adorable matt being adorable


Magnus’ thumb caressing Alec’s hand. *sigh* :3


tord’s psuedo-bull horn hairstyle wasn’t entirely useless


Answering the question: Who are your dream opponents (who not dead or retired)?

[hahahaaa it’s totally fine the way Kenny laughs and smiles (and gazes off into space) at the idea of a match between the Golden Lovers and the Young Bucks, and then his smile goes away]


David Tennant and Graham Norton - down through the years


Your whole life, you have prided yourself on the fact that you don’t lie. And now I’m sitting here, accusing you of grave judicial misconduct and your only response is to ask me where I got the idea? Tell me I’m wrong, Dad. Please, tell me you didn’t get to where you are on the back of a man who’s gonna die. Tell me I’m wrong. You can’t, can you?