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Steph. There's a post going around arguing that our John doesn't love Sherlock but despises him (it's not an anti johnlock post tho) and it made me ridiculously sad. Can you give some examples of John loving Sherlock? :( It really bothered me

Yeah, Nonny, I saw that one too. While I can understand where the argument lies, Uhhhh I just don’t see it the way they do. I’ve written a similar meta before, but I never broke it down before. This isn’t all of them, just a short little list…for instance:

  • FIRST OF ALL: JOHN’S BLOG. If I didn’t know that it was official, I would have thought it was a fan-site. It’s terribly romantic and John essentially fawns over Sherlock in almost every entry. Read especially the entries done during the hiatus. They’re… just… JOHN, PLEASE.
  • Martin’s acting. Just, every time John is around Sherlock, his face does 300 different emotions, but the most blatant is lust / adoration / incredulity. 
  • Anytime the show is in John’s POV, it’s just… Sherlock is this ethereal being that John “can look but not touch”.
  • THE FUCKING PILOT. Just… The whole Pilot. John is literally one step away from jumping Sherlock in a back alley. And the really gay rooftop music. Just. Listen to that and be amazed at how gay that is. That’s ALL from John’s POV. AND John had this look on his face:
  • ASIP:
    • John had a limp until Sherlock came into his life and gave it new meaning.
    • John has trust issues – Mycroft confirms this and says John doesn’t trust easily – yet for some reason he was okay with Sherlock. “And the madman himself? He’s fascinating.”
    • He hits on Sherlock the first night. Granted this isn’t a sign of love, but dear god John had no idea that one little thing and rejection would start his endless pining.
    • Laughing against the wall together, and in awe at Sherlock curing his limp.
    • The eye sex. Good god, the eye sex. 
    • He stands up to Mycroft DEFENDING Sherlock and he has no idea who Mycroft is or what he’s capable of.
    • Even though he didn’t know Sherlock that long, he ran after Sherlock when the phone pinged.
    • He killed a man for Sherlock after knowing him for only about 24 hours, and had no guilt about it.
  • TBB
    • His PIN is “SHER”. Like at this point he’s only known Sherlock for a couple months and he already changed his PIN to “SHER”???? COME ON, JOHN, PLEASE.
    • He goes after Sherlock rather than protect Soo Lin, because he is worried Sherlock will hurt himself.
    • Spends his whole date with Sarah thinking about and talking to Sherlock. He constantly checks over his shoulder to see Sherlock’s reactions to literally everything.
    • And this was all after he just constantly lingers his gaze over Sherlock for the first half of the episode.
    • Eye sex.
  • TGG
    • He has incredible guilt about the blog post that causes the Yard to make fun of Sherlock.
    • “I thought you would have been flattered”. Literally John is hurt that Sherlock seemingly doesn’t like his blog. They had a fucking DOMESTIC because of a BLOG POST and John’s hurt feelings. Hashtag MARRIED.
    • John races back to Baker Street from Sarah’s AFTER SHE’S SUGGESTIVE WITH HIM just to make sure Sherlock is okay.
    • John’s jealousy towards Jim flirting with Sherlock.
    • *sighs* EYE SEX.
    • John was willing to kill The Golem for Sherlock.
    • John, strapped to a bomb vest, took an opening and grappled and held on tight to Moriarty, told Sherlock to run. Essentially, he was willing to sacrifice his body to a slurry of gunfire and an explosion if only Sherlock would be safe from Moriarty.
    • “People would talk.” Why does that concern you so much, John.
    • Then, John was willing to die with Sherlock, without hesitation. They shared one single look and it was done.
  • ASiB
    • John’s jealousy throughout the entire episode; he wouldn’t be jealous if there wasn’t some latent pining.
    • MORE eye sex and toffee eyes, or John looking like a kicked puppy for half the episode because he is sad that Irene seems to have taken his place.
    • John essentially gives up dating in this episode.
    • John goes on a case for Sherlock because Sherlock was too lazy to go on his own.
    • John checking out Sherlock in a sheet. 
    • Followed by them being silly.
    • The unnecessary tackle.
    • John had a date the night that Irene drugged Sherlock, but John stayed home to take care of Sherlock instead. Oh and the bum pat. JOHN, PLEASE.
    • John’s concern about Sherlock’s danger night has him teaming up with both Mrs Hudson and Mycroft.
    • John decided to try to pick up Sherlock again, only to be cock-blocked by Irene.
    • Even though he was with Jeanette, John consistently pays more attention to Sherlock at Christmas, eventually driving Jeanette to call John out on his obsession with Sherlock, naming Sherlock as her “competition”.
    • Irene knows EXACTLY what John likes. 
    • John confronts Irene and tells her to tell Sherlock she’s alive, because he hates seeing Sherlock upset; he thinks Sherlock was grieving about her, and not over his confused feelings John.
    • Irene essentially tells John HE LOVES SHERLOCK. She compares herself to him, AND JOHN DOESN’T DENY IT, but silently acknowledges that yes, he and Sherlock are a couple.
    • John wants to talk about what happened at Battersea, but Sherlock denies him because Sherlock’s scared of his own feelings and thinks he’s protecting John from Moriarty by keeping him at arm’s length.
    • John thinks Sherlock would be hurt to discover that Irene is for-real dead this time, so he chooses to lie, because John doesn’t want Sherlock to go into a sad fit again. John chose the “kinder” option, and then gives Sherlock what he wants when he asks for the phone even though it is not allowed.
  • THOB
    • John goes on a holiday with Sherlock. Just… they go on a holiday. There’s no argument about it, just… they go.
    • John doesn’t deny that he and Sherlock are together when the Innkeeper assumes they are together, rather he deflects, because it’s too close to the truth.
    • John pulls rank to show off to Sherlock for a change.
    • The cheekbones and the coat collar, essentially revealing that he stares at Sherlock all the time.
    • John forgives Sherlock for his brashness, experimentation, and ignorance of John.
  • TRF
    • Eye sex.
    • Another “people will talk” comment when they hold hands, and THEN John still holds onto Sherlock’s sleeve while Sherlock is babbling on.
    • John’s anger at both Kitty and Jim, defending Sherlock’s honour.
    • The rooftop exchange between the two and John’s unwavering faith in Sherlock (“I know you for real”).
    • John’s complete breakdown at seeing Sherlock dead.
    • The graveyard. Fuck.
  • MHR 
  • TEH
    • John physically goes to Baker St. to “move on”. John couldn’t, in 2 years, bring himself to stay at Baker Street because it reminded him too much of Sherlock. Mrs Hudson calls him out on how he was “after” and John doesn’t say anything. Then he is angry about the comment that they were a couple because THEY WEREN’T. He blames himself for Sherlock’s death. 
    • To “move on”, John jumps into a relationship to get over Sherlock believing that his miracle would never come, only to have Sherlock come back at the worst moment and Mary manipulate John into a proposal.
    • Donde Estas, Yolanda? This song pretty much is John’s heart speaking.Actually, most of the music selection is really very “John” and his inner turmoil of trying to understand if he should try to make a move on Sherlock. Music in Sherlock is always important; it’s always projecting the feelings of either John or Sherlock on a subtextual level.
    • More eye sex.
    • John returning to Baker Street on his own, before the bonfire, dressed in his old outfit… It’s the only time in the whole episode he dresses like “pre-S3” John"… And his oscillation on the pavement and all that. 
    • And John’s RETURNS to 221b a second time. Because he can’t stay away.
    • I know it doesn’t look like it, but John forgave Sherlock.
    • “I was hooked. He’s like a drug.” JOHN, PLEASE.
    • #SherlockLives means #JohnWatsonLives. JOHN H. WATSON, PLEASE.
  • TSo3
    • SURPRISE! More eye sex and toffee eyes.
    • Stag night, pretty much all of it. It’s clear John is trying to loosen Sherlock up to make him more receptive to John’s advances. John tries to hit on Sherlock one more time before the marriage, but Sherlock was too drunk to understand what was happening. John assumes, with finality, that Sherlock doesn’t want him that way.
    • The obviously staged tumble forward to grab at Sherlock’s knee, followed by, “I don’t mind” and an indifferent shrug.
    • “I’m there if you want it.”
    • John’s first reaction to Sherlock’s adorable confusion after the best man speech was to hug Sherlock; he loves him so much that he is very moved by Sherlock’s admission to the whole of the room to how much John means to Sherlock. John even cried beforehand, and you can just SEE his FUCKING FACE glow every time he looks at Sherlock.
    • John ALSO grabs and holds Sherlock’s neck not once but twice in this episode.
    • John cluing in at the end of the episode that Sherlock does indeed feel something more for John when they share a look, and not being able to deal with his mistake, so he no-homo’d out of there because it hurt too much.
  • HLV
    • Only a month into their marriage, John is having wet dreams about Sherlock, and is visibly disappointed when Sherlock is not the one at the door.
    • John contacts Mycroft when Sherlock is overdosed.
    • Only to kick him out shortly after because he is upsetting Sherlock.
    • He tries to make Sherlock laugh and succeeds.
    • John’s jealousy once again, this time over Janine.
    • John’s longing looks to Sherlock.
    • John’s subtle “I want to come, too” when Sherlock mentions the case.
    • When John is searched at the flat, he makes a joke about his dick IN FRONT OF SHERLOCK to another man.
    • John’s immediate reaction to Sherlock being shot.
    • John’s off-screen acceptance to let Sherlock show him the truth about his murderer.
    • Mary knew that John loved Sherlock. It’s the whole reason she needed Sherlock gone, because John was starting to stray.
    • She didn’t want John to name the baby.
    • “John, you are addicted to a certain lifestyle. You’re abnormally attracted to dangerous situations and people.” [x]
    • Not really confirmed, but fandom assumes John left to stay at Baker Street during the 6 months we haven’t seen to care for Sherlock.
    • John’s acceptance at Sherlock’s plan for Appledore, even though it’s Christmas.
    • John not even flinching at the “damsel in distress” line.
    • John begrudgingly allowing himself to be flicked in the face just because Sherlock begged him to.
    • John’s horrified expression when Sherlock kills someone for him.
    • The Tarmac Scene, pretty much the whole thing. It’s set up like Casablanca’s plane scene, and John knows he has to let Sherlock go; he fumbles to find the right words to say to Sherlock. John, though, knew exactly what Sherlock was going to / wanted to say, and I think it hurts him that Sherlock never admitted his feelings.
  • TAB 
    • Because this episode takes place entirely in Sherlock’s head, I don’t think we should really include it in this list, but I’m going to anyway, since Sherlock actually picked up on John’s love for him. He knows that John will accept him regardless of his faults if he confessed his love for him. I think this is why S4 doesn’t sit right with me, because it completely diverted from this HUGE revelation that Sherlock had made in TAB.
    • Sherlock understands that John will always choose him, in the end. Again, another thing that makes S4 so OOC.
    • Also something that should be noted, running on the assumption that the modern scenes may possibly be real, John is concerned about the overdose and the fact that it could kill Sherlock.
    • Mycroft’s plea to John signifies that Myc knows about how much John cares for Sherlock.

