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“Have some fire.
Be unstoppable.
Be a force of nature.”

❝ My Charm. ❞

Plot: Heechul meets his gf parents for the first time and her dad didn’t like him at first because he’s an idol but when heechul keeps showing off his charms, gf father can’t help but like him too. 

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,3k+

Genre: Comedy

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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‘You’re not nervous one bit?’ You ask your boyfriend.

‘Why would I be?’ He asked, fixing his hair, ‘I am Kim Heechul, universal star!’

‘To the world you are that,’ You chuckle, pecking his lips, ‘To my parents you are Kim Heechul, that boy dating their daughter.’

‘Well then I am about to change that, Jagiya.’ He pulled you in for a sweet kiss before you both head for the car.

The drive there was pretty normal, him singing to every song on the radio and you laughing at the silliness he could be. You and Heechul had been an item for 6 months now and your mother was adamant in meeting the boy that was taking all your time. Truth be told, you just didn’t want Heechul meeting them now. He was Kim Heechul after all. Arriving at their house, he jumped out the car and opened your door for you.

‘Why thank you sir.’ You chuckle.

‘Anything for m’lady.’ He smiled, kissing your knuckles before lacing your fingers together.

‘This way.’ You dragged him towards the house.

Your parents said that lunch was going to be in garden. Deep down you were happy he was finally meeting them because three times prior this this, you had to cancel due to his schedule. Opening the wooden gate, you two walked onto the property. Your childhood home garden was something you loved. You wanted something similar for when you had kids.

‘Sweetheart!’ You heard your mother calling from the balcony.

‘Mother!’ You smiled, releasing your hold on Heechul and ran up to hug her while Heechul caught up to you.

‘And this must be Heechul.’ A warm smile on her face.

‘Yes mom, this is my boyfriend Kim Heechul.’ You introduced.

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs Y/L/N.’ Heechul shook her hand delicately.

‘Please, call me Y/M/N.’ She reassured, ‘Lunch is almost ready, your father is in the lounge dearest.’

Walking into the house, you both ventured deeper into the lounge to find your father. He was tall man with greying hair, harsh facial features and built similar to Kangin. In other words, he was slightly intimidating to Heechul. Gulping, he watch you hug your father softly to only see his smile fade when he spotted Heechul.

‘Father, this is Kim Heechul.’ She introduced.

‘Mr Kim.’ He extended his hand.

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Sir,’ He returned the handshake, cringing at the harsh hold, ‘But please, call me Heechul.’

‘I think I will stick with Mr Kim.’ Your father cut the conversation and walked to the kitchen.

‘Well that went great.’ Heechul tended to his hurting hand.

‘Father doesn’t ummmmm like you.’ You said softly, checking his hand.

‘What?’  He asked, tilting your chin up to meet his soft eyes.

‘Don’t make me repeat myself, Chullie…’

‘Why doesn’t he like me?’

‘It’s because your an idol.’

‘And?’ He questioned, ‘How is that a problem, if anything he should be happy that he is going to have an amazing son inlaw.’

‘To be fair, you did cancel close to four lunch dates with them.’ You pointed that out.

‘But Jagiya I had work,’ He pouted, ‘You knew that.’

‘I did but he is the type of man that believes in family first.’ You confess.

‘Well it looks like the Heechul charms going to be on full swing!’

Before you could say anything, Heechul was gone. This meeting was starting to give you hectic anxiety. Your mother adored Heechul even before she met him, but your father was another story. Walking into the kitchen, you see your loving boyfriend helping your mother with the food. Your father stood at the doorway, scowling at the boy. Walking to your father, you nudged him playfully before smiling.

‘Lighten up,’ You teased, ‘He is a good man, dad.’

‘A good man does not cancel on his family,’ Your father stubbornly replied.

Ignoring it, you went to the kitchen to help your mother. Heechul’s charm was in full blaze. His sweet words and funny jokes had your mother in hysterics. Helping your mother take the food to the garden, Heechul noticed a clear crystal vase sitting on the counter. Grabbing it and an ice bucket with ice, he went outside and placed the objects on the table. Everyone looked at him in confusion as he walked to the car and retrieved some items.

‘Y/N said you love roses, Y/M/N,’ Heechul placed a beautiful bouquet in the vase before placing a bottle of wine in the ice bucket, ‘And she said this is the wine you had at your wedding. It’s your favourite, am I right sir?’

‘Y-yes.’ Your father was in shock as you could help but bite down on your lower lip with a smile.

‘Tch this brat.’ You mutter under your breath with a chuckle.

‘What was that sweetheart?’ Your mother asked.

‘Oh nothing.’ You waved it off, ‘I forgot the bread rolls.’

‘Don’t worry Jagiya, I will get it.’

You watched your boyfriend scurry off towards the house. You all but laughed at yourself because you remember him going to the car today, but didn’t ask him. One of his charms was the ability of being one step ahead everyone else as well as his sweet words. Once he came back, your father seemed to be less hostile.

‘This food is delicious, Y/M/N.’ Heechul complimented, ‘You should get some lessons from her, Y/N.’

‘Yah!’ You pretend to throw a roll at him, ‘I cook pretty well!’

‘Not as well as you beautiful mother though.’ Heechul pointed out as you rolled our eyes.

‘Whatever,’ You chuckle, taking a sip of the wine, ‘Do you like the wine, dad?’

‘Phenomenal,’ He raised the glass to your boyfriend, ‘Good choice, Heechul.’

You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that your father used his name. Heechul had a proud smile on his face as he took a sip of his wine and gave you a small smile. Lunch passed on as Heechul continued winning your parents over. Your father had a good laugh every now and them. You were proud of calling Heechul your boyfriend, even if your father didn’t come around. Finishing eating, your father had a routine of lighting a cigar. Pulling through his pockets, he noticed he didn’t have any on him.

‘Sweety, could you go and fetch me a cigar from the study?’ He asked you.

‘No need for that,’ Heechul pulled out a flat brown box from his jacket pocket and presented it to your father, ‘Finest blend in the whole of Asia.’

You and your fathers eyes grew twice in size because the cigar box that he held in his hands was over a few thousand dollars and your fathers favourite. You remember telling him that once and it was when you both started dating. Either he bought it that very day or he just had amazing memory, but you figured he had amazing memory. Your father picked up one from the box.

‘Its a strong smell and fine blend, just like you sir.’ He closed the box and offered him a clipper and lighter.

‘Call me Y/F/N, Heechul.’ Your father said with a soft smile, ‘I see you are a good man, a sort of suck up, but I can see you take care of my little girl.’

‘Not sucking up, sir,’ He corrected, ‘Just charm.’

‘Don’t push it boy,’ I pointed at him, ‘But that charm is something addictive, so keep it up and love my daughter unconditionally.’

‘I will love her to the end of the time….’


When the bromance jealousy kicks in.

BONUS: “Hoony is mine.”

Chokyu, your laugh is stupid*

I’ve realised that Kyuhyun (mostly) laughs either at Ryeowook; because of Ryeowook; at any one or a combination of his hyungs and Henry; silently behind his hands; because he’s embarrassed; evilly, with Eunhyuk; or evilly, solo.

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“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

BONUS: Whiny Heechul in red.