adorable life ruiner

Hayden Christensen gushes over his baby daughter 

Interviewer: “What would you say you most enjoy about being a dad, Hayden?”

Hayden: “Everything? I have this little angel in my life now and… Rachel and I are just both so thrilled. We don’t sleep as much as we used to (laughter) but it’s all so worth it.”

You know what I want? I want a Captain Swan True Loves Kiss that parallels Snowing in the pilot.

I want Emma running down the street in her red jacket and running into the hospital.

I want her getting to Killian’s room (the same one that Charming was in in season 1, obviously) and seeing everyone standing outside it. Snow and Charming, Henry, Will there supporting Belle (because come on, Killian is probably one of her best friends by this point), Regina, and Whale to be walking out of the room when she gets there.

I want Whale telling Emma that she’s too late and Emma just saying ‘no’ before going into his room, despite her parents and Regina trying to stop her because she ‘has to say goodbye.’

I want the kiss to happen, with the magic rainbow and Emma’s just stunned and nothing to happen and for Emma to look back at her parents because she was sure something had happened.

I want Killian to be the adorable life ruiner that he is just muttering “I think you need to try again, Swan, I’m not sure it worked,” and Emma being incredibly angry at him, but it doesn’t really matter because he came back.

And then I want them to have their happy ending.

oppayam is the kind of person you hate to love and love to hate. First thoughts would be “omg ur so lame” and then transitions into “its adorable”. Life ruiner right there. 

I mean, you kind of know what you love about the other members. Eric, for his 4D personality and hella attractive face. Minwoo for his charismatic moves but still has a kid-ish look to him, Junjin for his body and humor and FACE, Hyesung for his beautiful face and soft and fragile looking body AND personality, and Andy is just both ADORABLE and Charming he’s like the silent but really attractive boys you spy reading in the library and when you know them they melt your heart in every way.

Then there’s Dongwan. Everything dongwan does make me roll my eyes out of sheer fondness.