And these are a crapshoot, because the whole series did a 180˚ with the narrative and John’s character. I’m so angry because I don’t believe for one second John would choose Mary over Sherlock. Anyway, here goes:

Granted, it gets less and less obvious in S3 and S4; S3 because I believe that we are in Sherlock’s POV and he perceives his relationship with John differently, and in S4 because I believe that S4 is a false narrative and it literally took great pains to keep them separated for some stupid reason.

Finally, I’ve also written about why John loves Sherlock in past posts, because of similar discourse:

I hope all of these help you feel better, Nonny, and please, everyone, I most likely will have missed many-a-point, so please add to them – I study Sherlock’s character more than John’s, so I have a harder time seeing John’s cues!

do you ever just want to cry because jason momoa is a real person? he looks so big and scary and he could also snap you in half if he hugged you too hard but he’s so goofy and adorable, he just really loves guinness and his family and if he stood on your foot, he’d probably apologise like crazy and buy you a beer and a burger like….i just want to cry he’s so pure

Moments Where Olicity Wanted MORE in Season 5

From the start of Season 5 the UST was there…which made Felicity’s non-boyfriend reveal so shocking at the end of the premiere.

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Felicity’s attraction to Oliver did not dim and she could not help but say it out loud - but really who could blame her!

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She adores this man, it is so clear….

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The relief they both felt when Oliver got back from breaking John out of prison was palpable! They had to hold themselves back.

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Further gifs and thoughts under the cut!

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HC where RFA+V+Saeran sees MC kissed by a foreigner but it turns out that the foreigner is her cousin and it's like normal gesture for him. (let's make V get his sight back) (The gang haven't confess to MC yet on this one) how will they react?? (Tbh imma slut for Jelly Gang)

Hello~ Ri had a bit of writer’s block with this request so Nao kindly offered her assistance :3

Ri was responsible for Yoosung, Zen, Jumin and Saeran, while Nao wrote Jaehee, Seven and V~!

We hope you enjoy~!

