adorable little turtle


A very happy birthday to the adorable, Star Wars-addicted, turtle-loving guitarist Tony Perry. Meeting you and the guys back in November was absolutely amazing. You have probably the cutest smile I’ve ever seen and you are just an all-around sweet and wonderful guy. I can’t wait until March 30th when my best friend and I get the amazing opportunity to meet you guys all again. I look forward to it :) Until then, I wish you a very happy birthday and hope that your day is just as awesome as you are <3

My friends first impression on 1x01 of The Fosters
  • Me: What did you think? ;)
  • Friend: Well Jude is soooo adorable with his little turtle backpack. José is hot.
  • Me: You mean Jesus.
  • Friend: Yeah, whatever. I think Ana is very rude. Oh! And I ship Brandon and Callie.
  • Me: Of course you do.
  • Friend: When will Connor be on?(I talk about Jonnor a lot)
  • Me: Patience young one