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No.1; Admin Bonbori: Hi lovelies! 95 liner Libra,and mom of blog. I enjoy photography, horror movies,anime/manga, and the color pink. Although I’m a little older than the other Admins, I adore Hello Kitty, and almost always refer everything back to an old Spongebob episode haha. I can’t really think of anything else at the moment,other than I’m 5"4 and left handed. 🌝
My Ultimate Bias is: Chae Hyungwon from MX
The groups I write for are; Monsta X, BTS, EXO, DΞ∆N, NU'EST, Block B, BTOB, Giriboy(and will be adding more soon such as Bigstar,AFOS, and many more very soon)
*PS sorry for my bleh picture ,please don’t mind it ,😒

No.2; Admin Hanako: 98 Liner. Sagittarius sugar and spice and full of ice, she is the sassy one of the blog,and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Adores, traveling, and binge watching shows,especially k-dramas and j-dramas. Down to earth with a gypsy soul. School and family are her first priority. James Franco is her life.
Ultimate Bias is; Jay Park
The groups she writes for are; Seventeen, K-HipHop, GOT7, BTS, EXO, LuHan

No.3; Admin Chi-Chan: 02 Liner Gemini ( Made a typo last time 😏) Tiny sweetheart. Loves to dance and cook. Enjoys DIYs and traveling. Mini Model.
Ultimate Bias is; Changkyun from MX
Groups she writes for; ASTRO, Seventeen, BTS, Monsta X, GOT7 (Coming soon: NCT)

There you guys have it !
We are your blog admins!
Thank you guys for all the wonderful and amazing love and support! 💕

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