– NaoRi (our name for collabs ;))

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Divide: How Much Does Ed Need a Hug?
  • Eraser: 9/10 Ed definitely needs a solid hug right now
  • Castle on the Hill: 2/10 I just want to hug him because this is adorable
  • Dive: 8/10 needs hug and reassurance
  • Shape of You: 0/10 Ed is definitely NOT looking for a hug right now
  • Perfect: 5/10 this is just adorable (side note I want this played at my wedding)
  • Galway Girl: 0/10 Ed is getting more than a hug already
  • Happier: 10/10 he is v sad please help him, please
  • New Man: 0/10 I wouldn't hug him because he's on fire from ROASTING THIS DUDE
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: 6/10 needs to be hugged as a thanks for this cute song
  • What Do I Know?: 10/10 but only because this song is really pure
  • How Would You Feel: 8/10 reassure him that you love him too
  • Barcelona: 0/10 He's havin a good time he doesn't need a hug
  • Biblia Be Ye Ye: 4/10 it sounds like Ed had a rough night but he's got a good attitude about it
  • Nancy Mulligan: 10/10 just for a cuddle this is cute thanks for sharing Ed
  • Save Myself: 12/10 he needs a hug to help him see he is worth the entiRE WORLD
  • Overall: Please give Ed Sheeran a hug at your earliest convenience

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I was watching the Modern Family episode where 3 year old Lily learns about weddings and then wants to marry her dad (Cam) who loves the idea but her other dad Mitch finds out about it and then tries to outdo their fake wedding and it just keeps spiralling from there. It made me think of what baby jeon would be like with his noona or hyungs after learning about what weddings are for the first time

when jungkook first found out what marriage was, ladies and gentlemen, the boys (all six grown men) realized a three year old had more balls than they ever did. jungkook immediately got on one knee, trying to replicate what he saw on the television and his words, lord take the wheel his words are so pure and precious because he asks past the limitations of trying to articulate what he feels in a way that makes everyone melt to their knees.

with a smooth will noona marry me? you’re swooping him off his feet to your chest, hugging him close with a of course i will, jeon jungkookie and from there it gets wild.

while it was adorable, in the next split of a second, it was complete chaos.

“jungkookie! why marry y/n? there’s so many other girls in the world!”

“shit, if you think so then i’d marry y/n,”

“piss off, man! like hell y/n would marry you,”

“she said yes to a three year old! i wouldn’t be that bad!”

“…this is ridiculous. we’re arguing over a three year old’s fake proposal,”

“then you don’t want to marry y/n? good, one less person to care about,”

“that’s not what i meant!”

“…jungkookie, let’s get out of here, yeah?” you murmur into his ear, and he nods slowly, as long as it makes you happy but - “sit back down, y/n! we’re not done with this!”

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Ok since I'm such Gafou trash and I love trading headcanons with you may I please have 5, 6, 13, 18, 23, 24, 31, 35, and 37? (For the headcanon/au thingy) I know that's a lot to ask for but I adore your headcanons!!!❤️

5.  Who can’t sleep without the other?

Gaston can’t sleep without Lefou, because ever since they started living together and sleeping in the same bed, Lefou has become part of his sleep schedule, hugging him tight to his body every night. Without him there to snuggle and kiss as they fall asleep, it just feels weird. Also, Gaston gets nightmares sometimes, flashbacks of the war, and Lefou is the only one who can ground him again and help him fall back asleep; without Lefou there, he’ll just get up at 3 AM and wander around the house with coffee until the sun comes up, afraid of falling back asleep, having the same dreams, and waking up with no one to hold him. 

6.  Who makes the first move to cuddle?

Lefou. Gaston loves cuddling, but he isn’t always sure how to initiate it, so Lefou unburdens him by making the first move with a nudge or a kiss. 

13.  Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Lefou sleeps in Gaston’s, because he is smol and can fit. (but there are occurrences when Gaston is basically a cat like we discussed where he totally just rests his head in Lefou’s lap and purrs) 

18. Would they take a walk together in the snow?

Yes! Gaston hates the cold, a) because it’s fucking cold and b) because wearing all those layers covers up his magnificent biceps, but Lefou is always so enchanted by the snow, no matter how many times he’s seen it, that they have to take midnight walks, holding hands, in winter, Lefou tugging Gaston’s sleeve whenever the snow starts to fall. Sometimes, Lefou’s lips get so cold and blue while they’re out there that Gaston just has to kiss some warmth into them, which ends in them falling into a snowbank and making out until both of them are frozen

But Lefou’s still bitter about the one time Gaston made him into a snowman for fun then forgot about him…

“It was once!” 

“Once is enough! I couldn’t feel my dick for six hours, asshole!” 

23.  Who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? Who’s more afraid of losing the other? Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?

Gaston is now hyper-aware of everything he does, and is convinced he doesn’t deserve Lefou’s forgiveness after what he did. He’s trying to be a better person now, even though he frequently slips up and his cruel side flares up- Lefou is helping him work on it, and though Gaston keeps thinking he’s only messing their lives up, Lefou assures him that he’s fine (in my mind, Lefou is super self assured and confident, and he knows Gaston doesn’t really deserve him, but when someone so close to your heart is trying so hard, well…)

Lefou is more afraid of losing Gaston, though, because the fall was such a close call and it got Lefou thinking of how incredibly unfathomable it would be not to have Gaston with him anymore. 

24. Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

Lefou is embarrassed when he has to wear his glasses, because he thinks it contributes even more to his “inferior image” beside his specimen of a boyfriend. Gaston cannot get enough of Lefou in them, though- they make his face look amazing, (not that it didn’t look amazing already) and they make his eyes adorably large. Gaston literally just wants to hug him until he squeals when he wears them, but above all else, they make Lefou look so elegantly studious, and it turns Gaston on beyond belief. 

“You look so smart with them on!” 

“I still don’t know how to spell your name, babe.”

“It’s all in the illusion, Lefou.” 

31.  Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?

Lefou is ticklish, Gaston is the tickle. Like, Gaston is seriously hardcore, man- when he tickles, he tickles. He will randomly tickle Lefou if Lefou is having a bad day, and though Lefou threatens to murder Gaston in cold blood if he doesn’t stop, he secretly looooves it. Gaston, for his part, can’t get enough of Lefou’s giggles. Places Lefou is ticklish? Feet and knees mostly, but sometimes behind the ears.

35. How do they sleep? What position(s) are the comfiest?

They usually fall asleep spooning each other, be it after a night of cuddling, a night of love-making, or just plain exhaustion. But cuddling aside, when they can’t be bothered, Lefou naturally sprawls all his limbs out and takes up fucking ¾ of the bed, snoring loudly and obnoxiously and hogging the covers. Gaston normally sleeps in fetal position, as he learned to do during the war to minimize the space he took up- only reason Lefou didn’t learn this was because in the war he got confined to a tent to himself after his comrades found out he was “different.” (but that’s a whole different war headcanon) 

37.  Who wakes the other up so they can be wrapped up in a hug again?

Honestly, both of them do this. Lefou sometimes gets really needy and wants to constantly feel Gaston’s arms around him, but then other times, Gaston just can’t believe he’s scored a man as wonderful as Lefou, and needs to be reminded that his boyfriend isn’t going anywhere through a hug in the middle of the night. 

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Hc of dating Tim? Thanks!

-is super shy around you first trying to be as polite as possible he dosent want to make a mistake

-once you guys are together he is super comfortable around you and he’s not afraid to be hisself

-only trusts you to make his coffee cause you’re the only other person who makes it just right

-if you’re in the same room his eyes are always glancing towards you

-sci-fi movie marathons

-him falling asleep on you all the time because he trusts you and feels so calm and relaxed when with you

-having to check up on him a lot

-him always reassuring you that he’s fine but you know better

-Tim has gone through a lot and he’s grateful that you’re a constant person in his life

-he’s not afraid to talk to you about how he feels

-at first he felt that he annoyed you about talking about himself since no one really pays attention to his emotions

-but man that first time you listened to him he had never felt so happy and loved that he teared up and when you pulled him in for a hug he full on sobbed

-he loves you so muchhhhh

-he loves holding your hands it calm his anxiety down and just makes him feel better

-absolutely adores it when you give him cheek kisses he feels so loved and happy

-I just want my Timmy to be happy!!!! THATS ALL I ASK FOR!!!!

