adorable love quotes

I really hate the generic ¾-facing-left, eyes-to-the-right profiles but it’s so convenient, I can’t help myself.


I love Diego. Diego is very funny. He’s a very cool guy, quite a smartass, and I really appreciate smartasses. He used to make fun of me for the stupid backpack I wore. There were a few situations where I couldn’t [wear the stilts]. [When] I was on a cliffside or running in water and stuff like that, I had to wear this backpack with a telescoping head that came off the top, and it was really stupid looking. And the first time I wore it, it was like the first day we shot in Jordan. And he said [Puts on Diego Luna accent.], “Something terrible has happened. Ever since you put on that backpack, you have depressed the entire crew. It’s very sad.” He just went on about, “Please, for God’s sake, please take it off. For the love of God.” Anytime I put it on, “Everyone respected you just one moment ago. But now, it is evaporated.”

The way she slept in his bed made his heart warm with strange feelings. Her body coiled up like a small nocturnal animal, hands folded neatly on her waist. As he crept closer to gaze at her, she stirred, ever so slightly. Open out her hands, eyes still closed, she said in a dreamy voice:
‘Come, warmth.’
That was the moment he knew this girl was his home.
—  When home is not a place but a person

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

Happy birthday @hybriddutyofcare

I crave you in the most innocent way a human being can crave another,
I crave for you to think of me as the one that you want to bother,
I crave to give you a kiss on the forehead,
For you to ask me to give you one the lips instead,

I crave to wish you good night,
That way in the morning you’ll be the first thing in my sight,
I crave to tell you that I adore you when you feel bad,
I crave to make you feel glad,

I crave to hold you in my arms,
I crave to protect you from all forms of harm,
I crave to see you look at me,
To feel like that moment lasted for an infinity,

I crave for you to smile at me,
So that I know that you’re happy,
I crave to watch the stars with you,
Until the sky turns into a light blue,

I crave you,
I don’t want to crave anyone new,
Please promise me that you feel this way too,
Because right now I can’t imagine my life without you

—  the way I crave you. | a.c