adorable man

[ Day: 10 ]

I’m still trying to finish up homework for the term, so I’m a bit on the stressy side lately. So until school’s over, I’ll mainly be posting little sock doodles like this!

Here’s bashful playboy Sock on a hot date with an alolan Vuplix!
(He thinks Vulpix are one of the world’s most beautiful pokemon ohoho)


i absolutely adore this man

anonymous asked:

Danse, obviously. Fallout was a fun escape for me when life got hard. Often it still can be. It was weird, but Danse made me smile through the worst times. He could be a pain, but in his own awkward way he was incredibly protective and affectionate. His seriousness in everything made me laugh too. It was weird how a fictional character could make you feel better. Since then I became very attached to this awkward but adorable tin man who follows me everywhere, even if it kills him lol.

This is so sweet to read. I hope you are doing better now, and I’m glad Danseypants was there for you when you needed him most. I’ve often felt that way about the Fallout games as a whole and I also fell in love with him as a character! He has so much more complexity than I first thought and the cutest romance lines!