Good things about TLD (in no particular order)

- John looking genuinely offended when people don’t believe he writes the blog

- “the man we both love”

- Sherlock asking John if he’s okay because he doesn’t want him to leave yet

- HUG + “it is what it is”

- “I’m Sherlock Holmes I wear the Damn hat [ISN’T THAT RIGHT MARY?]”

- Mycroft being asked out by Lady Smallwood and just not ??? getting it ???

- Sherlock complaining that the vase he’s drinking from isn’t clean

- Imaginary Mary being hilarious and adorable and a total badass (also seemingly a hardcore johnlock shipper)

- Learning so much of what John thinks but doesn’t dare to admit through imaginary Mary

- “You’re done with the world being explained to you by a man. Well who isn’t.”

- “I DON’T WANT TO DIE” (broke my fucking heart)

- Bad cereal puns

- “IT’s funNY CoS It’S TruE”

- MRS HUDSON kidnapping Sherlock in a boot and forcing him to meet John and owning a badass car and being on the phone with the British government while driving way past speed limit listening to Beethoven and being chased by the police.

- Spelling Fuck off on the tracer

- “You’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips”

-  “Taking your own life. Interesting expression. Taking it from who? Once it’s over it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.” honestly one of my favorite quotes ever

- The way the episode dealt with self harm and suicide in general really

- Faith / Eurus was so charming for some reason

- Yay Irene Adler mention

- John Watson owning up to how shitty he’s been lately and hence allowing me to stop hating him

- Also John finally being able to cope with his grief and guilt and reaching some kind of internal peace with Mary and himself

- Sherlock and John reunited again

- thE TWIST AT THE END (I genuinely thought it was Moriarty for a second though)

Awake Part 10

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, fluff

A/N: Hey guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much lately, my anxiety has been bad and I haven’t been liking anything I’ve written lately and its been midterms so I’ve just been down but I’m trying to get back into it. Thank you guys for being so patient and kind <3

“ I’ll head to the kitchen and see what food I’ve got” Jensen said slipping some sweatpants on while you towel dried your hair.

“I’ll just get dressed then be there” Jensen headed to the kitchen while you looked around his room. You grabbed one of Jensen’s button down plaid shirts and slipped it on before walking to the kitchen. You saw Jensen at the stove making macaroni and you couldn’t help but smile. You walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his tanned body resting your face against his bare back, “I thought you said snacks, mac n cheese is a full meal baby” you mumbled into his back and he chuckled.

“I thought you’d be hungrier than just a snack after this long day” he said turning around to place a kiss on your forehead, “Go pick out a tv show or movie and crawl in bed, I’ll bring this in when it’s ready” you nodded and walked back to the bedroom getting under the covers and turning the tv on flipping through movies. You settled on one and pressed play snuggling further into the covers when Jensen came in with a tray of two big bowls of macaroni and two glasses of your favorite wine. You gave him a questioning look and he chuckled sitting on the bed, “I might’ve made some calls and had my fridge and pantry stocked with your favorite foods and drinks” he said reaching back and rubbing his neck avoiding your gaze. You looked up at him in amazement This gorgeous man really cares about me you got up out of your comforter cocoon and straddled him pulling his face to yours in a bruising kiss. Jensen was surprised at first before leaning up into it pulling your face down to his and kissing you harder. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands traveled down to your waist pulling you to him. As the kiss became more heated Jensen gripped your hips tight and pulled away looking up into your eyes, “Not that I’m complaining but what was that for” he asked brushing your hair out of your face and behind your ear.

“You had all of my favorite foods stocked up before I even got here” you stated looking into his emerald green eyes and he nodded, “I guess it just keeps shocking me how much you care about me, I’m not used to someone thinking of me first and doing things just because they know it’ll make me happy” Jensen leaned up and kissed your nose before pulling you into a hug.

“Sweetheart we’ve got time for cuddling later, right now your mac and cheese is getting cold” you giggled and crawled off of him smiling at him as he handed you your bowl. You settled into his side and the two of you ate in silence watching the movie on the screen, when you’d finished Jensen set your bowls aside and turned the lights off the two of you cuddling under the covers as you watched the movie. Jensen’s hand found its way under the shirt and he gently rubbed your back. The motion of his hand lulled you to sleep, but while Jensen thought you were asleep you felt him place a kiss to your forehead and whisper, “I love you”.


You woke up to a strong arm tightening around your waist and you snuggled up closer to him. He nuzzled his face in your neck rubbing his scruff across your neck making you giggle, “ Thought you liked my scruff” he grumbled placing kisses on your neck.

“Mmm I do like it, it just tickles a little bit on my neck, I was thinking more about how it’d feel between my thighs…” you trailed off and his hand traveled down your body squeezing your ass. Suddenly Jensen had you flipped onto your back and moved himself between your legs.

“Well why don’t we test that out then” He said wiggling his eyebrows at you and you nodded giggling.  He pushed your shirt up and placed kisses on your stomach, when he got to your hips he placed kisses on each side and sucked a little bit pulling a moan from you. He moved down further so his face was directly between your thighs. He looked up at you before turning his face to place a soft kiss on the inside of your thigh and then he took his face and rubbed his scruff down on your leg making your gasp. It stung yet also felt good. You bit your lip and gripped his hair pushing him down for more. He spent a few more minutes placing kisses, bites, and rubs to your thighs before finally moving to you center. He licked a stripe down your center pulling a loud moan from you, he chuckled and the vibrations from his laughter felt amazing on you. He gripped your legs tighter as he went in to suck your clit and you gasped. He continued his sucking and licking till you were a moaning mess. He then pulled a hand around and placed two fingers in you curving them till they hit your g spot, “Babe-Imma cum…” you moaned out he placed his other hand on your stomach holding you down. He sucked on your clit harder and pumped his fingers in and out faster till you came your thighs clenching tighter around his face. Jensen pulled back kissing your thighs and stomach before coming up to cuddle, “I think I definitely like the scruff…” You said breathless and Jensen chuckled rubbing a hand on the inside of your thigh you looked down and saw the beard burn between your legs and fell back into the pillow giggling, you rolled over to see him and placed a kiss on his lips running your hand over his scruff. He looked into your eyes and you suddenly felt very shy under his gaze when you remembered what he’d said last night as you were falling asleep. You looked down for a second trying to decide what to say, you already knew you were in love with him, that was obvious, but putting it out in the open like that when the two of you had barely together, it terrified you and you didn’t know if you were ready for it to be that real yet. Before you could think of something to say Jensen kissed your forehead and was climbing out of bed, “lets go make some breakfast, and then I was wondering what you wanted to do today, just remember we’ve got dinner with my fam tonight”

“Umm honestly just a movie day would be great, as much as I love work it was wearing me out and I just want a day to be completely lazy” you smiled up at him from the bed. He walked over and grabbed you by the ankles pulling you towards him and pulling your legs around his waist as he leaned down to kiss your lips.

