adorable little dude

Jealous Connor being all touchy feely with Jude to mark his territory.

“Hey. You’re Jude, right?”

Jude stood up from where he’d been crouching and rifling throughhis school bag. When he turned around, he saw a boy who looked to be around his age. He had blonde hair, a few strands falling over his right eye.

He looked familiar. Jude was pretty sure they had English together, but he wasn’t sure.

“Yeah. I’m sorry, I don’t know your name,” Jude said awkwardly, almost apologetically.

But the boy just laughed.

“That’s okay. Just means I’ll have to introduce myself. I’m Leo,” he informed him, smiling. He had dimples, Jude noted absentmindedly.

“Nice name,” Jude complimented, returning the smile. “We have English together, don’t we?” he asked, trying to be polite.

“Yup! But um, I was actually wondering if you’d like to maybe go catch a movie with me sometime? The new Avengers movie is coming out soon, so I thought you might like to go and see that. With m-me,” Leo stammered a bit at the end, revealing his slight nervousness.

Jude’s eyes widened as he took in the flush spreading across Leo’s cheeks.

“Like… a date?” he asked, surprised.

“Well, yeah,” Leo clarified, huffing a little in amusement.

“Oh, uh, no.” Jude replied gently. “Sorry,” he hastened to add as Leo’s face fell in disappointment.  “I’m already dating someone,” he explained, trying to soften the rejection. He didn’t like hurting people’s feelings.

Jude started when he felt a pair of familiar arms wind themselves around his waist, as a strong jaw dropped to perch on his shoulder.

The look Jude gave his boyfriend was full of surprise. They weren’t not out at school, but he knew that Connor was still a little bit nervous about PDA.

He glanced back at Leo only to find him staring at Connor in mild horror.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea,” he apologised emphatically, seeming truly contrite.

“It’s fine. You couldn’t have known,” Jude said, trying to make Leo feel better. But the other boy’s lips simply turned down sadly and he bid them farewell, before practically running away.

Jude frowned slightly, hoping that he was alright, and wondering if he should go and reassure him some more. He dismissed the idea, since Leo hadn’t appeared too torn up about it, more embarrassed than anything. Besides, Jude’s presence would probably be more of a hindrance than a help. Instead, he turned to face his paramour.

“Were you… jealous?” he questioned suspiciously as he twisted around in his boyfriend’s arms.

“No,” Connor snorted.

Jude narrowed his eyes disbelievingly.

“Maybe…” Connor allowed. “What were you guys talking about?” he asked, his eyebrows coming together as his jaw did that thing it always did when he was worried.

“I think he was asking me out on a date,” Jude muttered, tone uncertain. He was getting a little weirded out by the fact that Connor didn’t seem inclined to let go of him any time soon, even though they were in a school-yard full of people. It was just adding to how off balance he felt right now.

Connor frowned at him.

“I told him no!” Jude elaborated defensively, wanting to cross his arms. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough space between them for him to do that. So, he settled for putting his hand on Connor’s upper-arm and squeezing it reassuringly. This had the added benefit of enabling him to feel up his boyfriend’s impressive bicep. It was always the right time to do that.

Connor worried at his lip, tightening his hold around Jude’s waist. Jude had seen him get a little clingy sometimes, which he was fine with, but he’d never seen him this possessive before.

“I still don’t like it,” Connor muttered sullenly.

“Well, now you know how I felt about Daria,” Jude retorted, angry that Connor was angry. He was making Jude feel guilty, when he hadn’t even done anything wrong!

“It’s not the same. I’m not into girls,” Connor replied defensively.

“So? You still made out with her. I didn’t do anything like that with him,” Jude whisper-yelled, still conscious of the students milling around them. But that didn’t stop him from smacking Connor on the arm. Although he did hope none of the teachers had seen that.

Connor winced, which made Jude feel a little bad for hitting him, but it hadn’t even been that hard, and Connor was being a jerk!

Jude glared at Connor until he looked down guiltily, his expression clearly stating that he knew he was in the wrong.

“I’m sorry,” Connor mumbled, doing the jaw thing again. Damn, he knew Jude had a weakness for the jaw thing!

Connor continued whispering apologies as he began to press gentle butterfly kisses into Jude’s skin, trailing from the base of his neck, up to his fluttering pulse, and along his jaw…

“You know, you can’t just kiss me every time I’m angry at y-”

Jude sighed in defeat against Connor’s lips and relaxed into his arms, deciding that he might as well enjoy it while it lasted.


I wish men would be more receptive to having their dick called cute or adorable or “little dude”. The flaccid dick attached to a man is just this real cute little dude hanging out. I don’t get what the big deal is. I have tried this with a few men and none have appreciated it.