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my favorite fics [41/?]

Adore You by @isthatyoularry​; 66k, read on ao3

Summary: “We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.

My first reaction to Harry Styles (the album).

Since my MITAM reaction post did so well I thought I’d do the same with Harry’s first solo album!

Meet Me in the Hallway:

Sign of the Times:


Two Ghosts:

Sweet Creature:

Only Angel:


Ever Since New York:


From the Dining Table:

Can we talk about the fact that Jay would probably be sooo happy that Louis and Eleanor are back together? Like, she loved Eleanor, she had her as one of her bridesmaids in her wedding, which she was totally not obligated to do but it is beyond adorable and sweet that she genuinely thought of Eleanor as one of her daughters and wanted her to be with her other girls. That makes my heart melt.