“Well I’m going to request not a completely lazy day, there are a few active things I would really like to do today between movies and eating…” he said lowly and he sucked a bruise onto your neck pulling a moan from you. You leaned up and wrapped your arms around him kissing him.

“How bout we fuck all day and when we need breaks we can watch an episode of something and eat, that sounds like a much better day…” Jensen gripped your ass and pulled you up to him kissing you.

“I like the sound of that, don’t worry I wont wear you out too much…” he started kissing your neck again when suddenly you realized you were meeting his parents tonight and you were covered in hickies.

“Oh my god Jensen stop doing that” you mumbled pushing his lips from your neck and he looked down at you worried and you quickly spoke up, “I am meeting your parents tonight and I already have hickeys all over my neck stomach and thighs” you squealed and he rolled his eyes at you.

“Sweetheart you’re staying a month with me, alone, in my home, I think my parents are going to know we’re having sex” He chuckled and you tried to give him a stern look but couldn’t help the smile sneaking out.

“Jensen that doesn’t mean I should have the evidence of that all over my body, anywhere that can be seen is off limits to that mouth of yours today” You said sternly and he pouted at you, “, I want them to like me not think I’m just some girl you’re getting off with” you said giving him the sweetheart smile you could.

“Baby they’re going to adore you, it’s impossible to not like you” he said pulling you into a hug and you mumbled into his chest.

“They’re the family of the man I love I have to make a good impression” your body went rigid as you realized what you said, you knew he’d said it to you the night before, but he thought you were asleep that was different and you had no idea how he’d respond. Jensen pulled back to look at you and you tried to avoid his gaze but he gripped your chin and pulled your face to meet his eyes. He was looking at you with complete adoration and love and you felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest.

“Say it again” he whispered.

You let out the breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding and your grip on his t-shirt tightened as you whispered back, “I love you”.

“Again” he pulled you closer to him.

“I love you Jensen” He gave you the biggest smile as he leaned down to pick you up holding you to him and giving you a kiss filled with love and lust all at the same time. He pulled back to look in your eyes.

“I love you too Y/N” you smiled at him pulling him back to you in a crushing kiss as he laid you down on the bed. You instantly forgot your rule about where his mouth was and wasn’t allowed.

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Ricky Whittle. This man is the kindest actor I’ve ever met. He’s so generous with his fans, absolutly adorable and so giving. He spent so much time doing autograph just because he was hugging the fans before and after. Members of the staff told him to hurry a little bit because of the schedule but he did not care AT ALL!
He was the cutest during my pictures with him. For the first one I asked him something original, saying “you do whatever the hell you want” and that’s what he did, just casually putting my hand on his ass. I’m not complaining, I just wasn’t excpecting that, hence my face! For the second one, I was (way too) emotionnal before taking the picture, crying and everything so I told him how sorry I was, that I was being ridiculous but he was once again so lovely about it, told me I had nothing to be sorry about. He hugged me very tight and asked the photographer if we could take a bit more time so I could calm myself and everything.
So yeah, I really wanted to talk to you about Ricky Whittle because I’m still not ever him. I just cannot wait for American Gods, I think it’s gonna be good!

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ok but Evan having an ~amazing~ voice but he's always been too shy to sing in front of anyone, let alone Connor and Jared. he thought he was home alone but Connor and Jared show up at his house while he's singing and yes

Enjoy dear anon! (lowkey added spring awakening cause Ben Platt and I’m listening to it rn)


Evan enjoyed music. He liked to hum or sing along to songs when he was alone. He enjoyed softer music, but his favourite songs came from the musical Spring Awakening.

Whenever he was alone at his house, he’d plug in the soundtrack and just listen to the music. But today he was enjoying singing it. He did really love the soundtrack.

The song ‘Those You Known’ had started playing. Even though it was a sad song, Evan enjoyed it. He began singing along to it. He thought nothing of it before he heard clapping.

Evan almost jumped out of his skin. He clamped his mouth shut and with wide eyes he turned around. He blushed seeing his boyfriends standing there clapping.

“Wow babe, you have an amazing voice.” Connor smiled. “And Spring Awakening, solid choice.” Connor and Jared didn’t think anything of it but Evan was very embarrassed. 

“I-I um…I’m so sorry you heard that! You were not meant to hear me singing! I just do that alone. I just you should not have heard that, I really don’t sing I mean I sing and stuff but like not for audiences, no way I don’t have the confidence for that and let alone sing in front of my boyfriends, that’s just not something I’d do.” Evan rambled.

“Evan, you  don’t have to be embarrassed to sing in front of us.” Jared laughed, his boyfriend was adorable when he was singing and when he was rambling.

“We expect you to perform a one man show of Spring Awakening you understand me.” Connor laughed as he pulled Evan into an embrace.

“Oh hell yeah, I want that in my life.” Jared smirked as he hugged Evan from behind.

Oh god, what had he done.

Vienna ritual and meeting the band after the show!

I will try to keep it as short as I can.

So, three days ago I was at my second Ghost ritual. First one was in 2014. Since 2nd era is in every way my favorite, I am so glad I saw them back then.

I really had no trouble getting to the barrier, cause I was among the first ones in the queue. I wanted to stand between Fire and Papa in the front row and that’s exactly where I ended up. Perfect spot. Now, new Ghouls… Let me just say that I wouldn’t mind if they stayed in Ghost until the end. They literally hypnotized me. I usually jump, dance, headbang and stuff, but not here. I just wanted to watch and listen. They were all over the place. I didn’t know where to look and who to look at. There was constantly something happening. Their energy is captivating. And on top of all that there is Papa, who’s always doing something interesting. Highlights of the show were Papa’s stares at me on 4 or 5 occasions and one dirty question. :) I won’t go into much details here, sorry for that. When that man fixates you, he doesn’t let go, but I am sure many of you know that. Fire was responding to my hearts in the most adorable way, he threw me picks two times. Aether too. He came in front of me and threw me his pick, but it didn’t reach me unfortunately. I was the happiest person!

After the show was over we went to the bus and didn’t have to wait for too long before Aether came. The man is amazing, so chill and talkative. He asked for my name and wrote it on the cover of my favorite album. I complimented his energy and moves on stage and he replied ‘It’s because we are young’. :)) The next one who came to greet us was Earth. My God, that man is precious. He was the biggest surprise for me, in a positive way, cause I didn’t really hear so much stories of him coming out. But he is soo adorable and shy. And polite. He signed my Opus twice. :))) He is welcoming and smiley. One girl wanted him to sign her shirt and he was like ‘R U sureee?’ Lovely man. Then Fire came out. Nothing new here to say. So polite, considerate and adorable. He brought his own sharpie and was so proud of himself, sweetie. Likes to hug, smile and talk. In fact they all like to hug. :) Then Papa came out of the venue with Water and both of them headed straight to the bus, but Papa said that he’ll be back in a second. He came back with a man that was standing next to him and telling us to back off a bit, so that he could sign stuff to everyone. I don’t know if he is always accompanied by that man or it is something new, considering the shitty situation happening in fandom right now. I have nothing new to say about Papa. The man is the most polite and considerate man ever. He talks, smiles, hugs, shakes hands… He is really precious human being. I will say it again: I don’t care what he does in his private life. I see him as public person whom I have zero negative things to say about.

