and effort i spent trying to write next gen fic over the past few years that was consistent with the universe, with the characters, whilst also trying to make it interesting and not full of cliches?

and, i don’t know, i always kind of figured that any official material would try to demonstrate some of that same sensitivity. the amount of effort i know myself and others put in and…look. i love jack thorne’s work and i’m thrilled about him writing the scorpio races adaptation. i adored glue on so many levels. but i am so, so insulted and disappointed by the cc plot. the whole thing has the general air of an overkeen and self-indulgent 13 year old who thinks only about what would be SUPER COOL and not what actually…makes sense….within the universe….

it’s kind of a kick in the teeth to the time and effort put in by all the fans who’ve poured their hearts into writing next gen fic that fits with the world and the rules jkr defined. and instead of doing the same thing, this “official continuation” just does a backflip over logic and sensitivity and characterisation and ollies out with its middle fingers up