Now when it’s all over, it’s a bit hard coming back to reality, but I’m sure I’ll see them again soon.

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whenever you feel up for it, do you mind writing some keith or lance x reader oneshots???? absolutely adore you guys!!!!

A/N: I’ll try. fluff all the way

Let Me Help You (Keith x Reader) 

Since the day he was dropped out of the Garrison, Keith was building a wall between the relationship that the both of you created. It wasn’t just his attitude and disciplinary acts. It was the loss of his friend, Shiro. 

You knew that they were best friends before joining the Garrison. They were close and when you show up, Shiro was the one who supported Keith to talk to you. At first glance, Keith was awkward to you. He was awkwardly cute, trying his best to talk. 

You don’t want to turn down his offer when he asked you out.  You remember at that memory. 

- -

“Uh, (Name).” You stopped in your tracks and turn to look at the person, the owner of the voice. 

“Yes, Keith?” He was fiddling with his hands, a red hue was visible. “Do you need something?” 

“Uh, y-yeah. Would you…” He looked up. Your heart was stabbed when Keith gave you an adorable look. His eyes were looking at you and his face was blushing. “W-would you like… to… to… go on a… d-d-d-date… w-with me?” 

You couldn’t have the heart to turn down this offer, heck he was a great pilot in the Garrison. You nodded your head,“I would love to. Pick me up at 8pm, Saturday.” 

You turn around and walk back to your quarters. Once you were out of his sight, Keith did a jump and shout, “Yes! She said yes! Wohoo!” 

You silently giggled at his reaction before continue to walk back. 

- - 

That was a great memory. You always tease him when the both of you are enjoying each other company. 

When you arrive at the house that Keith hide, his ride was still there. You adjust your bag and dust your outfit. As you walk towards the house, you wonder about him, his wall that he was building. It was becoming taller and thicker. 

You shake your head. “Don’t worry about it,” You remembered Shiro’s words. “He’s like that. If someone can break his walls, its you, (Name).” 

You reached the door and knocked it a few times. “Keith, its me.” The door was unlocked. Keith opened the door like a Gentleman, letting you in. “I, uh, brought some meals for you.” You gave him the containers. He accepted it with a silent nod. 

Keith waste no time but to eat it. Shiro and Keith enjoyed your cooking, in fact they were pleased when you cook some additional meal for them. “So, the energy reading,” You stared at the wall. It was covered with pictured and scribbles. “Still strong as ever.” 

“…yes.” Keith replied. 

You felt a hand, placing at your shoulder. You look up and saw Keith. Hurt was written all over his face. “I’m sorry for dragging you like this.” You place your hand on top of his. 

“Its alright, Keith.” You reassured him. “Just, let me help you.” 

Keith furrowed his brows. “How will help me? Shiro’s gone. I got kicked out. You are the only one who stays in the Garrison. There’s an energy reading and its off the charts. I don’t understand how will you help-” 

You cut him off with a kiss. Keith seems to be relaxed and content. He automatically wrapped his arms around your waist. You savoured the moment. He leaned back and hugged you, close. “Thank you, (Name).” 

You smiled at his hug. “Your welcome.” You slowly leaned back so that you could gaze him and his face. “You need to calm down, Keith. You just need a little help.” 

Keith sighed. “What will I ever do without you…” 

“No food?” You giggled. 

Keith chuckled. “Maybe,” He planted a kiss onto your temple. “Without you, you have help me.” 

“Remember that day when you ask me out?” You change the subject. Keith groaned. “You were adorable, getting all red.” 

“(Name), please…” Keith remembered it. He wanted to stop you but he couldn’t help to admire you. How lucky he was, to get a girl that supports and stay with him. 

“Remember the date? You were dressed as a handsome young man,” (Name) added. “The way you look to the other man-” 

“Alright, alright. I get it, (Name).” Keith gave you another kiss. “I have a meal to finished.” He released you from the hug and sat down on the couch.

“Then, I shall help you with the readings you found.” Keith gave you a smile. 

It was days like this, where the both of you help each other. Technically, it was Keith who need it. All he needs is you, some hugs and some kisses along the way. 


apparently studio bones thought that manga Lovecraft wasn’t creepy enough so they essentially turned the body horror dial up to 1000%, a fact I am very much celebrating because LOOK AT HIM

First Love

Pairing: Namjoon x reader
Genre: angst, romance, smut later on, angst
Warnings: nothing yet
Word count: 3731
Summary: “Don’t fall in love with someone like me… you’ll just be disappointed and leave…”

Originally posted by jeonggu

Part 1/?

Since you moved to Korea about a year ago things have been rather different for you. For starters, because you were a filmmaker Big Hit noticed your work inspired by BTS and so they contacted you for an interview to work for them. I know exciting right? Well you ended up taking the offer and loved it. About a month in you met the boys and boy you nearly melted into a puddle that day but they were very welcoming. It’s been over half a year now working for the company so making friends wasn’t as bad as you thought. The unnies would help you in your korean since you weren’t exactly native speaker fluent but you were fluent enough. It was even better when Namjoon actually spoke to you in english here and there. He was trying to make you feel more comfortable since you started working there so you two became close friends.

It was around the time that their comeback was approaching making it very stressful and busy for them. Filming for the music video, getting the set ready, having to edit, etc. man it was a load on you.
“Oh, y/n do you think it’s possible to redo those two scenes this week and have editing finished by Monday?” Your sunbaenim asked knowing you were going to start editing today and thank the gods he asked today and not when you were halfway done.
“Ummmm yeah I think I can but i’ll have to stay here all week since it’s a lot of editing to do and filming again.” In all honesty you weren’t very thrilled to stay and do overtime but you got paid more and had no plans either way so you took the offer.
“Are you sure it’s not too much to ask? I know you’re one of our best editors and directors but don’t over do it.” Everyone in the company knew how hard you worked within the six months of being there just to go from editing to executive director and the head of the editing department but your sunbaenims were concerned about you since you were also the youngest there being only 20.
“Yeah it’s okay i’ll just go home and pack some stuff to stay over the night.” giving him a smile to reassure him he nodded and smiled back leaving the room.

The walk home wasn’t far from the studio though the cold air freezing your body up made it feel far. You approach the building to greet the man letting you in. “Ah y/n there was someone looking for you earlier.” he was the cutest ahjussi ever and he treated you so kindly you being a foreigner.
“Really? Who?”
“It was a tall handsome young man with blond hair? Pink hair? You kids and your crazy hair colors.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at his remark. It was Namjoon he was talking about so you head to the elevator and press the number 4 button. Namjoon was basically the only best friend you had since moving and he made you feel very comfortable to be around. He wasn’t just an idol in your eyes unlike how most fans viewed him that way. Yeah you liked BTS a lot before working with them but even then you only saw them as human beings who happened to make really catchy music.
When meeting them for the first time yeah you literally cried because they’re a group who holds a lot of meaning to your heart.
“Oh sunbae what are you doing here?” It was hard to recognize him wearing all black (almost everything he wears really) face covered with a mask and wearing sunglasses but his pinkish blond hair was all you needed to know it was him.
“Yahhh y/n you don’t need to be so formal just call me namjoon.”
Giggling at his request you did it on purpose sometimes knowing it bothered him so you spoke up, “ Okay Namjoon what are you doing here?”
“Oh yeah uhh the boys got you this…” He pulled out small bag with a light blue bow on it.
“What’s this for?” curious what was in he gave it to you and before opening it he cleared his throat.
“Well we know you’ve been working hard and we wanted to thank you for all the hard work and sleepless nights you’ve had for dealing with us… and uhh yeah open it.” There was excitement in his eyes when you opened the bag as if he was a child getting ice cream and you thought it was cute.
“Oh my god….” It was a group photo you being the center of it. It was taken on your first day on the job and you had a bad start messing up but in the end there was a picnic with the boys cheering you up. It was as if it happened yesterday making you smile.
“Do you like it? Oh god you don’t like it. I told them it would be stupid i’m s-”
“I love it… thank you.” tears started to form in your eyes and out of pure instinct you hugged him tightly and let out a soft cry.
As shocked as Namjoon was he returned the hug and man did his heart flutter.
“I also got you something too..” He pulled out of the hug not wanting to but had to.
“Wait what you did?” As you opened it there was a piece of paper folded nicely and then a locket. Opening it, it was a picture of when you guys visited home in LA recently looking at the other half was a selca of him making you laugh a little. You missed home…
“Yah~ why did you put yourself on the other half?” It was funny but very adorable.
“Well your best friend is always here for you.” He said with the biggest smile. There it was the smile that won everyone over. The dimples the were the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.
“Well i’m glad that I have this to remind myself who my best friend is. Do you want to come in I made some hot coco earlier.”
“You sure aren’t you busy? I don’t want to interupt your day.”
“Yes I don’t have to go back until like 3 and it’s 1:30.” He came over many times that everyone asked if you were dating but you said no and brushed it off. Of course he was handsome and very good looking yet also a sweetheart who was actually an amazing person that you wished people knew about him like you did but- no no no you didn’t like him stop.
“Sorry I didn’t have time to clean up the mess.” Looking at the mess you were too lazy to pick up for the past what two weeks now? Gross you thought to yourself.
“If you’ve seen the dorm then this is nothing compared to that. Plus I’ve been here so many times it doesn’t matter.” Well… he is right.

Watching her heat up the hot cocoa he made his way to her living room and noticed her bookshelf stocked with film books and movies. He loved watching her geek out over blockbuster films or when you would show him the difference in lens or shots and loved it most when you showed him projects you were working on. The work you made was beautiful with the stories you tell making viewers being moved. Looking up and down he saw a photo laying there with y/n and another man who looked a hell of a lot older than her.
“Y/n?” You hummed in response while stirring the drink.
“Who’s this?” holding up the photo you looked up and immediately froze. God why did you keep that picture? Bringing back awful memories making you feel emptiness you walk over grab the picture and burn it. Taking a deep breath you feel your hand shaking but try to keep calm.
“He’s nobody…. Do you want some cake too?” trying not to crack.
“Are you okay?” noticing your change in expressions “Did I do som-”
“It’s fine Joon…. It’s just nothing…”
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Just breath y/n just breath….
“Just…. Just drop it okay? I’ll tell you some other time Joon.”
He was concerned but knew not to push any further so he didn’t say anything else. Namjoon knew how difficult it was for you to express your feelings to anyone really but he noticed your efforts in trying to loosen up. He wanted to know more though and just wanted you to trust him, not that you didn’t but obviously there was more to know but your walls were too high up and too thick to break down due to your stubbornness. After eating something he helps pack some clothes and anything else you might need to finish your work.
“Hey i’m going to take a quick shower do you mind picking up a little?”
“Yeah sure.”
“DON’T break my stuff okay?”
“What I would never do such a thing! Now go take a shower stinky butt.” Yes it seems odd that he would stay while you shower but you reached that comfort level of friendship with him when you first invited him over. You kind of wish you had a picture of his reaction because it was priceless.
After showering you picked out your daily comfortable style that everyone loved not knowing why. It was literally the same thing you were probably the girl version of Jungkook with his white shirts jeans and timberlands. Picking out a black shirt that was lose and a pair of jeans that were high enough to cover your not so toned sides and picking out your favorite long black cardigan that the boys got you since you literally loved cardigans. Especially the long ones.
Walking out you saw Namjoon on the couch reading who knows what.
“Hey let’s go.” clearing your throat loud enough for him to hear.
“Oh okay.”
As you guys arrive the other members seemed to be showing up as well.
“Y/n!!!” Taehyung ran and picked you up to hug you and embarrassed you pat his back while spinning you.
“Yah! Put me down you know I hate being carried.” You did… You really hated it thinking you weighed too much for them so you ended up dropping weight though you still hated being picked up.
“But you’re so light!” he said pouting “Anyways… how’ve you been? Why do you have another backpack?”
“Oh i’m staying the night here to finish your video and this week we have to reshoot two scenes.”
“Yahh paboya Isn’t that too much work since our comeback is next week?” Yoongi was another good friend of yours since he understood you 100% emotionally.
“It’s okay sunbae I can get it done if I focus and not get distracted that’s why i’m staying here for four days.”
“Aw we wanted to go bowling Saturday but you’re working…” Jungkook was only two years older than you making you the maknae of the group. It boosted his ego tenfold really and you didn’t know why.
“We can go some other time oppa.” Also did I mention he loved it when you called him oppa? He loved it knowing that he actually was older than you unlike fans older than him would call him that and he hated it. You on the other hand found it hilarious.
“Yah she’s busy with work jungkook-a we shouldn’t even be going out since we have our comeback next week.” Jin and yoongi both scolded the younger one but you couldn’t help but smile.
“Yahhh it’s okay to go out without me and plus you should go out and have fun and relax you’ll be busy next week and for the next month and a half or so. It’s okay.”
“Are you sure? We’re concerned about you overworking yourself.” Jimin was always concerned about you over doing it with work.
“Listen short stuff i’m fine okay i’ll be fine once I finish this i’ll rest okay I promise.” The boys couldn’t help but laugh at you calling jimin short even though he was taller than you slightly.
“Yah! I’m taller than you and older!!!”
“Yeeees sunbaenim~~!!” As you walked into the building before he would start scolding you.
Namjoon stayed in the front talking to boys forgetting he had your stuff. The guys started to head inside for practice before yoongi pulled him to the side.
“Hey is y/n okay? She looks exhausted lately and thinner too. I don’t think she’s taking care of herself.” If anyone knew you it was Yoongi and Namjoon. They both worry you being the youngest taking in so much work and them also knowing what it feels like going through their own personal matters.
“I don’t know hyung… today she seemed off..” thinking about the picture he saw earlier today.
“Why what happened?” Lately yoongi noticed you staying later than usual working on projects that didn’t need to be done until another month. It certainly wasn’t invisible to the naked eye on how tired you looked for the past month and a half but every time a member insisted for you to rest, you’d ignore them and continue to work. It’s been getting worse and out of hand.
“There was a picture of her and what I assume her ex and when I asked her she became upset and burned it saying he was a nobody.”
“Namjoon… “ putting his hand on his shoulders to help him relax, “ Everyone knows you see her differently, I mean you make it pretty damn obvious and she is either really slow in catching on or she’s afraid to let someone in. She trusts you well us enough but she also shows you her trust towards you differently than towards me. There is obviously something holding her back but her overdoing it with work won’t help her and I know for a fact it’s to distract herself. Even PDnim noticed and is starting to get concerned. She trusts you more since one you’re the only fluent english speaker making her feel somewhat more relaxed. Try to talk to her.”
Taking in a deep breath he knew his hyung was right but it wasn’t easy talking to you being so damn stubborn. “Hyung trust me I’ve tried, she’s the most stubborn person i’ve ever met. Way more stubborn than you are and that says a lot but I’ve tried, I really really really have tried. I’m scared she’ll hurt herself.” He sure as hell wasn’t lying about that because every time someone got passed a stubborn wall, good luck getting through the next 50.
“Yah it’s okay we’ll talk more about this some other time okay?” Yoongi patted Namjoon back to walk in the building.

You were so focused on you work that you hadn’t realized Namjoon still had your stuff until he walked in.
“Oh you had my stuff. Sorry i was working I forgot about it.”
“Do you need anything? Food? Anything?”
“No i’m okay i’ll call you or yoongi sunbae if i do.” you smiled before you went back to work.
He left the room and went to the practice room and the rest of the day was just work.

After a long night the boys left back to their places and Namjoon told the boys he would stay to check up on you. He knocked on the door before entering only to find you sleeping. You looked so peaceful and even though there was some drool he couldn’t help but let out a slight laugh.
“Man you really need to let yourself rest.” There was a box of tissues across the table so he grabbed a few to clean you up causing you to move slightly making him become cautious trying not to wake you up but he failed when trying to put a blanket over you.
“Hmmm….Joon?” your voice was scratchy and your eyes were squinted trying to figure out what was going on.
“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up. Are you okay?”
“Mmm I’m okay just tired….. What time is it?”
“It’s almost 11 why?” Rubbing your eyes you take a big sigh and get up leaving him looking at you confused. It’s been about 8 hours of working but technically 5 since you fell asleep.
“Let’s go to the convenient store I’m hungry.” Half awake and half asleep walking out with your bag. You didn’t even care how you looked with your messy hair and squinted eyes.
“I can order take out if you want? And go to a cafe and get you coffee.” Watching you always eat ramen noodles when working annoyed him and everytime he offered you always said,
“No it’s okay joon, it’s close by so I don’t have to walk that far.” There it was, the same sentence making him feel bad. Before he knew it you were already outside going towards the elevator so he caught up. Nope he wasn’t letting you eat another sad bowl of ramen again so he pulled you the opposite way to who knows where.
“Yah~ what are you doing the store is that way.” Still trying to wake up but not trying to get out of his grip you being too tired.
“Y/n you need to eat a real meal okay not cheap ramen.” Without arguing you let him drag you around.
“Ajumma can we have a spicy bulgogi with the dumpling stew!”
“Ahhhh Namjoon Ah!! Yes coming right up!” This was your and Namjoon’s favorite place to eat on your days off. After waiting for a while the food came out and it smelled so good you were kind of glad he dragged you here. It took a while for you to convince the ajumah and namjoon that you could eat spicy food and they doubted you but you told them that you were mexican and when they gave you the “spiciest” they had boy were they dumbfounded after you finished barely breaking a sweat. You were sniffling but you weren’t dying that you needed milk. You may be a foreigner but you could do spicy food all day every day.

After the meal you thanked the ajumma again. It was already 1:30 into the day and you had to get to work but nope he decided to drag you some more.
“Joon i have work to do now isn’t the time~” whining hoping he would comply but didn’t.
“Come on y/n you need a break you can go back after the sun rises. Please come on we haven’t hung out in forever since we’ve been busy with work~ pleeeeeease.”
“OKAY OKAY OKAY FINE just…. Please stop whining please.” You said burrowing your face into your hand. This boy just didn’t know how to give up didn’t he. Both of you sitting down on a bench looking at the view you couldn’t help but rest your head on his shoulder. He was warm and it felt comfortable you wish- No y/n no stop he’s just a friend.
“Hey y/n… can I ask you something?” You looked up at him with a slight smile.
“You technically already did.”
“You know what I mean.”
“Yeah what’s up?” Curious to what the boy had to say you sat up and faced him.
“Do you believe in love?” You didn’t expect for such a bold question making you freeze. It was a tough and soft subject for you to talk about and you thought you should tell him how you felt. It was only fair to him.
“S-sorry i shouln-”
“I do…” looking forward at the river. He seemed shocked that you responded since you normally pushed the subject away. It felt unfair that you had to keep a secret from him because of your fears. So little by little you started to let him in to see if he was worthy of your trust.
“I believe in what I fear the most. I believe that it exists yet I don’t know how it feels. It’s scary for me to fall in love so I run away when I feel it approaching me and end up hurting those I love.” He looked at you while you stared out in front of you motionless. It was a bold question to ask but he had to.
“Do you feel it approaching you?” Nervous for your answer he mentally prepared himself for rejection.
“I do…. But this time, I don’t feel scared. I mean I’m terrified but I have to face it at some point. I can love someone but…. I don’t know how to be in love with someone.” She wanted him to know so badly why she was so fucked up but she was scared he’d leave her. She knew he was a caring person and she knows how he feels but she wants him to tell her when he feels ready and although it’s unsure of what she’ll do, y/n doesn’t want to hurt someone who doesn’t deserve her burden. It’s scares the living hell out of her that she’ll crumble down so hard that nobody would want to put her back together and that’s why she pushes the thought of being “in love” away.
“Y/n…. you know I’m here for you right? You don’t have to tell me if you aren’t ready.” You looked at him and gave him a genuine smile.  Reaching out to place your hand on his face he took in the warmth of you palm and closed his eyes.
“I’m never going to be 100% ready to tell you Joon. I just don’t want you or any of the boys to see me at my worst. It’s not something to be seen knowing people can walk away. Don’t fall in love with me…. You’ll just be disappointed and leave…” But it was too late for him not to. He’d fallen so hard for you that you were a delicate feather to him and he held you so gently thinking you’d break apart at any moment. He didn’t care anymore whether you push him away because he mentally prepared himself to break those walls you’ve built. Or so he thought….

Okay okay okay so I don’t know if it’s good but feedback would be very helpful I hope you guys like it i’m hella nervous ~.~